2020 Formula 3 Predictions

At the start of the season, we suggested having a prediction for how the season will pan out. The questions we chose were:
– Which driver do you think will take the championship this year?
– Which driver do you think will take runner up in the championship this year?
– Who would you like to see on top, not who you think will?
– Who do you think will be the most surprising driver of the season?
– Which driver do you think will finish on pole most frequently?
– Which team will win the drivers championship?
– Which team will finish runner up in the drivers championship?
– Which driver/s do you think could move to Formula One this year?
– Which rookie do you think will come out on top?
We collected this information from both writers and audience to gather an intel of how everyone would like the season to end up.


Looking at the current season line up, the competition is tough. With 16 rookies looking to impress and the remaining grid fighting for the opportunity to prove their worth to make the move to F2, the current grid leaves a lot of room for potential. Out of the 30 drivers on the grid, the driver I feel has the best chance at winning the championship is Max Fewtrell. He’s a very strong driver, determined and willing to put whatever he needs into the car to come out on top. Fewtrell has a lot of talent and experience in the series to be able to finish as champion. Behind him, as runner up, I believe Logan Sargeant has a good chance. He’s a strong driver, competing with the current team champions. With an incredible car, team and a drive to win, Sargeant has a strong chance of placing runner up and rivalling Fewtrell for the top spot. However, between the two, I can see Max placing on pole more consecutively than any other driver on the grid. With all of this, I can still see Prema taking the team championship, to claim their tenth consecutive Formula 3 win. Hitech will be a close contender for that top spot but I feel as if Prema will still have it under their belt.

That being said, I would love to see Theo Pourchaire on top. Although a rookie, he has an insane amount of talent which will definitely be pushing the limits of drivers who have been driving in Formula 3 cars for a lot longer than himself. Out of the entire driver line up, I think Sophia Floersch will be the most surprising driver. I feel as the only woman in the championship, she is definitely overlooked as a contender however, she is an extremely talented driver who will soon become a name to remember in the world of Formula 3.

Out of the current grid, I feel like Logan Sargeant, Max Fewtrell and Richard Verschoor have the best shot at making the move to Formula 2 once the Formula 3 season is over. All three drivers are insanely talented and will be pushing for the top spot. Even if they don’t place as the top three, I can see each of them graduating by the end of this season.


Considering it is Logan Sargeant’s 2nd year in the sport and that Prema dominated the season last year, I believe that he is capable of taking the championship. However, this is shared by Max Fewtrell, who I ended up settling with runner up, is able to win the season with Hitech Grand Prix. Both teams are very competitive and high performing so I believe they are both equally capable of achieving such a feat with one of their drivers and the team’s standings. With the Formula Regional champion, Formula Renault Eurocup champion and Macau podium finisher on the team, I can see Prema Racing to take the championship again for the 10th consecutive time in the Formula 3 category (2nd in Formula 3’s remade category). For the runner up, Hitech have a strong lineup of Max Fewtrell, Liam Lawson and Dennis Hauger, so with this logic, I think they can come second in the standings.

As a fan of Theo Pourchaire and learning about his career plus the way he has managed to dominate the junior series and karting, I believe he will become one of the most surprising on the grid, being able to pick up the car and drive it to high positions. Since I am a fan of Theo, I want him to win so if he is able to pick up wins and podiums, it would be amazing. As a top rookie though, I chose Frederik Vesti as his dominant championship win last year in Formula Regional and then staying with Prema means they have a tight relationship where they are probable to win top rookie.

To move up to Formula 2 will be a difficult moment as Formula 2 itself is a tight competition with limited spaces. However, I broadened my horizons with who I believe are capable of moving up. This includes: Frederik Vesti, Logan Sargeant, Max Fewtrell, Liam Lawson, Dennis Hauger, Olli Caldwell, Enzo Fittipaldi, Jake Hughes and Richard Verschoor.


