Lets Talk About The Formula 2 British Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the fourth Formula 2 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

Deletraz and Ticktum have always been drivers I’d love to see on the podium.


When looking back at our opinions, I stated that I could see one of the UNI boys would be taking pole position and I was seemingly very incorrect as it was Felipe Drugovich on pole. I said I’d like to see the Prema boys on a podium as they’re both incredibly talented however, Prema only managed to bag two points this whole weekend. I also stated that I’d love to see the UNI boys on the podium where we saw Guanyu Zhou finish second and Callum Ilott fighting for it along with the Hitech boys where we went on to see Mazepin win the feature race. Deletraz and Ticktum have always been drivers I’d love to see on the podium and I really thought they’d be there this weekend and I was correct. Dan went on to win the sprint race with Louis finishing third. Another prediction I had was ART’s duo would be on the podium and we found Christian Lundgaard second in the sprint.

My predictions were way off in regards to teams. I believed that Prema would take a lot of points, if not the most, but as I said earlier; they only managed to take two. I wanted to see UNI and ART take a lot of points which they managed to do just that with a second place each. It’s been good to watch their comeback.

The Prema duo… didn’t have much of a weekend.


I said one of the Virtuosi drivers or ART drivers, but it ended up being Drugovich. I knew he was somewhat fast since he already won a race this year, but I wasn’t expecting him to take pole position, however, I was close with the Virtuosi drivers as Ilott took 2nd. Ilott has been on top of his game this year, already 2nd in the championship after a more successful season compared to last year.

I said Ilott and Zhou would be on the podium, to which I was somewhat close to achieving. Callum was close in the second race before spinning out and losing it, but Zhou managed it in the Feature Race. Deletraz went on an upwards rise this weekend, taking 6th and 3rd, which I’m happy to have put him into my predictions. The Prema duo of Shwartzman and Schumacher didn’t have much of a weekend, with only the German taking one points finish in the Feature Race. For Armstrong, it wasn’t that good either, being out of the points for both races.

Unfortuantely, Virtuosi didn’t bag as many points in the second race, but managed to take 30 points in the first race of the weekend. This put them ahead of Prema Racing, who now are in second with 19 points. I’m sure ART, who had a good weekend in terms of Lundgaard, can probably go and take second from the Italian team at some point in this triple header set of races.


As we looked at how the audience predicted the weekend, we found that out of the five names that were put down, nobody guessed it would be Drugovich up there. And similarly, nobody guessed that it would be Mazepin who won the feature race. Most people believed in the UNI duo, ART duo and Prema duo, along with Ticktum and Aitken. As we looked at runner up, we saw Ilott take 33.3% of the votes while it was actually his team mate Zhou that found himself on the podium in second. Zhou took 33.3% for third yet nothing for second. Once again, nobody guessed that Tsunoda would finish third. For fastest lap, people predicted that Ilott would take it but in the end, Zhou took the extra point.

Most People believed in the UNI duo, art duo and Prema duo.

For the sprint race, Deletraz and Armstrong were the top two but it was Ticktum who went on to win the race. He was the top for the runner up with Schumacher while closely followed by Daruvala and Shwartzman but it was ART’s Lundgaard that took the second place position. For third place, Zhou was the most popular vote but the Swiss who took 16.7% was the man on the podium in third place. For fastest lap, there was a split decision and it was the 16.7% that voted Lundgaard that took the point.

With surprising driver, Deletraz was the highest voted which Jess and I could agree on. He did an insane job this weekend and managed to take a podium after a streak of not seeing one. Markelov, Ticktum, Lundgaard and Aitken were also all mentioned. Markelov finished one place out of the points this weekend which is the closest he’s managed to be. Ticktum’s win was a surprise yet also not at the same time. Everyone knew he was capable of winning and deserved the win but I don’t think people expected it this weekend. Aitken managed to finish in the points this weekend, a much better couple of days as apposed to Hungary.

