Formula 3 Hungarian Grand Prix 2020

With the first two rounds of the championship come and gone, the drivers and teams moved onto Hungary where the round will be held at the Hungaroring. Following the same schedule as last week, the drivers went out on track once more for the last time, before heading to the United Kingdom in two weeks time.


The rain held out once again, dropping it down on the track one hour prior qualifying, and still continued through the session. The track was considerably wet, similar to last weekend in Austria. Drivers were unable to go full throttle and some couldn’t see far infront. Zendeli and Lawson both lost control in the same corner, meaning it was red flagged. The track seemed too wet for the session, and thus, was cancelled.

The qualifying session was reheld 4 hours later than it was initially meant to be broadcasted. The rain still showered the track, though, it was a lot less significant than it was in the afternoon. Smolyar goes quickest initially in the start of the session. In terms of the early fighters for pole, we have Fewtrell, Smolyar and the Piastri. The ART team have many of their drivers near the front with Smolyar continually upping his own laptime, whilst Sebastián Fernández and Pourchaire break through into the top 5. A fierce battle between Sargeant and Smolyar lasted for many laps, but the Russian rookie takes pole position ahead of the veteran.

The grid is as follows:
1. Alexander Smolyar
2. Logan Sargeant
3. Théo Pourchaire
4. Frederik Vesti
5. Calan Williams
6. Oscar Piastri
7. Sebastián Fernández
8. Richard Verschoor
9. Bent Viscaal
10. Dennis Hauger
11. Liam Lawson
12. Olli Caldwell
13. Max Fewtrell
14. David Beckmann
15. Alex Peroni
16. David Schumacher
17. Federico Malvestiti
18. Igor Fraga
19. Enzo Fittipaldi
20. Lukas Dunner
21. Jake Hughes
22. Jack Doohan
23. Enaam Ahmed
24. Sophia Flörsch
25. Lirim Zendeli
26. Clément Novalak
27. Cameron Das
28. Roman Staněk
29. Matteo Nannini
30. Alessio Deledda

Feature Race

Comparitively to the qualifying sessions, it was a lot drier, though water was still littered around the track. All drivers made it through the formation lap fine meaning all 30 made the start of the third round in the championship. Smolyar took his first pole position on the Friday evening, starting ahead of Sargeant and Pourchaire.

The young Russian had a good start off the line, maintaining the lead into turn one. As per nearly every race, turn one never ended well. Sargeant ended up going deep into the corner, hitting Smolyar which ended up spinning him round and ending his race. Behind, Williams was taking precautions, but was collected up by Smolyar’s car. Vesti, who was behind Williams, had no time to move, ploughing into the sidepod of the Jenzer car. Caldwell was stuck in the mess of Vesti and Williams, dragging him to the back of the grid. Because of this, the safety car was called in order to rescue the broken cars.

A lap around the Hungarian track, the racing went back ahead. Pourchaire stayed in front of the Australian of Piastri in second. Further down the order, Novalak takes 15th from Beckmann, which was the start of his charge up the order. Similarly, Fittipaldi was also climbing up, taking the position from Peroni. For Doohan, his race was over. After fighting with Zendeli, he went off track, which further led to him being hit by the German, ending his race there and then.

Lawson and Sargeant were fighting each other for the final podium spot in third. The fight contined both on track and off the track, with them battling each other and taking each other off the racing line. Tragedy struck though when his engine went out, spilling oil on the circuit, meaning the safety car was once again called out.

40 minutes after the race started, it recontinued at 11:05am local time. The cars were brought out back on track with the safety car to make sure there won’t be any carnage by the sand that collected up the oil.

A lap around the circuit and no incidents meant the safety car was pulled back in and racing could once again begin. Pourchaire keeps his advantage out front, staying ahead of his Prema rival. Viscaal takes advantage of the safety car bunching them up and overtakes his fellow Dutch teammate Richard Verschoor. Further back, Novalak takes 11th from Dunner, proving decisive for his hunt to reverse grid pole. Fittipaldi was carving up the grid, taking 12 positions to 8th, but it ended abruptly as he received a penalty for going in the fast lane during the race suspension. He wasn’t the only one to receive a penalty as Hughes was given a stop and go for safety car infringements and Caldwell was given 5 seconds for speeding in the pitlane.

For Fewtrell, his race was going further downhill with steering issues, losing 8th to his teammate Hauger. In contrary, Novalak now took 10th, now provisional reverse grid pole.