Although both Jess and I see Logan and Max making it as one and two, we both view this differently; myself placing Max in first while Jess placing Logan first. We both agree that Prema will place first with Hitech as second along with both believing that Theo Pourchaire will do well in the season. However, Jess placed him as most surprising while I believe Sophia fitted that role better alongside placing him as top rookie while Jess believed Vesti would take that spot.

Between us both, we agreed that Sargeant, Fewtrell and Verschoor would make the move however, Jess also believed that Vesti, Lawson, Hauger, Caldwell, Fittipaldi and Hughes would also make that move.


Alongside our own predictions, we spoke to some Formula 3 fans to gather more information on how differently people view the grid.

For this season, the opinions on who would place as their championship winner was very promptly pointed at Max Fewtrell who took 50% of the results. He was closely followed by Logan Sargeant who received 31.3% of the results while Theo Pourchaire, Jake Hughes and Richard Verschoor took 6.3% each. The runners up reflected similarly with Max Fewtrell, Logan Sargeant and Liam Lawson taking 18.8% of the results each, Dennis Hauger with 12.5% and Devlin Defrancesco, Olli Caldwell, Niko Kari, David Schumacher and Oscar Piastri taking 6.3% each.

We then moved on to who people would ideally like to see win, not who they think would actually win, with Max Fewtrell still remaining as the favourite with 37.5% of the votes. Theo Pourchaire followed closely behind with 18.8% of the votes and Sophia Floersch taking 12.5%. Taking a further 6.3% each were Alessio Deledda, Enaam Ahmed, David Schumacher, Richard Verschoor and Jack Doohan. Max Fewtrell appeared once more in who the audience believed would be the most surprising driver, taking 18.8% of the results with Logan Sargeant and Theo Pourchaire. Sophia Floersch took 12.5% while Jake Hughes, Jack Doohan, Federico Malvestiti and Cameron Das took 6.3% each. Looking at the rookies, Theo Pourchaire came out on top with 37.5%. Just behind him was Dennis Hauger, Frederik Vesti, Jack Doohan and Olli Caldwell with 12.5%. Enzo Fittipaldi and Sophia Floersch both took 6.3%.

With pole positions on the table, Frederik Vesti, Oscar Piastri, David Schumacher, Richard Verschoor and Sebastian Fernandez took 6.3% each. Jake Hughes and Logan Sargeant then went on to take 18.8% of the results, followed by Max Fewtrell taking 31.3%. The results projected prominently into who people believed would make the move to Formula 2. Fewtrell took the top spot once more with 75% of the results. He was shortly followed by Logan Sargeant and Jake Hughes with 37.5%, Liam Lawson, Enzo Fittipaldi and Richard Verschoor with 31.3% and Frederik Vesti, Dennis Hauger and Logan Sargeant with 18.8%. Taking 12.5% of the votes were Enaam Ahmed and Olli Caldwell followed by David Schumacher, Federico Malvestiti, Jack Doohan, Devlin Defrancesco, Sebastian Fernandez, Theo Pourchaire and Oscar Piastri who all took 6.3% each.

Going into the teams, the battle between Hitech and Prema continued with Hitech receiving 50% of the votes while Prema took 43.8%. The remaining was for ART Grand Prix. Hitech wasn’t so popular when it came to runners up, taking only 18.8% of the results. ART and Prema both took 31.3% while HWA Racelab joined Hitech with 18.8%.


Overall, the results across are varied between half of the grid. Although most of the answers are very dominated by two drivers, the rest of the grid is still in the mix with the audiences opinions. However, Hitech Grand Prix and Prema are the two teams that stand out the most amongst the rest.

This years championship, if it is to happen, is definitely going to be one of the most interesting there has been. With a lot of new rookies who are wanting to show their talent and returning drivers who are pushing for more opportunities to place themselves into Formula 2, the battle for the championship is going to be tight.

Who do you think will be finishing at the top this season?