Formula 2 British Grand Prix R1 Predictions 2020

With the first rounds of the Formula 2 season finishing, the drivers and teams move onto the iconic track of Silverstone. This race is the start of another triple header, with two rounds in Silverstone and another in Barcelona de Catalunya. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 31st July, the Feature Race on the 1st August and the Sprint Race on the 2nd July. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 12:55 pm until 1:40 pm and Qualifying at 5:00 pm until 5:30 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 3:45 pm until 4:45 pm and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 10:10 am until 10:55 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

Deletraz has a good track record in Silverstone.


As per the norm, my pole position predictions fall in the hands of the UNI-Virtuosi boys. It would be great to see Ilott on pole at his home race this weekend. I would also love to see Marcus on pole position this weekend, especially coming off of a rough weekend. Aside from that, I can see Schumacher or Shwartzman placing themselves on the podium for the feature race. Both drivers proved how great they were last weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if they dominated once more. If neither were to win the feature, I could see them winning the sprint race. Like the pole position, I can see the Vitruosi duo sitting on a podium this weekend and, after last weekend, I could see the Hitech boys sitting high as well. I’d like to see Deletraz and Ticktum up there too along with the ART duo. Deletraz has a good track record in Silverstone so I can see him getting good points this weekend.

Regarding teams, I can see Prema taking a lot of points once more. I’d love to see Virtuosi and ART take some points this weekend. The two teams did incredibly well at the beginning of the season but have slipped progressively so it will be good to watch them have a comeback. All three teams have incredible line ups so the battle for the season will be tight.


For once, I’m putting a pole position prediction. I’m expecting either of the Virtuosi duo, as they’ve already got one each, or one of the ART drivers. They’ve all got pure pace to attempt at pole position in the iconic track of Silverstone. Sticking to Ilott’s upwards success, I’m putting him as one of my podium finishers for this weekend. This is joined by his teammate Zhou, Schumacher, Shwartzman, Deletraz and Armstrong. There are many more out there who are very capable of sticking it on the steps of the podium, but in terms of who I think I can definitely see, these are my few.

In terms of keeping an eye out for that are outside the podium finishers, I want to say Ticktum and Drugovich. These two are on a rise as rookies and I have full belief in them that they can challenge for the front, if not points.

For teams, it was very unexpected for Hitech to be doing well, but I’m not sure if I can say that they’ll keep up this momentum forward. Like the weeks before, I’m hoping Virtuosi can bag a whole ton of points to lead the championship from them and see ART also challenge them with a similar style. I doubt that I’ll see Prema not challenging them two teams for third either because they have a strong lineup.

These two are on a rise as rookies.


Between Jess and I, we carry a lot more similarities than we do differences. We share quite a few opinions regarding the grid which makes discussing the differences that little bit harder. We both agree on the UNI and ART drivers doing well and pushing for a podium. Alongside these four, we can also see Shwartzman, Deletraz and Ticktum doing well. However, Jess can also see Drugovich doing well this weekend while my bets sit with Hitech. Regarding teams, we both feel the same with how they’ll secure the point.


When looking at the audiences predictions, we found 33.3% agree that Marcus Armstrong would be on pole position. The remainder of the decision was split between Lundgaard, Shwartzman, Ilott and Ticktum with 16.7% each. The results were very similar when we looked at who people believed would finish on top with Shwartzman and Ilott each taking 33.3% of the votes. The remaining percentage was split between Ticktum and Zhou. The British driver, Ilott, went on to take 33.3% for runner up with fellow FDA driver Marcus Armstrong while Jack Aitken and Dan Ticktum took the remaining 16.7% each. Schumacher and Zhou took the most for third place with 33.3% each while Deletraz and Ilott 16.7%. The driver who found himself as the popular choice for first place also found himself on top for the fastest lap on the feature race with 50%. Schumacher, Lundgaard and Ilott each took 16.7%.

Looking at the sprint race, the same names resurfaced. Armstrong and Deletraz each took 33.3% while Ilott and Shwartzman took 16.7%. Schumacher and Ticktum moved to the top for runner up with 33.3% each while Daruvala and Shwartzman took 16.7%. To finish of the podium, we found Zhou as the most popular with 33.3% while Ilott, Lundgaard, Ticktum and Deletraz took 16.7% each. Fastest lap was split equally between every driver bar Daruvala and Shwartzman. With 16.7% each, we found Ilott, Zhou, Ticktum, Schumacher, Deletraz and Lundgaard taking the votes.

With regards to most surprising driver, Deletraz found himself at the top with the most votes. Behind him, people also believed that Markelov, Ticktum, Lundgaard and Aitken would be their most surprising driver. With teams, we found Prema on top in regards to the most points. People also believed that ART, UNI-Viruosi, DAMS and Hitech would take the most points. We leave a space for people to give their written opinions if they wish and the one we liked the most was that somebody stated that he is a British driver at a British track, that’s as in-depth as it gets in regards to Daniel Ticktum this weekend.


In regards to everything we’ve reviewed this weekend, Ilott and Zhou are still some of the most popular candidates for podiums and points. As time has gone on, Shwartzman, Armstrong and Shwartzman have become household names along with Ticktum and Deletraz. The top ten has definitely been a rollercoaster recently and it’ll be great to see how this weekend pans out, especially in regards to how people believe the weekend will go.

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