By lap 13, Pourchaire had a 3 second advantage, leading it out front. Piastri turned his head to his teammate behind who had 3 drivers trailing behind all within DRS distance of each other. For 4th, the battle continued between Fernández and Verschoor, though the Dutchman took the position from the Spaniard. For Sebastián, it went even further down when Verschoor’s MP teammate Viscaal overtook him as well, now dropping him to 6th. Fewtrell’s race was similarly going backwards, when Beckmann also overtook him for 10th, pushing him just out of the reverse grid pole.

The French rookie was a man on a mission even by lap 19, being 9 seconds ahead of second place, Piastri. Behind, Schumacher took 16th from Carlin driver Das.

Piastri was struggling to keep up with the raw pace that Pourchaire had, now 10 seconds behind. The drivers behind were starting to catch up, especially with DRS whilst he didn’t have the advantage. Viscaal was gaining on Verschoor for 4th, battling each other into the final laps of the race, until he pulled a late dive, taking the position away from him. The podium finishers were Pourchaire, Piastri and Sargeant.

Post race, Sargeant gained a penalty for gaining time off course and overtaking Liam Lawson. Earning a 5 second penalty pushed him back to 6th behind Fernández, meaning Viscaal earnt his first Formula 3 podium. Jack Doohan was also given a grid drop to the back of the grid for the sprint race due to colliding with Zendeli.

The feature race results are:
1. Théo Pourchaire
2. Oscar Piastri
3. Bent Viscaal
4. Richard Verschoor
5. Sebastián Fernández
6. PENALTY Logan Sargeant
7. Alex Peroni
8. Dennis Hauger
9. Clément Novalak
10. David Beckmann
11. Max Fewtrell
12. Lukas Dunner
13. Federico Malvestiti
14. Enaam Ahmed
15. Igor Fraga
16. David Schumacher
17. Cameron Das
18. Sophia Flörsch
19. Enzo Fittipaldi
20. Alessio Deledda
21. Olli Caldwell
22. Matteo Nannini
23. Roman Staněk
24. Jake Hughes
25. DNF Lirim Zendeli
26. DNF Liam Lawson
27. DNF Jack Doohan
28. DNF Alexander Smolyar
29. DNF Frederik Vesti
30. DNF Calan Williams

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. David Beckmann
2. Clément Novalak
3. Dennis Hauger
4. Alex Peroni
5. Logan Sargeant
6. Sebastián Fernández
7. Richard Verschoor
8. Bent Viscaal
9. Oscar Piastri
10. Théo Pourchaire
11. Max Fewtrell
12. Lukas Dunner
13. Federico Malvestiti
14. Enaam Ahmed
15. Igor Fraga
16. David Schumacher
17. Cameron Das
18. Sophia Flörsch
19. Enzo Fittipaldi
20. Alessio Deledda
21. Olli Caldwell
22. Matteo Nannini
23. Roman Staněk
24. Jake Hughes
25. Lirim Zendeli
26. Liam Lawson
27. Alexander Smolyar
28. Frederik Vesti
29. Calan Williams
30. Jack Doohan

Like majority of the sessions this season, it was wet once again. The track still had a bit of rain left so drivers opted for the wet tyres, though it was said that the weather would considerably improve.

Beckmann comes off the line well to keep first, whilst Hauger pips on Novalak for second. Novalak sits in 3rd, but it wasn’t so easy as Sargeant was now coming for the back of him. Hauger tries for the lead, but a charging Brit was following him behind, attempting to take the position back. For Cameron Das, his race was suddenly ruined when Lukas Dunner spun him around.

Though this failed, a lap later he went for the lead again. Finding more grip, he takes the lead from the German around the outside. Behind, Piastri loses a position to Campos driver Peroni. Schumacher was battling for 13th against feature race winner Pourchaire and manages to overtake him, but was lost in a switchback not long after.

Brazilian driver Igor Fraga had contact with Dunner to spin around. The damage was in such a state that both had to retire from the race. Behind them, Hughes spun round too, though he continued back on track. ART driver Lawson took 13th from Enaam Ahmed, moving back up the grid after an unfortunate DNF last time out in the Hungaroring.

Viscaal was a man on a mission after finishing on the podium for the feature race. He took 8th from Fernández and now was hunting for 7th. Lower down, Fewtrell and Pourchaire are fighting for 10th position until he went wide, allowing the rookie to get past for the final points position.

Beckmann was reducing the gap out front to Hauger, going from 2 seconds to one, though the Norweigan was still massively dominating the race. As the laps went by, he was shaving time off the lead, reducing it to 0.5 in the following lap. Hauger’s teammate Lawson was fighting Schumacher and Smolyar for 12th, though maintaining the position ahead of the two. Near the back, Doohan and Vesti were fighting for 22nd, switching back and forth a few times.

