Formula 2 Hungarian Grand Prix Predictions 2020

With the first rounds of the Formula 2 season finishing, the drivers and teams move onto the third round, going to Hungary. This is the final round of the triple header with qualifying on the 17th, the Feature Race on the 18th July and the Sprint Race on the 19th July. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 12:55 pm until 1:40 pm and Qualifying at 5:00 pm until 5:30 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 4:45 pm until 5:45 pm and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 11:10 am until 11:55 am. All times are local track times.

Together, we sat down to discuss our predictions for the third round and had a look at what you thought would happen this weekend.

He had a rough weekend last week.


Regarding Pole Position this weekend, I can see one of the ART or UNI boys starting up front. Both teams have incredible talent and the teams themselves have what it takes to be starting from that front line. With that being said, I can see all four drivers on the podium this weekend. I feel as if Armstrong will take his third podium this weekend along with Dan Ticktum. Also after last weekend, I can see Tsunoda pushing for a podium once again. I would like to see Shwartzman back on the podium this weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won again.

Aside from the podium, I can see Deletraz doing well this weekend. He had a rough weekend last week so I feel as if his comeback is going to be one to remember. I also still have faith in Samaia who is still trying to push his way through the grid.

Looking at teams, I can see UNI doing well again this weekend along with ART but Prema have been proving themselves so I feel like they could rally the two teams.


In terms of who I’d think would take one of the wins this weekend, I’d say the Virtuosi duo of Zhou and Ilott, ART duo of Lundgaard and Armstrong and the Prema teammates of Shwartzman and Schumacher. I want to say Deletraz too, in hopes that he will improve from the unfortunate weekend last time out in the second round in the Styrian Grand Prix.

Outside of the top finishers, I think Ticktum and Aitken can score good points. Ticktum had some good races back in Austria and I’m hoping he can keep this going into Hungary. In terms of Aitken, last year he had a good run, earning 3rd and 5th. Both of these drivers are very talented and it wouldn’t amaze me if they finish somewhere near the front.

ART still leads ahead of the Virtuosi team by only 7 points. It’s still all to play for and I still highly believe that the Virtuosi duo can bring back the points in Hungary, so I’m putting all faith in them to retake the championship lead. Of course, I am settling for ART in second. I said last time out that I feel like I’m still underrating Prema and so, I’m putting then in third behind the other two.

I feel like i’m still underrating PRema.


Between Jess and I, we carry a lot more similarities than we do differences. We share quite a few opinions regarding the grid which makes discussing the differences that little bit harder. We both agree on the UNI and ART drivers doing well and pushing for a podium. Alongside these four, we can also see Shwartzman, Deletraz and Ticktum doing well. However, Jess can also see Aitken and Schumacher doing well this weekend while my bets sit with Tsunoda and Samaia. Regarding teams, we both feel the same with how they’ll secure the point


Compared to Formula 3, we found that Formula 2 held two names that proved themselves to be miles above the rest: Callum Ilott and Guanyu Zhou. When we looked at who people thought would be on pole, 87.5% said Zhou while 12.5% said Ilott. This reflected into who people thought would win with Zhou taking 50% and Ilott taking 12.5%. Armstrong, Aitken and Drugovich also joined the British driver by taking 12.5%. Zhou’s name was no where to be seen when people voted for who was runner up however, his teammate Callum Ilott took 50%. Taking 12.5% each, we saw Armstrong, Tsunoda, Deletraz and Ticktum. For third place, we saw Shwartzman and Lundgaard both taking 25% along with Armstrong. Ilott took a further 12.5% with Aitken. For the fastest lap, Deletraz and Lundgaard remained most popular with 25% each. Tsunoda, Shwartzman, Zhou and Ilott each took 12.5%.

Then, looking at the Sprint race, Ticktum, Lundgaard and Schumacher each took 25% of the votes. The remaining 25% was split between the UNI-Virtuosi boys. Lundgaard took 25% once more for runner up while Tsunoda, Aitken, Zhou, Ilott, Armstrong and Gelael took 12.5% each. For third place, we saw a great divide. Drugovich, Schumacher, Shwartzman, Ticktum, Armstrong, Tsunoda, Aitken and Deletraz each took 12.5% to make up the entirety of the results. The biggest split decision of the weekend. Regarding fastest lap, Schumacher was on top with 37.5%. Shwartzman and Drugovich each took 25% while Zhou took 12.5%.

The most surprising driver, voted by the audience, was split between Daruvula and Aitken with 25% each. Lundgaard, Ticktum, Shwartzman and Drugovich each took 12.5%. UNI-Virtuosi went on to dominate the team that would take the most points as they went on to take 87.5% of the votes. Campos finished of with 12.5%.


Between the Audience, Jess and I, there are a lot of mixed opinions up in the air. Ilott, Zhou, Armstrong, Lundgaard and Shwartzman are all popular names for taking points and podiums this weekend but with the forecast ahead, who knows what could happen. UNI-Virtuosi, Prema and ART are looking to be the three teams that people believe have the best fighting chance this weekend. Will the boys in red take the points?

We will see you Monday at 5pm BST Time with your race rundown and Wednesday at 5pm BST for our race review. Keep a look out if you want a chance at having your say on the Formula 3 Hungarian Grand Prix 2020.

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