Drivers at a Glance | Dan Ticktum

I’d like to begin by saying, I am a fan of Dan Ticktum. This post is in no way of demoralising or downgrading him, it is just an overview of his career in a shortened post.

Daniel Ticktum started his careeer in 2007, driving in karts. He moved up to single seaters in 2015. He had a successful career back in karting, winning 4 championships, coming runner up in 4 and came third in 2 more. Along his route to Formula 2, he was picked up by the Red Bull Junior Team, had a series of wins but also had some misfortunes during the journey.

Daniel competed in MSA Formula, driving well until he received a two year ban from motorsports (1 year was a suspension). This is where Daniel got his supposed bad reputation from, where people have negative opinions of him. In his home race, Silverstone, he slipped out of the contention for the championship, and then this incident solidified this. He overtook 10 cars under a safety car, and crashed into a fellow rival, Ricky Bollard.

After this, he remained low, competing in many other championships, gathering good results to bring his reputation back. Ticktum is a determined driver, wanting the best in every race. Over the years, he’s had 7th in Formula Renault, double back to back wins in Macau and many more.

You would think that his 2nd in Formula 3 was a success, and to a certain extent, it was, but it came with a cost of media damage. Ticktum’s rival, Mick Schumacher, was making a rise up in the standings and he was falling. With five wins out of the next six races including a hat trick at the Nurburgring for Schumacher and only a few thirds for Ticktum, his championship chances were starting to drop. He accused the Prema team of cheating, especially his close rival, Schumacher. Believed to not have the fame of the Schumacher name, Dan called it unfair.

There was negative media on Dan and then he was unable to compete in the F2 stint due to funds, unlike his rival, Schumacher.

With double wins in Macau and Super Formula, he went to the F3 Asian Winter series. Unfortunately, he dropped out of contention in the Sepang round, and missed the final round, meaning he was 9th in the standings. Ticktum was joined by Patricio O’Ward, who was picked up by the Red Bull Junior programme, and that’s when all of his results started to drop. With 20th in the championship, he was dropped by Red Bull.

However, he had a turn around, now part of the Williams Driver Academy and in Formula 2. Ticktum will want to pick up his results from previous years, to prove critics wrong that he is an incredible driver with an unfortunate backstory.

For a more detailed career profile, check out Dan Ticktum.

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