For Beckmann, he had one mission: to take the lead from Hauger. Viscaal had the same thought in mind, catching Piastri and overtaking him. The battle behind for 12th continued, this time joined by Fittipaldi too. All were fighting very hard until Lawson’s car gave him no power, causing him to drop out of the battles. His stranded car meant the safety car was deployed, allowing all the cars to bunch back up, helping Beckmann for his hunt for first.

Come lap 10 and the safety car comes in. Viscaal already on the charge against his Dutch teammate Verschoor, and then Sargeant ahead. The battle between Schumacher and Smolyar continued for 12th, still unsolved to who would be there across the line first.

The Dutchman now overtakes Novalak at turn 14 on lap 11. Clément fights back, trying to take back the inside line, but was unable to make it stick, allowing the 20 year old to third. It was going well for Viscaal until he was given a 5 second time penalty for causing a collision with Fraga earlier in the race. Behind them, Alex Peroni goes wide losing his position and dropping to 10th, whilst Fewtrell and Smolyar fight for 11th.

Novalak was going further backwards, now being overtaken by Logan Sargeant and then later in the lap by Verschoor. In comparison, Pourchaire was moving back up from his race win, now running in 8th after overtaking his teammate Fernández. Clément was still dropping backwards where Théo also overtook him. For Matteo Nannini, it wasn’t a good race, with him spinning through too much acceleration through a corner exit and losing it.

Hauger was being caught by Viscaal, who was speeding through the corners significantly a lot quicker than the rest of the grid. But behind Hauger was Beckmann, who was also trying to catch him. With the Dutchman’s immaculate driving skills, he makes a lunge on David, taking his second position. For one of the championship contenders, Vesti, it wasn’t going so well, having to start at the back because of a lap 1 collision the day before and now, colliding with Jack Doohan to end his race with a broken suspension.

With Bent Viscaal finding grip on parts of the track other drivers couldn’t, he was right on the back of him, until sending it and taking the provisional race lead. With a 5 second penalty, he was told to push in order to keep the race win. However, not long after, he was now under investigation again for overtaking Prema’s Sargeant off track for 6th earlier in the race. Hauger is also being caught up by Beckman and Piastri behind. Further back in the grid, Zendeli takes 20th from Ahmed whilst Williams gets ahead of Caldwell.

With a 5 second penalty and another one looming, Viscaal is driving his car to the maximum, now 6.3 seconds ahead of Beckmann in second, maintaining a 5 second gap at least. This was helped by the fact that Hauger and Beckmann were both fighting for the second spot. A small touch occurred when Hauger tried to close the door on the German but both drivers maintained their cars on track, continuing ahead. Away from the front runners, Smolyar was fighting back up the grid after a lap 1 collision in the feature race which sent him to the back for the sprint race. Taking 9th from his ART teammate, Fernández, he moved up 18 positions already, and wasn’t stopping there. Behind them, Doohan takes 16th from Flörsch early in the lap and then 15th from Malvestiti.

The Norweigan driver Hauger is overtaken by Piastri on lap 18, meaning he was dropping down the order and nearly out of the podium. This was almost resolved when Viscaal was given another 5 second penalty, which would of pushed him to 3rd if the gap stayed the same to the flag. Behind, Max Fewtrell overtakes Novalak for 12th, whilst Doohan was continually going up the standings, fighting for 14th with Schumacher.

The race soon ended with Malvestiti’s car stopped on track. This meant the safety car was called out as it was in a precarious position, which meant the gap that Viscaal made throughout the race was made redundant. Viscaal takes the line first, but with both penalties applied, the win is ahnded to Beckmann, with Piastri and Hauger following. He drops to 17th from 1st due to the safety car.

The sprint race results are:
1. David Beckmann
2. Oscar Piastri
3. Dennis Hauger
4. Logan Sargeant
5. Richard Verschoor
6. Théo Pourchaire
7. Alexander Smolyar
8. Sebastián Fernández
9. Enzo Fittipaldi
10. Alex Peroni
11. Max Fewtrell
12. Clément Novalak
13. David Schumacher
14. Sophia Flörsch
15. Calan Williams
16. Lirim Zendeli
17. PENALTY Bent Viscaal
18. Olli Caldwell
19. Jake Hughes
20. Roman Staněk
21. Enaam Ahmed
22. Cameron Das
23. Alessio Deledda
24. Jack Doohan
25. DNF / DID 90% OF DISTANCE Matteo Nannini
26. DNF Federico Malvestiti
27. DNF Frederik Vesti
28. DNF Liam Lawson
29. DNF Igor Fraga
30. DNF Lukas Dunner

Come back to the website on Friday to see what what we thought of the races, and maybe you’ll see your opinions featured! Following this week, we’ll be having a break from the racing schedule. We have a post lined up on Sunday, so check back then to see what it is!