Formula 3 Styrian Grand Prix Predictions 2020

Just over three months since the racing was set to begin in Bahrain, we’ll be headed out to Austria for a second week to continue with the Formula 3 season. We’ll be racing back to back at Spielberg with qualifying on the 3rd and 10th July, the Feature Race on the 4th and 11th July and the Sprint Race on the 5th and 12th July. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:35 am until 10:20 am and Qualifying at 2:05 pm until 2:35 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 10:25 am until 11:05 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 9:45 am until 10:25 am. All times are local track times.

As the potential of the season hung by a thread, Jess and I chose to not let the bad news dwell and set ahead our predictions for the year back in April. Today, we sit down to look at how the race weekend will go ahead along with an audience of people.

Fernandez didn’t get to prove himself last weekend.


Although last time, I predicted Max Fewtrell would be placing high and didn’t, I’m still putting all of my bets on him once more. He definitely has the talent and ability to be placing higher up and I don’t doubt that he won’t. After seeing how well Piastri did this week, I can see him on the podium again with Sargeant and Vesti. Novalak and Peroni really proved themselves last weekend and I can see them both placing quite high up along with Fernandez. Fernandez didn’t get to prove himself this weekend after starting on pole position and I truly believe he could have taken a win.

Beckmann, Lawson and Zendeli are all names I feel will do well this weekend, perhaps with one of them taking fastest lap. Team wise, Prema will definitely be on top once again. Trident did very well this weekend so I can see them taking a large amount of points along with Hitech. I truly have faith that Hitech will pull through this weekend.


Last weekend, I predicted that Logan Sargeant would be up there and thus, he proved. I’m once again putting all my faith back into him and I’m saying he’ll definitely win one of the races this weekend. Along with Sargeant, I can still see both other Prema drivers competing with him for the win, similar to the first race of the season. I also can see Lawson or Fewtrell battling it again. In terms of people outside the usual front runners, I think Fernandez, Verschoor, Peroni and Zendeli all have a fighting chance of battling somewhere near the front, especially with the successes they had last week.

For those to look out for, I would say Jake Hughes, because his sprint from the back after an issue on the formation lap of the first race was extremely well driven and it wouldn’t amaze me if he did anything similar, but this time not at the back. Another I’d say is Pourchaire, who had an unfortunate second race after running in 10th to be accidentally hit by Peroni. I’d also like to mention Beckmann and Novalak as good points scorers this weekend.

Prema absolutely dominated the entire weekend being 35 points ahead of Trident in second. With all 3 drivers in top 5 of the standings, it wouldn’t be a shock to see them dominate this track once more. I’m putting trust in Hitech once again because it didn’t seem right that all the drivers were that low and I’m sure they’re able to make a large comeback. With Trident having completely amazed me last weekend, I’m putting them the 3rd best team this weekend, because all drivers are crazily talented.

I’m putting trust in Hitech once again.


Between Jess and I, we both see the Perma boys, Lawson, Fewtrell, Peroni, Zendeli and Fernandez doing well. Aside from this, Jess can see Hughes, Verschoor and Pourchaire doing well this weekend. Another two names we both can see taking lots of points this weekend are Novalak and Beckmann. For Formula 3 this weekend, our energies towards the grid are almost matched. Alongside our drivers being practically the same, we both see Prema and Trident sitting on top and are both putting our faith back into Hitech.


The results for the predictions this weekend are a lot different to last week. We saw a lot of people in favour of Max Fewtrell however, this weekend Logan Sargeant and Oscar Piastri each take 33.3% of the votes for finishing on pole. The rest is made up by Alex Peroni and David Beckmann each taking 16.7%. The response reflected on who people thought would finish on top with both Sargeant and Piastri taking the same percentage again however, Liam Lawson and Max Fewtrell took 16.7% each. Sargeant appeared once more for the runner up with 33.3% alongside Richard Verschoor. Fewtrell and Novalak both took 16.7%. Alex Peroni was the fan favourite for third with 33.3% while Fewtrell, Beckmann, Fittipaldi and Novalak each took 16.7%.

Moving into the Sprint Race, Fernandez sits as the favourite with 33.3% while Novalak, Fewtrell, Sargeant and Lawson took 16.7% each. Fewtrell moves to 33.3% of the votes for runner up with Lawson, Peroni, Piastri and Sargeant taking 16.7%. For third place, Vesti is the main contender with 33.3%, Sargeant, Fewrell, Novalak and Piastri taking 16.7%.

Due to his previous weekend, I’m not surprised to see Fewtrell taking 33.3% of the votes for the most surprising driver. Schumacher, Stanek, Verschoor and Fittipaldi took the rest of the votes with 16.7% each. Sargeant stormed ahead with the fastest lap in the Feature Race with 66.7% of the results while Hughes and Piastri took 16.7% each. Sargeant was the most popular once again for the Sprint Race as he took 33.3% with Piastri, Peroni, Novalak and Lawson taking 16.7% each.

Unsurprisingly, Prema took 83.3% of the results when asked which team would take the most points this weekend. After last weekend pushing them almost double above second place, it really doesn’t come as a shock. The remaining 16.7% is awarded to Hitech.


Overall, the Prema boys are looking the most favourable with some people putting their full faith back into Hitech and the rest averting their eyes. Will we see the rookies pull a power move once more? Will we see some new faces on the podium? This weekend will definitely be something else.

We will see you Monday at 5pm BST Time with your race rundown and Wednesday at 5pm BST for our race review. Keep a look out if you want a chance at having your say on the Formula 3 Styrian Grand Prix 2020.

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