Formula 3 British Grand Prix R2 Predictions 2020

With the first rounds of the Formula 3 season finishing, the drivers and teams move onto the iconic track of Silverstone for a second time. This race is the second of another triple header, with one round in Silverstone complete and another in Barcelona de Catalunya. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 7th August, the Feature Race on the 8th August and the Sprint Race on the 9th August. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:35 am until 10:20 am and Qualifying at 2:05 pm until 2:35 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 9:25 am until 10:05 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 8:45 am until 9:25 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

Hopefully luck will be on his side this time.


When deciding my predictions this week, I’m taking into consideration the weekend just gone. I always feel that the Trident drivers of Zendeli and Beckmann will do great, Beckmann really proving himself recently. I also believe that the ART drivers of Pourchaire and Smolyar will have a successful weekend. The Prema boys will easily take a minimum of two podiums this weekend with Sargeant potentially taking his second pole position.

I can see one, if not two of the Hitech drivers taking a podium this weekend. Lawson is a strong talent and has proved himself week and week again. He is constantly in the mix for a top place finish and he definitely knows how to control that car. Fewtrell was also strong in qualifying last weekend and a few mistakes found him out of the points however, we shouldn’t count him out. His Hitech was showing great pace so hopefully, luck will be on his side this time. A name to look out for also is Clement Novalak. After his first podium in Austria, he was looked over until he found himself second in Silverstone. I can see him going two for two.

Regarding fastest laps, I can see Piastri and Hughes claiming their titles. Both drivers are known for being quick around the field, even if they don’t manage to place themselves on the podium. With that being said, Prema will more than likely be the team with the most points but after last weekend, I wouldn’t count out Trident and ART taking home just as many.


Like last week, I’m saying Prema or ART will take it. Both teams have taken all pole positions (2 each) so if they manage to get it again, it wouldn’t be anything new. Those teams have pace and talent to take it to the front, especially Prema who have been on top of their game every year.

I’m mentioning Prema as one of the teams that will most definitely take a win, if not a podium out in Silverstone. This is accompanied by Beckmann and Novalak as ones outside the team. All of them have had pretty successful seasons so far and I wouldn’t expect any less of them to not be fighting near the front for the wins or points.

Like last time, I’d keep an eye out on the ART team. Smolyar almost won, Pourchaire has had a pretty successful run this season and Fernandez was awfully close to getting some personal bests. Hopefully, they have a better weekend after last time out and it would be lovely to see them try and take a load of points home.

Of course, I’m saying Prema will be most likely taking the most points home plus still being on top of the championship. If not, they’re at a 126 point advantage to second place Trident. With ART GP being 4 points behind the Italian team, I’m going to say, like last week, that they’ll take 2nd from them. I was pretty close until Smolyar lost his win, so I’m hoping they can bring a haul of points to the standings to take it from them.

All of them have had pretty successful seasons so far.


As usual, Jess and I share pretty much the exact same predictions of the race. Nine times out of ten, it’s a similar bunch who will find themselves in the top three. However, with that being said, I have a lot of faith in the Hitech drivers to deliver a weekend of points while Jess has her beliefs in Fernandez.


The audiences qualifying results for this weekend didn’t come as a surprise. With 40% each, Piastri and Lawson found themselves as most popular but it was Fewtrell that split the pair by taking 20%. Although the majority agreed for qualifying, the place for first was split. With 20% each; Fewtrell, Lawson, Pourchaire, Piastri and Sargeant found themselves occupying the battle for first. The decision was less split as we saw the loss of Fewtrell and Pourchaire, the gain of Vesti and Sargeant gaining a further 20%. Piastri went on to dominate third with 40% while Lawson, Sargeant and Fernandez took 20% each. For fastest lap, we saw the return of Fewtrell with 20%, Lawson with 20%, Sargeant with 40% and Peroni joining the names with 20%.

Matching the split decision of first place in the feature race, the sprint race saw five names. With 20% each, we saw a couple of new names and returning names; Peroni, Smolyar, Beckmann, Caldwell and Verschoor. Smolyar and Beckmann’s names returned with 20% each for runner up with Pourchaire while Vesti took 40%. For third place, Pourchaire went on to take 40% of the votes while Piastri, Fewtrell and Novalak took 20% each. Fastest lap found another split decision; Fewtrell, Piastri, Verschoor, Fernandez and Fittipaldi taking 20% each.

This weekend’s predictions were filled with split decisions, five drivers mentioned once again regarding fastest lap. With 20% each, we saw Beckmann, Hughes, Viscaal, Sargeant and Fernandez. Dominating one again, Prema took 80% of the votes for the team taking home the most points with 20% voting for ART.


Overall, the results are fairly similar across the grid regarding who will be on top and who won’t make the top ten but every weekend is a surprise so it will be interesting to see which driver will take the most points and who will find themselves in a position to do the best.

Due to Formula E’s six race plan across ten days, our August schedule is currently very busy. Check back tomorrow at 5pm BST for your Formula E Race Rundowns for Rounds 6 and 7 and Monday at 5pm BST for your Formula 2 and 3 Race Rundowns for the second instalment of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for the 70th Anniversary.

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