Lets Talk About The Formula 2 Styrian Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the second Formula 2 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

“The biggest fail of all time.”


For the podiums, my results were almost perfect across the board. I believed that both UNI-Virtuosi Drivers, The FDA Rookies, Deletraz, Ticktum, Drugovich, Schumacher and Lundgaard would be hitting the podiums or falling close. Out of these, Shwartzman went on to win the feature race with Lundgaard winning the sprint race and Zhou took third in the feature with Ticktum and Armstrong finishing second and third in the sprint race. The only people who didn’t make the podium were Deletraz, Ilott, Drugovich and Schumacher. With that being said, Ilott took fifth in both races while Schumacher placed forth in the feature.

Regarding fastest lap, I pinned Zhou and Shwartzman as the two to run home with them however, Roy Nissany managed to take both this weekend. Looking at teams, my results are slightly all over the place. I turned my attention from Prema to ART and continued to believe in UNI which would have been the biggest fail of all time Saturday evening when Prema went to the top after taking first and fourth. However, Lundgaard and Armstrong pulled out a first and third in the sprint while both Prema’s DNF’d, meaning the two teams moved to the top and Prema fell to third.

“I had faith in MP but they didn’t deliver.”


In terms of my podium features, a lot of them managed to be on there, including: Zhou, Ilott, Shwartzman, Armstrong and Lundgaard. Unfortunately, for Deletraz and both of the MP Motorsport team weren’t up there this time unlike last week. I said Zhou would fight for pole and podium. The pole was almost there, qualifying in 2nd by less than 0.04 seconds. The rain opted for a more uncontrollable race, leading to many surprises, but Zhou did end up staying on the podium, despite this. For teams, it was almost there, other than the Virtuosi and ART were now the other way round. I had faith in MP but they didn’t deliver this weekend, and I feel as if I’m still underrating Prema, as if I’m still being stuck to last year’s results.


Looking back at the audiences predictions, the majority felt that Zhou would take pole with 50% while the remaining 50% was made up of Ilott and Armstrong, meaning nobody predicted the Yuki Tsunoda would come out on top. Zhou and Ilott followed close behind, placing themselves second and third on the grid. Armstrong went on to take 50% of the votes for the winner however, it was the other FDA rookie, Robert Shwartzman, that took the Feature race win. Nobody predicted for the Russian to win however, 16.7% believed he would finish as runner up. Zhou also took 16.7% of the votes for third.

“Finally found himself on the podium where he deserved.”

With the Sprint race, 33.3% believed Deletraz, who ended up having a rough weekend, would win while another 33.3% predicted that Lundgaard would take the top spot on the podium. The ART driver stood proudly with first place after dominating the entire race with his teammate, Armstrong, in third which 33.3% of the audience predicted. The DAMS driver who battled his way to second place was predicted to take runner up by 16.7% of the votes.

Christian Lundgaard took 33.3% of the votes once more as the most surprising driver of the weekend. He put up a great fight and finally found himself on the podium where he deserved. 33.3% also said Drugovich who’s weekend didn’t fall as beautifully as it did last week. For the fastest laps, 50% said Armstrong would take it in the Feature Race while he also took 33.3% in the Sprint Race. Roy Nissany took both fastest laps this weekend which nobody predicted.

“Is it my tears? Or is it the rain? Who knows.”

Jess and I sat down to summarise each race in three words, highlighting the key moment of the race. Both mine and Jess’ reviews coincide with the audiences. For mine, in the Feature race I said Rain or Tears. The weather was awful, as beautifully illustrated by Ilott’s team radio, and we nearly saw a repeat of the Formula 3 race. However, despite the rain, the grid raced through it and we found Robert Shwartzman on top: the tears. Although, I was gutted for Tsunoda, I couldn’t help feeling emotional for Shwartzman. He raced his heart out and proceeded to dedicate his win to his father. It was an emotional race with a lot of rain. Jess’ three word race review also revolved around the Russian driver: Shwartzman’s Heartwarming Win. The win was dedicated to his dad and it felt heartwarming to know. It definitely meant to a lot to him, and obviously his father was someone who supported him during his career, so it was very touching.

The audience brought up a mix of the weather and the emotion of the race, with the most common words we found being wet and rain. One that stuck out was Bad Luck Tsunoda. He took his first pole position of the season and lead the race. Although he didn’t get his first race win, he found himself on the podium in second place.

“A weekend full of bad luck, dominated by the rookies.”

For the Sprint Race, my three words were Bad Luck Prema. Shwartzman crashed out pretty early on in the race which left it down to Schumacher to bring home some points. That shortly became an issue when he had to retire his car thirteen laps in after his fire extinguisher malfunctioned and exploded in his car. Jess’ three words revolved around a different portion of the race where she put ART Dominated Race. Both ART’s were on the podium for the sprint race with Lundgaard first and Armstrong third. It shows how much they have developed the car and even had strong rookies from Formula 3 last year to even finish first.

The audiences words reflected quite similarly with Christian Lundgaard Masterclass being one of them. The Renault Driver Academy driver found himself in a position to over take the pole sitter, Dan Ticktum, and take the win. He had a lot of close battles to keep his lead and managed to place himself on top. We saw the top three dominated by rookies which is why we weren’t surprised to see a lot of summaries revolving around them.

The most talked about moment of the weekend wasn’t the racing, but in fact the comedic approach that UNI-Virtuosi Driver, Callum Ilott, took to get him through the pre race wait. When all was unsure, Ilott kept himself, his team and the general public entertained with his running commentary. Callum Ilott’s Shower Lines was the most specific of the highlights with others pointing out that his team radios overall made their race day.

“Play f1 2020 on your Ps4, you would be brilliant. At least you can control the weather on that.”

The only other moment that was spoken about as a highlight for the weekend was Robert’s win and Lundgaard’s pace which are two highlights that Jess and I also shared. Both drivers deserved their wins and truly proved themselves.

For the Sprint race, we saw a varied response. One person’s highlight was Marcus Armstrong’s podium. Both himself and Ticktum have managed to take home a second and a third from the two sprint race’s and for me, that’s a highlight of the season so far. Somebody else also agreed that Dan Ticktum performed incredibly during the sprint race and deserved his podium.

We saw somebody else comment that their highlight was the all rookie podium. It really goes to show how incredible this years rookie line up is as they dominated the field this race. We had a few further comments on the rookies in general because it truly is amazing to see such new faces do as great as they did.

“The rookies own Formula 2 now and there’s no going back.”

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember. We witnessed some hard racing, beautiful overtakes and two podiums that will go down in Formula 2 History. Before our eyes are the stars of tomorrow and they’re only going to keep getting better from here.

If you want to be apart of Friday’s post then click here to let us know how you think the third round at Hungary will play out.

I am your host, Alice, and this is Jess, and we are Chasing the Stars. Thank you for tuning in. *Queue Jess’ laughter.

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