Lets Talk About The Formula 3 Styrian Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the second Formula 3 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

“We can only hope this weekend is an improvement.”


My F3 predictions didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I put my faith back in to Fewtrell and it didn’t go to plan. Although, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t manage to place very well in qualifying and with the conditions on track on Saturday, he didn’t have the time to be able to prove himself or put his car into the points. The sprint race was much better and he found himself seventh so we can only hope this weekend is an improvement. Aside from Fewtrell, I also had faith in the Prema Drivers, Novalak, Peroni and Fernandez to make it onto the podium. I also put faith in Beckmann, Lawson and Zendeli to do well. With that being said, Prema driver Vesti finished first in the feature race with Zendeli second and Beckmann third while Prema driver Sargeant finished second and Beckmann placed third again. I also predicted that Prema would be on top, which they were, and that Trident would do well which they did as they currently sit second.

“It still feels wrong for Hitech to be low down.”


Majority of my predictions ended up either winning, on the podium or within the points. One of them was Sargeant, who had a more successful weekend than last week, finishing in 6th and 2nd. Then you had the other two Prema drivers: Vesti, who won race one and came 8th in the second; and Piastri, who finished 4th and 5th. Then you had Zendeli, who finished 2nd in the first race; Verschoor, who finished 4th in the sprint race; Lawson and Hughes, who both were fighting for the front in the second race; and Beckmann, who finished 3rd in both races. I’m happy to have put a lot of faith in Pourchaire, as he delivered in race two, where he took the lead from Lawson and Hughes to take his first win.

To no surprise, Prema lead the championship again, with all three drivers being crazily talented, with them being 1-2-3 in the standings. I feel as if I didn’t think Trident were this good when it came to making my predictions last week, putting them in third, whereas they are currently in second. It still feels wrong for Hitech to be low down, especially with Fewtrell and Hauger. I’m hoping they can make a comeback at a new track for the season.


Surprisingly, Jess and I’s predictions this week weren’t bad. We took a look back on how the audience felt about the race weekend and found that nobody put Vesti as who they could see on pole. Beckmann took 16.7% of the votes while Sargeant took 33.3%. After a very short race, we found Vesti finishing first with Zendeli second and Beckmann third. Nobody put either of our top two in to any of the top three’s positions however, 16.7% put Beckmann into third.

Taking a look at the Sprint Race, which was a much longer race than the Feature, Pourchaire, Sargeant and Beckmann made up our top three. Pourchaire didn’t find himself in anybodies weekend predictions. Sargeant found himself taking 16.7% in first, second and third position while Beckmann found himself in the same place as Pourchaire.

“ART Back on Top.”

Looking at the most surprising driver, we found Max Fewtrell took the most percentage. With 33.3%, I would have to agree that I am torn. After how we viewed the Hitech last weekend, I was surprised he managed to pull the car back into the points. Fittipaldi, Verschoor, Stanek and Schumacher all took 16.7%. Verschoor found himself in seventh and fourth following this weekend with Schumacher in twelfth and seventeenth. Fittipaldi managed to finish fifteenth and thirteenth while Stanek placed seventeenth and twenty-fourth.

With the fastest lap, Sargeant took the most votes with 66.7% however, it was his teammate Frederik Vesti, who had no votes, that took it in lap three. The Prema driver was once again the highest vote for the fastest lap in the Sprint race with 33.3% however, it was his third team mate Oscar Piastri who took it home in lap twenty. 16.7% predicted this. 83.3% believed that the Prema team would take home the most points, followed by Hitech with 16.7%. Prema are still 48 points above Trident who sit in second place.

“This season really is the unpredictable: The battle of Prema and Trident.”

Jess and I sat down to summarise each race in three words, highlighting the key moment of the race. For the feature race, my three word race review was pretty self explanatory. I Can’t See was the most common phrase that was chucked around the paddock during the first race. With the race getting cut short due to the rain, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think back to that first race. Jess went on to say Trident Overly Dominant. As previously mentioned, she felt as if she really underrated Trident, where in the feature race, they came 2nd, 3rd and 5th. They definitely have made a step up since last year. Trident definitely are championship contenders, per se if Prema doesn’t run away with it again.

A common trend with all of the audiences three words were the weather. The words rain and wet featured often with one person even going on to use the adjective wet three times to give it the emphasise it deserves. It truly was a very, very rainy day in Austria.

“Wet wet wet”

Taking a look at the sprint race, my three words consisted of Lawson vs Hughes. The two drivers spent the entirety of the Sprint Race battling between each other with Pourchaire close behind. Both men truly dominated that race however, whatever goes up must come down again. The incident between the two created a whole new turning point onto the race. Jess went for Youngest Race Winner. As someone who is a large fan of Pourchaire, she’s happy to see him win race two, especially with his successful past at such a young age of 16. Obviously, its going to now mount a load of pressure on him to keep this up, but she thinks he is capable of being able to keep the momentum up.

Like Jess, a couple of people’s summaries revolved around Pourchaire. We saw Youngest Winner Ever and Great Luck Pourchaire which was unsurprising. The sixteen year old dominated the ending of the race while keeping up and battling Lawson and Hughes for that top spot until the incident. We also received a few about the boards. In Austria, we have lost multiple DRS boards and this weekend, Smolyar clipped Floersh’s car which spun her into the Rolex boards.

The feature race’s highlights mainly consisted of Vesti. Frederik really proved himself this weekend and pushed himself to take a win this weekend. One person found their highlight was Vesti winning the race while we saw somebody else say that their highlight was the pass he made to take the lead. Vesti did immaculate this weekend, especially under the circumstances.

“Theo Pourchaire: Youngest F3 Winner Ever.”

A personal favourite of mine and others was the fact the race even went ahead. Although it was short and chaotic, it was great to see the grid managing to pull out a couple of laps. We also got some great team radios from it.

With the sprint race, there was only one name on the end of everybody’s tongue: Theo Pourchaire. The most talked about man of the weekend went down in history as the youngest Formula 3 winner at the age of 16, just 39 days prior to his birthday. The highlights around the French man varied from his domination through out the entirety of the race, keeping up with two experienced drivers to the win itself and how much you could see it meant to him. He pulled out a beautiful drive, reserved his tyres and won the race to prove how brilliant of a driver he is and how he shouldn’t be overlooked as just another rookie on the grid.

“We asked for a wet race and we got one, but I don’t think this is what we were looking for.”

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember. We witnessed some hard racing, beautiful overtakes and the youngest driver to win in Formula 3 which will forever go down in History. Before our eyes are the stars of tomorrow and they’re only going to keep getting better from here.

If you want to be apart of Friday’s post then click here to let us know how you think the third round at Hungary will play out.

I am your host, Alice, and this is Jess, and we are Chasing the Stars. Thank you for tuning in. *Queue Jess’ laughter.

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