Formula 3 British R2 Grand Prix 2020

We’ve come back to racing with another triple header: two rounds in Silverstone, United Kingdom; and one in Barcelona de Catalunya, Spain. 4 drivers will be returning to Silverstone for their home race: Fewtrell, Caldwell, Hughes and Barnicoat.

This race summary is for the second round of Silverstone.


Doohan took the inital pole position, which was then beaten by Sargeant, Piastri, Lawson and Barnicoat. Hughes now takes the pole position with 19 minutes to go with a 1:46.006. Beckmann slots between the Prema’s in third. After their hot laps, Sargeant and Piastri take 1-2. On pit entry, the Australian driver pulled over to the side, but managed to get his car restarted. Piastri manages to finally get his car going with 5 minutes to go, whilst everyone on the grid is on their fast laps. However, Oscar didn’t get that far and had to pull over on the side, calling out the red flag. The session was stopped with 4 minutes to go and was restarted. Hughes, Vesti and Pourchaire set a faster time than Sargeant, but he pulled an incredible lap of 1:45.063 to set it first. Lawson takes second with a 1:45.297.

The grid is as follows:
1. Logan Sargeant
2. Liam Lawson
3. Jake Hughes
4. Frederik Vesti
5. Bent Viscaal
6. Théo Pourchaire
7. Jack Doohan
8. David Beckmann
9. Ben Barnicoat
10. Lirim Zendeli
11. Oscar Piastri
12. Clément Novalak
13. Enzo Fittipaldi
14. Matteo Nannini
15. Cameron Das
16. Max Fewtrell
17. Alexander Smolyar
18. Alex Peroni
19. Sebastián Fernández
20. Calan Williams
21. Federico Malvestiti
22. David Schumacher
23. Olli Caldwell
24. Dennis Hauger
25. Roman Staněk
26. Igor Fraga
27. Richard Verschoor
28. Lukas Dunner
29. Sophia Flörsch
30. Alessio Deledda

Feature Race

This was Sargeant’s second pole of the season and this time he manages to keep a hold on the race lead and not losing it. Instead, Lawson is being challenged by Hughes for the position, in which he did a few corners later, but the Kiwi driver wasn’t going down without a fight and tried to retaliate. For Viscaal, it wasn’t much of a start and then going over the kerbs to have a brief moment in the air, yet manages to keep the car on the track, though he lost a position to Pourchaire. Now, Lawson was caught up by Vesti and Pourchaire and was pressuring him already. Further down the grid, Fewtrell, Doohan, Fittipaldi and Nannini were all fighting with each other for 13th, whilst Doohan had a broken front wing.

The fight for 4th doesn’t stop as Pourchaire made a move on Vesti, but the opportunity was shut by the Danish driver. It doesn’t stop the French rookie though as he still continually pressurised the Dane. Meanwhile for Hitech driver Dennis Hauger, his race ended quite soon with suspension damage from another driver, meaning that he had to retire.

For Jenzer, their drivers weren’t having a good day. Williams and Malvestiti were battling each other for positions, for them to crash into each other. They both managed to get their cars restarted, but due to the nature of the crash, they later retired in the pits.

Liam Lawson was hanging onto 3rd place, just about. With some charging drivers from behind of Vesti and Pourchaire, he was being pressured hard. Vesti tried to take the podium spot from the Kiwi, but he managed to hold onto the position. During the send, Vesti locked up, which allowed him to get further away and Pourchaire to get closer. Just a lap later, he tried again around the outside like he did last weekend, but there was not enough grip on that line for him to stick a send there. Because of him battling Liam, Théo managed to gain on him, putting him within reaching distance of the Danish driver. He sends a late move at Frederik Vesti, to which he kept his foot to the floor to keep 4th. Like Vesti, Beckmann had now caught up to Pourchaire and makes a move on him to take 5th. The German driver had pace to overtake Vesti, but with his defending, the opportunity was lost when he closed the door. Viscaal catches up to the train of drivers: Vesti, Beckmann and Pourchaire.

