Lets Talk About The Formula 2 Hungarian Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the third Formula 2 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

The boys in red


When looking back at our opinions, I stated that I could see one of the ART or UNI boys taking pole position and I was spot on with Callum Ilott taking pole and reverse pole. I also went on to say that all four drivers will be on the podium this weekend which we only saw Ilott. Along with these four, I said I can also see Ticktum, Shwartzman and Tsunoda on the podium. Schumacher took two podiums this weekend while Ticktum was close however, his car failed him this weekend. I said I could also see Deletraz doing well and he did a great job with him being close to a podium at one point. I remained faith in Samaia but I think his crash gave him a minor step back. When it came to teams, I put UNI and ART with Prema rallying the teams and the boys in red truly did just that. ART had a bad weekend, nothing they could have helped, so hopefully we will see their comeback in Silverstone.

Aitken was no where to be seen.


When it came to my weekend predictions, I said that I could see the UNI, ART and Prema duo’s having the best chance at winning. Robert went on to win while Mick took two thirds and Callum took a second. I also said Deletraz would be up there as well however, due to tyre degradation, it was’t meant to be. I felt like Ticktum and Aitken could score some good points this weekend which Dan was so close to a podium finish before his power unit stopped working. Aitken was also no where to be seen this weekend. With teams, I said UNI and ART and that I was still underrating Prema and put them behind the two teams however, I should have put it the other way round with ART’s problems this weekend.


Looking back at how the audience predicted this weekend, we quickly discovered that the majority believed too highly in the wrong Virtuosi driver. Zhou took 77.8% of the results for pole position however, it was his teammate Ilott who only took 22.2% that started at the front of the grid. Zhou was still the hot topic of conversation when we looked at the feature race however, nobody guessed a single person correctly. Feature Race winner Shwartzman took 22.2% of the votes for third while Schumacher’s and Mazepin’s names were out of sight. With that being said, nobody predicted that Mazepin would also be walking away with fastest lap.

The hot topic of conversation.

Then going on to the sprint race, the same pattern from the feature race followed through. We saw Luca Ghiotto take the win with Callum Ilott and Mick Schumacher close behind. Not a single person put Ghiotto in their top three however 11.1% said that Ilott would finish second and 11.1% said Schumacher would place third. Ilott also received 11.1% for first along with Schumacher who took 22.2%. With fastest lap, only 11.1% were spot on with Guanyu Zhou.

With surprising driver, both of us agreed that Callum Ilott was up there. Although everyone is very aware of how great of a driver he is, nobody could have predicted the way he handled the end of the sprint race. His pace and ability surprised us both on Sunday. Ghiotto and Mazepin, the boys in Hitech, also surprised us both due to their pace this weekend. Hitech have been overlooked in Formula 2 this year and this week, they put their name on the map. Aitken and Daruvala took the most votes from the audience along with Drugovich, Shwartzman, Nissany, Ticktum and Lundgaard.

To finalise, we looked at the teams taking the most points with UNI-Virtuosi taking 77.8% and Campos and Trident taking 11.1%. A shout out to the audience member who commented “THE POWER LEVEL OF FUTURE F1 CHAMP ROY NISSANY IS UNMATCHED” because we agree. That man truly will show his worth.

ROy nissany is unmatched.

We went on to summarise each race in three words, highlighting key moments of the race. My feature race highlight was Hitech outta nowhere. Nobody I spoke to about the race this weekend would have ever imagined Hitech pulling out the stops they did this weekend. Mazepin took his first podium of the season while Ghiotto took fourth, taking the second highest amount of points on the Saturday, just behind Prema’s 1-3. Jess went on to pick Unexpected Overcut Dominance. Most of the drivers went for the undercut, coming for mediums in the early parts of the race. The drivers who pitted later went on to take a massive advantage. Someone else went on to say that they felt that DAMS ruined the race due to calling Ticktum in so early as it caused a domino effect where every other driver on the softs pitted immediately after.

Some of our other highlights were Drugovich going from 18th to 5th and Shwartzman charging through the field to P1. The audience found Dan Ticktum’s radio comments to be their highlights while others found that Schumacher’s podium and Schwartzman’s second win was theirs.

dams ruined the race.

A few of the three word reviews we got from the audience consisted of the chaos that occurred. We saw lots of chaos which really did sum up the race. The entire weekend itself was filled with the unknown and the chaos that came from it all really shaped the weekend. The part that stands out the most was the Ghiotto, Markelov and ART collision. Jess and I both feel that Ghiotto deserved some sort of penalty. Ghiotto had the space to avoid Lundgaard yet didn’t, turning in when Lundgaard had no where else to go which resulted in him clipping his tyre. Lundgaard, now one tyre down, ran slowly however, his teammate Armstrong was right behind him so had to move out of the way quickly. Unfortunately, the only possible solution for the New Zealand driver was pull out to the left which happened to be where Markelov was taking the racing line. Armstrong ended up colliding with Markelov, sending him into the barrier and taking all three drivers out.

We also saw audible mentions to Dan Ticktum’s race which didn’t go to plan. He definitely deserved better and it was no fault of his own. On a positive note, we received Great Prema Drivers. Shwartzman and Schumacher did incredibly in the feature race and proved that Prema isn’t only good in Formula 3 but that they also dominate Formula 2.

Looking at the sprint race, my three words became Ilott on form. When I think back to the sprint race, the first and most memorable part is Callum’s charge on the last few laps. He was at a point where he needed to make up four to five seconds a lap to even consider winning. Although he fell short and if he’d had one more corner, he still did incredibly to cross the line less than a second behind first place. Jess’ three words were focused around the high tyre degradation. It was a shock to see the drivers in the pits for tyre changes in a sprint race where there’s no mandatory pits and it just went to show how bad the degradation was compared to Austria. All of the drivers, bar two, went on to pit.

90% of the audience’s three words revolved around the most talked about man of the weekend, Callum Ilott. We found most felt that Ilott did well however, one person put Ilott screwed again. We weren’t sure on the context, whether it was that his strategy was screwed or whether they felt he personally screwed it up. Someone mentioned Ghiotto’s tyre management which was definitely a highlight for us. One of the three words was far away from the top two: Jack what happened. Aitken is a well known name in the motorsport community for being an incredible, humble and dedicated driver. Last year, Atiken took a podium and fifth while this year, he couldn’t hit the points.

The most talked about man of the weekend: Callum Ilott.

Regarding highlights, the UNI-Virtuosi driver was the most mentioned man of the hour. A personal highlight of mine, and also Jess’, was Marcus’ battle through the grid. After a terrible first race, he moved from 19th to 9th in the second race and was severely overlooked the entire time. Most people mentioned either his speed or the battle as a whole. People compared his last few laps to qualifying laps with the times he was putting in. A few other people turned away from the Virtuosi driver and mentioned their highlight was Mick Schumacher’s double podium.

Dan Ticktum Deserved better.

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember. We witnessed some hard racing, beautiful overtakes and a double pole position that will go down in Formula 2 History. Before our eyes are the stars of tomorrow and they’re only going to keep getting better from here.

Next weekend will be our first weekend off since Formula 2 came back but don’t worry! There will still be lots of new content coming your way on Friday, Monday and Wednesday so keep an eye out!

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