2020 Formula 2 Predictions

At the start of the season, we suggested having a prediction for how the season will pan out. The questions we chose were:
– Which driver do you think will take the championship this year?
– Which driver do you think will take runner up in the championship this year?
– Who would you like to see on top, not who you think will?
– Who do you think will be the most surprising driver of the season?
– Which driver do you think will finish on pole most frequently?
– Which team will win the drivers championship?
– Which team will finish runner up in the drivers championship?
– Which driver/s do you think could move to Formula One this year?
– Which rookie do you think will come out on top?
We collected this information from both writers and audience to gather an intel of how everyone would like the season to end up.


Looking at the line up for the year season to come, it makes it difficult to pick just one person who I think could win it. The Formula 2 line up for this year is strong, filled with a lot of competition from the rookies to the returners. Out of all of them, I believe Mick Schumacher has a solid chance of winning the championship. He is a stronger driver and after having a year in the sport, I think he’s adapted to the car enough to pull out a win. As runner up, I could see one of the UNI-Virtuosi boys taking the spot. Callum Ilott has a lot of strong potential to take the runner up spot although, Zhou also has a built relationship with the team which could give him the upper hand. It was tough between these three boys to figure out in which sort of order to place them but, I believe it could be a strong battle between them for that number one spot. Although, out of them all, I believe Ilott will take the most pole positions for the season. With this being said, I believe UNI-Virtuosi will be the team on top at the end of the season. They have a brilliant driver line up and the team itself have an insane dynamic. Looking at the rookies, I believe Marcus Armstrong will place on top. After taking runner up to fellow Formula 2 driver Robert Shwartzman, I feel he’ll be coming back harder than ever.

Aside from this, I would love to see Louis Deletraz take the Championship win. I believe he has a lot of potential while also being an insanely good driver. Just from the way he drives and how he speaks of the sport, you can tell his heart is in it 110%. He’s not only dedicated but a brilliant driver. Alongside this, I also believe Guilherme Samaia will be the most surprising driver of the season. This year is yet to start and Samaia has already been ridiculed on social media as the ‘back of the pack’ but after spending some time looking back into his racing history, I’ve come to learn that he is a very good driver and made his way into F2 due to his talent above anything else. I think he truly has the potential to be fighting with the mid and top league in his rookie year.

With Formula 1 as the main goal for the majority, if not all, drivers in Formula 2, we chose to look at who we could potentially see moving up after the 2020 season. Although the grid is insanely tight at the moment, I believe these drivers have a good chance of graduating. In my opinion, I feel like Callum Ilott, Mick Schumacher, Louis Deletraz, Guanyu Zhou and Daniel Ticktum have a strong chance of making the move.


As a fan of Callum Ilott, I believe that he will manage to pick up his pace from last year’s debut season with Charouz and is able to bring that Virtuosi car to the front in all, if not most, races. With Zhou being the top rookie of the season last year and staying with Virtuosi, the strong relationship between the team potentially may bring him to runner-up. Along with this, I thought Zhou would have the most poles of the season. With this logic, I put UNI-Virtuosi as the team’s champion. ART Grand Prix have a strong lineup with Marcus Armstrong and Christian Lundgaard so I put them as my runner up champions.

I put Marcus Armstrong as my most surprising driver of the season because he came 2nd in the standings last year in Formula 3 with Prema so I believe he is able to keep that momentum going into Formula 2. The same applies to Formula 3 champion Robert Shwartzman. He seemed to keep that pace going in testing so I believe that he is able to keep the pace up to Formula 2.

I chose a range of drivers for who is going to move up to Formula 1. Admittedly, it is a tight grid there, so not all drivers will be there, but I believe each are capable of moving up. I put: Daniel Ticktum, Guanyu Zhou, Callum Ilott, Jack Aitken, Louis Deletraz, Mick Schumacher and Luca Ghiotto.