Away from the front, Smolyar and Fittipaldi were fighting with each other in 14th. The battle lasted for a few laps with them continually switching positions. Max Fewtrell joins the fight too, taking 16th from Enzo. Alex Peroni caught up to the drivers ahead and had enough pace to overtake the Brazilian driver too for 16th. Meanwhile, Smolyar managed to overtake his teammate Fernández for 14th. The standings stood as Smolyar in 12th, Fernández, Fewtrell, Peroni and Fittipaldi in 16th.

The battle for 1st was settled with Sargeant with ease. He held a 2.5 second gap to 2nd place driver, Jake Hughes. Meanwhile, Vesti is starting to catch up to Lawson. Behind the Prema driver, Viscaal was threatening Pourchaire for his position. A lock up and a wide line meant the Dutch driver sailed past the rookie, settling for 7th and now Piastri was eyeing him up as well.

Lawson finally managed to pull away from the train of drivers behind and now within DRS distance of the British driver in second. He creates pressure on him, but this doesn’t go down easily when Vesti caught up too, creating a gap of 2.7 seconds to Beckmann in 5th. Behind Beckmann was Théo Pourchaire and Bent Viscaal. Pourchaire sends a move on Viscaal in the inside line and manages to take it from the exit of the corner. The MP Motorsport driver manages to have better grip to try and reclaim the position, but goes wide allowing Piastri to pass. Now, the Prema driver was on the rear of Pourchaire and sent it down one of the corners to go side by side with the 16 year old.

Sebastián Fernández was making a move on Matteo Nannini to go up positions. He was trying to go around him but was swiped on the side so both lose it into the gravel. The Spanish driver manages to escape the gravel trap, but the Italian driver is stranded in the middle. The yellow flag was called for sector 3 since it was the penultimate lap of the race.

Lawson managed to catch Hughes by the end, but because of the yellow flags, they had to slow down. It meant Hughes stayed 2nd and Lawson ended up 3rd.

Post race, there were penalties handed out which altered results. Novalak was given a 5 second penalty for gaining an advantage off track when he was fighting Zendeli. This means he goes from 9th to 13th, putting him out the points and allowing his teammate Barnicoat to finsuh 10th and put him in reverse grid pole. Nannini was also given a 3 place grid drop because of the incident between him and Fernández. This penalty now puts the Italian driver at the back of the grid, behind Dennis Hauger.

The feature race results are:
1. Logan Sargeant
2. Jake Hughes
3. Liam Lawson
4. Frederik Vesti
5. David Beckmann
6. Théo Pourchaire
7. Oscar Piastri
8. Bent Viscaal
9. Lirim Zendeli
10. Ben Barnicoat
11. Cameron Das
12. Alexander Smolyar
13. PENALISED Clément Novalak
14. Alex Peroni
15. David Schumacher
16. Max Fewtrell
17. Enzo Fittipaldi
18. Igor Fraga
19. Richard Verschoor
20. Sophia Flörsch
21. Olli Caldwell
22. Roman Staněk
23. Lukas Dunner
24. Sebastián Fernández
25. Alessio Deledda
26. Jack Doohan
27. Matteo Nannini
28. DNF Calan Williams
29. DNF Federico Malvestiti
30. DNF Dennis Hauger

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. Ben Barnicoat
2. Lirim Zendeli
3. Bent Viscaal
4. Oscar Piastri
5. Théo Pourchaire
6. David Beckmann
7. Frederik Vesti
8. Liam Lawson
9. Jake Hughes
10. Logan Sargeant
11. Cameron Das
12. Alexander Smolyar
14. Alex Peroni
15. David Schumacher
16. Max Fewtrell
17. Enzo Fittipaldi
18. Igor Fraga
19. Richard Verschoor
20. Sophia Flörsch
21. Olli Caldwell
22. Roman Staněk
23. Lukas Dunner
24. Sebastián Fernández
25. Alessio Deledda
26. Jack Doohan
27. Calan Williams
28. Federico Malvestiti
29. Dennis Hauger
30. PENALISED Matteo Nannini

Barnicoat came off the line less well to those around him, already losing first to Zendeli and then Viscaal within the first corner. Pourchaire joins in on the battle for 3rd, but Barnicoat manages to retake the position from the French driver when he overtook him. Already within the first lap, the safety car was called out since Calan Williams and Lukas Dunner came together, ending both their races there and then. Smolyar also comes in to pit since Peroni did a light tap on the wheel of his car, creating a puncture, whilst the Australian driver has a broken front wing and also comes in to pit. Alessio does the same but for retirement due to issues.

