Formula E Berlin R6-7 ePrix Predictions 2020

With the six rounds of Formula E set to go underway this week, we’re bringing you an abundance of new content to round off the 2019-2020 season. As per usual, regarding the Formula 2 and 3, we will be giving you our Formula E round predictions. Formula E will run across Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th and Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th.

We should DEFINITELY keep an eye out for Daniel Abt.


Seeing as this will be the first couple of rounds of the remainder of the series, it’s going to be difficult to pin point where people will place. We have a lot of new comers and drivers moving that it will be interesting to see how things play out. Sergio Sette Camara will be new for the remainder of the series and was a personal Formula 2 favourite of mine so I’d like to see him do well. Regarding pole position, I feel like either of the BMW drivers could take it or one of the Mercedes drivers.

Along with that, I could see all four drivers doing well across the two rounds. I think we should definitely keep an eye out for Daniel Abt. He started quarantine off by being removed from Audi but managed to pick up a space in Nio for the remainder of the season. It’ll be interesting to see how he does across these six races with a team change and a different setting. Regarding teams, I would love to see BMW or Mercedes do well as I think both teams are great and have so much to show however, I see DS Techeetah taking the most points.


Formula E is known for being unpredictable in every circumstance and scenario. It’s quite difficult to come up with a few who will potentially take some points and podiums home without naming most of the grid. Unlike Formula 2 and Formula 3, they have a double qualifying session for their races. This means there’s two to predict for the pole sitters. I’m taking a limb to say Buemi will take race 1, after taking it last season and Mitch Evans for the other.

In terms of the races, it’s quite difficult to say who will take the podium entirely. I’m putting some trust in the DS Techeetah duo to take one of the wins, if not, a podium spot at least. Their team is determined after winning the championship last year, plus both drivers are very talented, including how Vergne took it back-to-back in Season 4 and Season 5. Both of the BMW drivers are also up there this season, so if they take one of the many spots, it wouldn’t be a shock. I’m also going to mention di Grassi who has been a man on a mission since Season 1.

In terms of who to look out for, I’m saying Oliver Rowland and Sergio Sette Camara. Rowland is on his second season of Formula E and is continually learning from his experienced teammate. He’s been going on and upwards since last year with a more frequent points finish. Camara is replacing Hartley, and after researching his past for one our posts, I think he’s more than well capable of driving that car to excellence. Even in the rookie tests, he did well against a range of drivers, even without much experience in the electric car.

DS Techeetah are a team on a mission and so I’m saying they’ll come out of the first two races at the top of the standings. This is closely followed by Andretti. Though, I’m hoping e.DAMS can gain some points because both of their drivers are very skilled.

DS Techeetah are a team on a mission.


Between myself and Jess, we’re putting a lot of faith in to the DS Techeetah and BMW drivers. It’s unsurprising, due to our track rate of enjoying the same drivers, however both teams hold some insanely talented drivers. We both hold faith in Sette Camara in his first Formula E season which is going to a tough one for him but he is a determined driver with a great team behind him. Aside from this, I’m putting faith into Daniel Abt as somebody to watch while Jess is keeping an eye on Rowland and the Andretti team.


Jess and I went ahead to ask the audience how they believed the first two rounds of Formula E would pan out. Looking at Round Six (race one), we found Mitch Evans to be the most popular response with 50% of the people believing that he would finish on Superpole this Wednesday. Antonio Felix da Costa and Alexander Sims each took 25% of the vote. That transferred in to who people believed would win the first race with da Costa taking 50%, followed by Sergio Sette Camara and Stoffel Vandoorne taking 25% each. Vandoorne appeared once more to take 25% of the votes for second place while the remaining 75% consisted of Evans, Max Guenther and Sam Bird. For third, Mitch Evans took 25% again while Lucas di Grassi, Sims and Nyck de Vries finished out the remainder. We then had a look at fastest lap where we saw the decision was split between Evans, Vandoorne, Oliver Rowland and Jean-Eric Vergne.

For Round Seven (race two), the results remained similar yet wavered slightly. Vandoorne, Evans, Bird and Guenther all took 25% each in regards of who would take superpole. The only individual who reflected back was Guenther. Buemi, da Costa and di Grassi each took the same percentage to finalise out who people believed would win. Buemi appeared once again as somebody people believed could finish as runner up with Sims, Vergne and de Vries. For third place, Vergne took the first percentage we saw over 25% for the second race with 50% while Evans and Andre Lotterer took 25% each. Vergne was popular once again in regards to the fastest lap with 50% while da Costa and Guenther each took 25%.

Overall for the weekend, we found Jerome D’Ambrosio, Rene Rast, Guenther and Evans were voted as who people believed would be the most surprising driver. It’ll be interesting to see what happens and who really rises from the dust to clutch the win. With teams, BMW took the most with 50% while Mercedes and DS Techeetah took the remainder. The one thing we agree on here, is that this season is highly unpredictable so it’s anybody’s game.


Overall, this season will be an interesting one to say the least. With us remaining in Germany for six races, it’s anybody’s game for the title and it’ll be interesting to see who finds themselves on top and who’s just scratching the edges.

We will see you Wednesday at 5pm BST for the Formula 2 and 3 Race Reviews from the British Grand Prix, Thursday at 5pm BST for the Formula 2 and 3 Race Predictions for the upcoming Second Round of the British Grand Prix and Friday at 5pm BST for your Round six and seven Formula E Race Summaries!

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