Both Jess and I share similar views in how we believe this season to go. We agree that UNI-Virtuosi have a strong line up and that Callum Ilott and Guanyu Zhou will have an impressive season along with the team securing the teams championship. With that being said, we also both share similar views when it comes to the graduation to F1. We agree on the terms that Ticktum, Zhou, Ilott, Deletraz and Schumacher will make the move while Jess also believes Aitken and Ghiotto will progress.

Between the both of us, we all share a few differences. Although I do agree that Marcus Armstrong is an incredible driver, I feel like he wouldn’t be the most surprising driver due to how well he did in Formula 3 however, Jess views this differently. We both also have differing opinions on who our rookie on top would be, mine being Armstrong while Jess has put Shwartzman.


Alongside our own predictions, we spoke to some Formula 2 fans to gather more information on how differently people view the grid.

For this season, the opinions wavered massively with who people placed as their championship winner. From the 20 people we asked, 20% agreed that Callum Ilott would be crowned champion of 2020 while 25% believed he’d place runner up. Marcus Armstrong, Jack Aitken, Mick Schumacher and Robert Shwartzman tied with 15% each while Artem Markelov took 10% of the votes followed by Luca Ghiotto and Guanyu Zhou who both took 5% each.
This also reflected into the runner up’s as Zhou, Shwartzman and Louis Deletraz took 15% of the votes each with Ghiotto and Christian Lundgaard both taking 10%. 5% of the group also voted the Sean Gelael or Marcus Armstrong would place as runner up.
30% wanted Mick Schumacher to take the championship, followed by 25% with Callum Ilott. 10% then went to Louis Deletraz, Christian Lundgaard and Artem Markelov. Nobuharu Matsushita, Marcus Armstrong and Robert Shwartzman were other drivers that took 5% of the votes.
There was a lot of belief in the UNI-Virtuosi team where both their drivers, Callum Ilott and Guanyu Zhou, had 20% of the votes that they would have the most pole positions in the season. The two Prema drivers from last year of Marcus Armstrong and Robert Shwartzman had 15% of the votes each. Jack Aitken, Nobuharu Matsushita and Luca Ghiotto all had 10% each, taking the remainder of the votes.

For the most surprising driver, there were a range of answers. 25% thought Marcus Armstrong would be the most surprising, followed by Robert Shwartzman on 15%. 10% went to Callum Ilott, Christian Lundgaard and Giuliano Alesi. The rest of the votes were shared by Jack Aitken, Guilherme Samaia, Jehan Daruvala, Pedro Piquet, Mick Schumacher and Guanyu Zhou with 5%. Out of the 7 rookies, the audience only believed three would come out on top. 5% believed that Pedro Piquet would place highest, followed by 35% for Robert Shwartzman and 60% for Marcus Armstrong.

Across the grid, the most popular driver for graduating to Formula 1 was Mick Schumacher with 65% of the votes. Callum Ilott and Jack Aitken shared second with 35% each and Robert Shwartzman with 30%. From there, Guanyu Zhou took 25% of the votes followed by Armstrong, Deletraz and Lundgaard with 20% each. Ghiotto and Ticktum both took 10% while Alesi took 5%.

For the winner of the teams championship, both UNI-Virtuosi and ART Grand Prix took 30% each with Prema close behind with 25%. Trident, DAMS and BWT HWA Racelab each took 5% each. The results were very similar for for the runners up as ART Grand Prix took 25% while UNI-Virtuosi and Charouz Racing System took 20%. Prema took 15% while Hitech Grand Prix, BWT HWA, Campos and Carlin took 5% each.


Overall, the results across are varied between half of the grid. Although most of the answers are very similar for the drivers, its spread across a variant of people and there was no clear leader. However, UNI-Virtuosi and ART Grand Prix are the two teams that stand out the most amongst the rest.

This years championship, if it is to happen, is definitely going to be one of the most interesting there has been. With a lot of new rookies who are wanting to show their talent and returning drivers who are pushing for more opportunities to place themselves into a paid driving career, the battle for the championship is going to be tight.

Who do you think will be finishing at the top this season?