To finalise, we looked at the teams taking the most points with UNI-Virtuosi, ART, DAMS and Hitech sharing the title. Each team took a decent amount of points this weekend and are definitely up there to lead the battle for the team standings. Like we mentioned, somebody spoke about how Dan Ticktum was a British Driver at a British track and Ticktum really proved that statement by taking a win in his home race; his first Formula 2 win.

Dan Ticktum: British Driver ft British Track.

We went on to summarise each race in three words, highlighting key moments of the race. My feature race highlight was Zhou is Back. Zhou has had a rough few weekends, not managing as many points as he works for and it was incredible to see him standing on the podium again.

Jess’ three words were UNI-Viruosi smashing it. Despite Callum Ilott starting in the pitlane, he managed to climb all the way from the back of the grid to 5th, and then you had his teammate Zhou who ended up on the podium with a late charge. It shows how much this team has improved from last year to become championship contenders on both the driver’s and team’s front.

Zero to Hero.

A few of the three word reviews we got from the audience consisted of a varied response. Regarding drivers, we saw Zero to Hero for Callum Ilott. He wasn’t able to get off of the line for the formation lap so had to start from the pit and managed to finish 5th. Aside from drivers, we had comments on the Bad Alternative Strategy and the Campos Awful Strategy. We also saw a comment regarding the Degradation, Overcut and Comeback.

Looking at the sprint race, my three words became Podium of Dreams. Across the grid, some of my favourite drivers sit with Dan Ticktum, Christian Lundgaard and the man I have supported since I started watch F2, Louis Deletraz. Silverstone is on of Deletraz’ favourite tracks so to see him on the podium was incredible. The same with Dan and winning in his home race. The drivers on that podium have dreamt of standing on the podium at the British GP and they did just that.

Jess’ three words sat with Ticktum proving himself. A lot of people still are stuck on Ticktum’s past behaviours, but deep down, he’s an incredibly talented driver and she’s happy that he took the win. He’s proving people, who are stuck on his past actions, that he is in fact capable of driving that Dallara Formula 2 car to perfection and controlled the entire race.

Similar to Jess and I, the audience summarised theirs similarly regarding the drivers. We saw Lungaard’s last lunge which secured him his second place finish and Ticktum controls race which really defined how he placed himself. We saw topical conversation also regarding the safety cars and the tyre degradation control.

He’s proving himself to the people who are stuck on his past actions.

Regarding highlights, I feel like Jess summarised it quite well. Overall, she said, “similar to my Formula 3 highlight, I wanted to pay partiuclar mention to Pedro Piquet. Being a rookie in a highly competitive championship is never easy, often giving connotations that show them to be lacking pace or not talented if not at the front, but the Brazilian took his best results so far this year in 11th. An average of 15th, it shows he’s improving in that car and every race is a learning curve to help him achieve higher results.”

For the feature race, “Zhou’s overcut strategy to end up on the podium. He was one of the ones who pitted late with Aitken. Aitken wasn’t able to take advantage of the softer rubber but Zhou, despite not even warming up the tyres, already went on a run to eventually claim 2nd place in the race. It shows how good that Virtuosi car has become and how talented the Chinese driver is.”

She also worded the sprint race quite well, “the amount of rookies in the top 10: Ticktum, Lundgaard, Daruvala, Drugovich, Armstrong. It shows how difficult Formula 3 was to keep up a feat of high results to then come to Formula 2 and still be able to carry that momentum up into this year.”

The audiences highlights sat with Callum Ilott’s comeback from the pit lane and Zhou’s charge to P2. We also saw that some of the highlights were for Deletraz’ podium, Lundgaard’s gamble and Ticktum’s win.

Deletraz’ podium, Lundgaard’s gamble and Ticktum’s win.

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember. We witnessed some hard racing, beautiful overtakes and a British driver winning the British GP.

This weekend we will be returning to Silverstone for the 70 year Anniversary. Catch our predictions tomorrow at 5pm BST as apposed to Friday due to our Formula E race rundowns going up.

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