Lets Talk About The Formula 3 Austrian Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the first Formula 3 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole. We truly enjoyed being able to just sit and talk about how we viewed the weekend and summarised our conversations for you in this post.

Race Weekend Predictions

“Hitech have very talented drivers, there was something wrong with that hitech.”


For my feature race top three, I put a mix between Max Fewtrell, Liam Lawson, Lirim Zendeli and Logan Sargeant which, like the Formula 2, became very reversed. Although Fewtrell didn’t have the weekend he could have had, Sargeant managed to finish second on the podium. Although I placed him third, he was the closest my predictions got. Lawson went on to win the Sprint Race however, I put Vesti who placed 4th in the top position followed by Hughes or Verschoor. Richard did, however, take second in the Sprint Race. It hurts to look back on, however I put Theo Pourchaire as the man I thought we’d see starting on pole for the sprint race yet luck wasn’t on his side.

I placed Clement Novalak and Alex Peroni as my drivers to watch and neither disappointed. Both took third each, Clem starting on pole for the sprint race while Peroni held some up front battles during the feature race. Both drivers really impressed me. The Campos really confused me this weekend, Peroni finishing third while the other two drivers, Floersh and Deledda, barely made it out of the twenties. My main let down was neither Fewtrell or Pourchaire taking the fastest lap. However, as expected, Prema are sat comfortably at the top of the team standings.

“Alex Peroni had the comeback of the century.”


My top three for my feature race were pretty good. I put Sargeant in first who, obviously, came second and then Max who finished lower. Then, as an overall, I put other people such as; Liam Lawson, who went on to win the Sprint Race, Jake Hughes who cam up from the back and Richard Verschoor.
All three Hitech drivers are insanely talented. It doesn’t make sense for them to be that far back.

I put Piastri, Novalak, Vesti and Pourchaire as my ones to look out for. All four drivers did incredibly well, Piastri winning his first Formula 2 race and taking the fastest lap, Novalak securing his first podium while Vesti sat just outside of the podium but secured some points. For his debut, Theo also did insanely well, the incident in the sprint race let down his side.

Enzo Fittipaldi was severely underrated throughout the entire race. He moved up eleven positions in the feature race without a mention of his name. Roman Stanek, although he crashed in the sprint race, was also underrated. He started on a strong note, battling with the top of the grid at the age of 16, only just introduced into the series.


As poor as our own predictions were, the audience’s weren’t so great either. Everyone shared such a strong passion for Hitech to do well that it came to a shock to see them not pushing to be where they should be. That being said, due to Max Fewtrell taking 50% of the votes in both pole and finishing on top, nobody thought that Sebastian Fernandez would be finishing on pole position. Along with that, nobody put Oscar Piastri as their race winner. 10% of the votes did say that Sargeant would finish as runner up but a further 10% also said that Piastri would. With third place, nobody put Alex Peroni.

Focusing on the Sprint Race, Fewtrell held 30% while Pourchaire held 20% but it was Liam Lawson who went on to win with nobody placing him as their prediction. However, Piastri took 20% of the votes as the winner of the Sprint Race. The runner up was very split, but 10% voted Verschoor who did take P2. History repeated itself when Clem took 10% of the votes for third place.

“The Flying Dutch Man.”

Looking at the most surprising driver, both Jess and I agree that Clement Novalak and Alex Peroni were our most surprising drivers. Clem took 10% of the audience vote. Roman Stanek was a name that was mentioned as one of the surprising drivers. He did insanely well for a 16 year old who stepped up so close to the beginning of the season and I can see how he could definitely be classed as a surprising driver.

Discussing fastest laps, Alex Peroni went on to take the fastest lap in the Feature Race and 0% of the audience predicted this. People really didn’t believe the Peroni was going to come back and be this good. Alongside this, 50% said that Prema would finish on top while 40% said Hitech and 10% said ART. Hopefully, this weekend Hitech can show us who they really are and we get to see their talent.

“ITs Prema Again”

Jess and I sat down to summarise each race in three words, highlighting the key moment of the race. My three words were It’s Prema Again. It was an unwritten rule that the Formula 3 grid would be dominated by Prema once more and the Feature Race proved just that. They occupied first, second and fourth, managing to completely distance themselves from the rest of the grid when it came to points. Jess went on to say Piastri Controlled Race which is definitely one of the most accurate descriptions of the race. Oscar took it from the get go and controlled the race completely.

Prema Too Quick was a popular opinion across the board which is, completely understandable. The team itself is miles above the rest. There’s a reason why they have been on top for nine years and thats due to the fact these people work as a family opposed to a team. Interesting, Good Racing, Fun. Although four words, Jess and I agree that we missed out on a lot of what was occurring. We got to see a lot of good racing but I feel as if we lost out on the chance to watch some incredible racing. The mid field was constantly changing and we didn’t get to see any of it until Fewtrell and Pourchaire.

“The Rookie in Third”

Moving into Hitech, a personal description for me was The Hitech Recovery because of how much faith I held for the team and the Feature Race did not reflect on it. They were a fan favourite and were easily recognised as one of the better teams on the grid however, their race was not good. The Sprint Race really was a recovery for them with Lawson winning the race and Fewtrell pushing into the points. Jess went on to say Rookie in Third due to the fact that nobody was expecting Novolak to be taking his first Formula 3 podium this weekend. I personally feel like he played the race tactically. There were a couple of moments where he could have over taken to ninth yet, he knew he wouldn’t be on pole in the scenario. Clem knew he had the opportunity to be on pole and he took it.

With the Sprint Race, we heard Awake Too Early we both of us agree on. The race begins at 8:45am which really, isn’t that early, however we agreed that it is probably hindering the growth of the feeder series’. Due to the early starts, less people choose to tune in to watch, giving the series itself less publication which brings in less sponsorship. I’d love to see a potential switch up on the timing of the races, if possible, because I truly believe it’ll help the younger drivers a lot.

“Him in that PRema is just- A PErfect Match.”

Sargeant finishing P3 was definitely a highlight of the weekend, especially on the 4th of July. He put the car to work and managed to get himself onto the podium where he deserves. He fought hard for his position, taking himself and Prema the points they deserve. Another Prema Driver moment was Piastri moving from third to first in to the first corner. We discussed in our Formula 2 opinions that the starts so far have been beautiful but that move was miles above anything we could have seen. On top of that, we do feel bad for Fernandez. He worked so hard to get onto pole position and had a solid chance at landing himself on the podium however, the universe just didn’t believe it was his time.

Looking at the sprint race, Verschoor was producing some solid overtaking. He did a beautiful job, pushing the car to its limit. He was viewed as somebody people didn’t expect much from, although he was coming off of a Macau win, and I think people truly overlooked that. Clem finishing on the podium was another highlight that was brought up quite frequently. It was a personal highlight of mine; to see such a lovely individual, a rookie, in his first sprint race, take a podium is such a bitter sweet feeling.

A personal highlight of Jess’ was David Beckmann. He was put in last minute, turned up and took enough points to sit Trident comfortably in second. Nobody expected him to be fighting that close to the top guys, especially due to last year, and he proved everybody wrong.

“The starts in Formula Two and Formula Three this weekend have been sexy.”

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember. We witnessed some hard racing, beautiful overtakes and two podiums that will go down in Formula 3 History. Before our eyes are the stars of tomorrow and they’re only going to keep getting better from here.

If you want to be apart of Friday’s post then click here to let us know how you think the second round of the Austrian Grand Prix will play out.

I am your host, Alice, and this is Jess, and we are Chasing the Stars. Thank you for tuning in. *Queue Jess’ laughter.

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