By lap 6, the green flag was waved around the track and racing resumed once more. Doohan took no time in waiting around and already made a move on Hauger for 20th and Fernández does the same behind him. Further ahead, Lawson was fighting against Prema driver Piastri and gives him a nudge when going off track. Because of that, he moves back to 8th, now behind Jake Hughes. Vesti was behind the British driver in 10th and was being challenged by Sargeant, but Novalak managed to make a move on the American driver.

For Trident driver Caldwell, his race wasn’t entirely going to plan, losing 18th and dropping to 23rd after going wide. It was the same with British driver Max Fewtrell, who now was now battling Flörsch for 18th position. Stanek was also being pressurised by the Hitech driver for 17th.

Logan Sargeant took the championship lead during the feature race after a successful win. However, for the sprint race, it wasn’t as spectacular for the American. After overtaking Das for 11th, he managed to receive damage from the Carlin driver after he gave him a tap on the rear wheel. Unfortunately, Logan had to retire from the race there.

Ben Barnicoat was the stand in driver when it was announced that Enaam Ahmed was unable to compete. In his fourth ever race in the new era of Formula 3, he was already driving in third. That was until he had an engine issue and had to pull over to a marshal point to retire the car. Because of where the car was located, the virtual safety car was launched to make sure drivers were kept safe.

Racing resumed a few laps later and for Piastri, he was trying to get as many championship points as he could. He gave an attempt on Hughes, but was unable to utilise the opportunity as Jake shut the door. At the front, Beckmann was fighting for 3rd with Pourchaire. He pushed and pressured him, but made a mistake and went wide, losing a position to Liam Lawson. The French driver tried to break the tow against the Australian, and like his teammate Smolyar, he was told to stop before getting a penalty after being shown the black and white flag.

Meanwhile, Cameron Das was having one of the best weekends of this season, taking 10th from Fittipaldi. Fittipaldi didn’t go down without a fight though and was claiming the position back from the American driver. Lower down the grid, Fernández and Smolyar both get ahead of Matteo Nannini, allowing the Spanish driver to take 15th and the Russian to take 16th. Sebastián doesn’t stop though and even takes 14th from Staněk.

Hughes was defending 7th place from Piastri, but because the Australian was pressuring him hard, he went wide to lose the position to him and Vesti. Frederik had good momentum coming out of the corner after overtaking Hughes to try and challenge his teammate, but couldn’t and stayed behind. For Pourchaire, he didn’t get it so light as well especially since Lawson was on the rear of his car.

Viscaal was on a major redemption after losing his win due to penalties. By the penultimate lap, he was rapidly catching on Zendeli. The Dutch driver did a big send on him through Copse and manages to take the race lead, but Zeneli wasn’t stopping there. He tried to take the inside but upon the exit had a bit of oversteer meaning he lost momentum and lost the position. Behind, Lawson goes off the road when trying to overtake Pourchaire to lose 4th to Beckmann.

The sprint race results are:
1. Bent Viscaal
2. Lirim Zendeli
3. Théo Pourchaire
4. David Beckmann
5. Liam Lawson
6. Oscar Piastri
7. Jake Hughes
8. Frederik Vesti
9. Clément Novalak
10. Enzo Fittipaldi
11. Igor Fraga
12. Cameron Das
13. Max Fewtrell
14. Sebastián Fernández
15. Alexander Smolyar
16. Roman Staněk
17. Matteo Nannini
18. Richard Verschoor
19. Sophia Flörsch
20. Dennis Hauger
21. Jack Doohan
22. Olli Caldwell
23. Federico Malvestiti
24. Alex Peroni
26. DNF Ben Barnicoat
27. DNF Logan Sargeant
28. DNF Alessio Deledda
29. DNF Lukas Dunner
30. DNF Calan Williams

We’ll be back on Thursday for a Race Review, with what we thought of our predictions, highlights, lowlights, underrated drivers and so on. Check on our social medias to see how you can be included in these posts!