Formula 3 British Grand Prix R1 Predictions 2020

With the first rounds of the Formula 2 season finishing, the drivers and teams move onto the iconic track of Silverstone. This race is the start of another triple header, with two rounds in Silverstone and another in Barcelona de Catalunya. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 31st July, the Feature Race on the 1st August and the Sprint Race on the 2nd August. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:35 am until 10:20 am and Qualifying at 2:05 pm until 2:35 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 9:25 am until 10:05 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 8:45 am until 9:25 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

There’s a lot of drivers with potential.


As we look at Formula 3 for this weekend, I’m switching up my opinions. For the past races, I’ve always went with the same few people and have always been let down in one way or another. After watching how each driver has progressed, I feel there’s a lot of drivers with potential. I can see one of the Prema drivers, even every single one, placing themselves on the podium at least once this weekend with Piastri taking pole position. The Prema team and their drivers are insanely talented and close knit which really shows on the grid. I can also see Pourchaire and Beckmann doing well this weekend and finding themselves on the podium. After their incredible weekend last weekend, Viscaal and Hauger are up their as podium contenders. Both drivers proved that they’re powerful and can place themselves in the points so it will be great to see them on the podium once again. Smolyar is a name to look out for, especially due to him wanting redemption after Hungary.

With teams, Prema will definitely be up their with the points but I can see ART rallying the team to push for the most points. Trident have also been doing incredibly well so I can see them bringing home a lot of points and will push to get ahead of Prema.


Like Formula 2, for once I’m predicting the pole position finisher. It wouldn’t shock me if one of the ART boys takes it or one of the Prema guys do. Both teams are very successful on the pole position front, with ART already taking two and Prema taking one.

As I said in my 2020 predictions, I said Sargeant will be champion. With him in second in the standings, I’m hoping he can keep this going to overtake his rookie teammate by taking a win this weekend. Like Prema being themselves, their car is amazingly good. Combined with two determined drivers, it wouldn’t shock me if they were also fighting with or alongside Sargeant for the wins. For me, I can see Beckmann fighting up there too.

Like I’ve said since the start of the season, I said to keep an eye out for Pourchaire and he delivered perfectly. I’m hoping he can keep this forward into this weekend and attempting for some top positions. It’s the same with his teammates: Fernandez and Smolyar. Both are very much challenging that ART car to the front of the grid. All three drivers are very talented and I’m hoping that they can showcase their skill this weekend towards the front. Similarly, I’d watch Verschoor, who came off last year as Macau winner. He’s showing what he’s worth and proving that he knows the Formula 3 machinery well.

It wouldn’t be Formula 3 without Prema bringing in 3 amazing drivers to take the lead. Already 80 points clear of second place Trident, they are definitely my top finisher this weekend. Trident are 2 points ahead of ART, who had a super successful weekend back out in Hungary. I’m going to make a bold claim and say that ART will take second from them, leaving Trident in third. I’d like to put Hitech back on my list, but so far, they haven’t impressed me enough to put them higher up. Hopefully, they can have a bit of a turnaround since we’re almost half way into the season.

It wouldn’t be Formula 3 without Prema bringing in 3 amazing drivers to take the lead.


Between Jess and I, we both see the Perma and ART boys doing well. Aside from this, Jess can see Verschoor doing well this weekend while I see Viscaal and Hauger doing well. For Formula 3 this weekend, our energies towards the grid are almost matched. Alongside our drivers being practically the same, we both see Prema, ART and Trident getting a lot of points while Jess is also willing to put some faith back into Hitech for a comeback this weekend.


Compared to Formula 2, the difference between the driver on pole is minimal. With 50% of the votes, Oscar Piastri sits as the most favourable. Just behind him with 33.3% is Max Fewtrell with Logan Sargeant taking the remaining 16.7%. This reflects into who people felt would finish on top with 50% going to Piastri once more and Sargeant receiving 16.7%. A further 16.7% of the votes went to Lawson and Ahmed although, Ahmed has now officially pulled out from the remainder of the Formula 3 Championship after himself and his sponsors left Carlin. Looking at runner up, Verschoor was on top with 33.3%. Prema driver, Vesti, took 33.3% also while Fewtrell and Lawson each took 16.7%. The French 16 year old, back to back winner Pourchaire took 66.7% of the votes for third place in the feature race. Alex Peroni and David Beckmann each took 16.7%. Pourchaire was the most popular once more with 50% for the fastest lap. Sargeant, Piastri and Hughes finished off the votes with 16.7% each.

Heading into the sprint race, Sargeant on top with 33.3%. Lawson, Beckmann, Vesti and Ahmed (who will no longer race) make up the remainder of the votes. Sargeant remains on top for runner up with a further 33.3% while Lawson, Pourchaire, Vesti and Verschoor each took 16.7%. To finish it off, third place was very sparse and wide set with each driver each receiving an equal vote. Fewtrell, Sargeant, Peroni, Verschoor, Beckmann and Pourchaire each took 16.7%. Piastri was back on top once more for the fastest lap with 50% while Sargeant, Beckmann and the man who no longer races in Formula 3 take 16.7% each.

To round everything off, we looked at the most surprising driver. Each driver took the same vote with Fewtrell, Sargeant, Fraga, Fittipaldi, Fernandez and Ahmed taking 16.7% each. Then, as we looked at teams, 100% of people felt that Prema would be on top which we were not surprised about in the slightest.


Overall, the results are fairly similar across the grid regarding who will be on top and who won’t make the top ten but every weekend is a surprise so it will be interesting to see which driver will take the most points and who will find themselves in a position to do the best.

Following our usual schedule, the Chasing The Stars blog will be posting on Monday at 5pm BST with the race rundown and Wednesday at 5pm with the race review. Keep checking on our social media pages to have your opinions featured for Wednesday’s post.

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