Formula E Berlin R10-11 ePrix Predictions 2020

With the final rounds of Formula E falling into place to conclude the 2019-2020 Season this week, we’re continuing to bring you an abundance of new content to say goodbye to the season with a bang. As per usual, regarding the Formula 2 and 3, we will be giving you our Formula E round predictions. Formula E will run across Wednesday 12th and finish on Thursday 13th.

Antonio Felix da Costa is one of the greatest drivers of this century.


As we’re finishing off the season, it would be stupid of me to deny the fact that Antonio Felix da Costa is one of the greatest drivers of this century. There is absolutely no denying that this man will find himself on Superpole and winning a race this week. He has had incredible pace these past four races, pushed himself and the car to its limits and proved how much he deserves the win. Alongside him, I feel as if his teammate Vergne also has a good shot at Superpole and a win. As a whole, DS Techeetah have an incredible driver line up with a strong team ethic behind them. They really have worked hard and deserve the points they have earned.

Aside from the pair, I can see Guenther doing well again. He was the only non DS Techeetah to win a race since the season restart after pushing hard throughout the race. Buemi, Rowland, de Vries, Frijns, Di Grassi, Bird and Lotterer all did incredibly well across the four races so I could see any of them rallying the top two for a win or joining them on the podium. I can personally see de Vries finally finding the podium. He has a couple of unlucky races and found himself just outside of the podium a couple of times so he’ll definitely be back for vengeance.

Regarding situations like fastest lap, I can see a Mercedes or a Jaguar taking it. Aside from these teams, I can see DS Techeetah taking the most points this weekend once again and claim the drivers standing championship.


Prior the final races, we’ve been told that Da Costa and Techeetah are now the champions. However, this won’t change my results in terms of the races and not from the championship point of view. Techeetah have had their advantage in the Berlin track, managing to dominate all four races and almost claiming 5 consecutive wins before Gunther took the win in the final lap during Round 8. I wouldn’t put it past them to do something similar once more and win one or more races for the finale double header. Nissan e.DAMS have also made a step up in the final few rounds, taking their fair share of podiums. They’ve taken 2nd from Andretti, so I’m willing to put confidence on them to keep the momentum going and win, if not on the podium.

Away from the top finishers, I’m saying to have a look at Blomqvist, who came back to Formula E to replace Calado due to WEC. Last time he was in these cars was during the Gen 1, which are vastly different from the recent ones. It’ll be interesting to see where he can place within the highly competitive championship. Plus, I’d check on Lotterer, who has been very successful since his first stint in Formula E during season three. Recently, he’s got a lot of good results, so I’m hoping he can keep this going. Frijns is the same, managing to take a nice haul of points in the revised calendar, so I’m hoping he can keep it going. It’s the same with last year’s Formula 2 champion Nyck de Vries. The F2 cars are very different to the FE cars, but he’s managed to settle in well.

Obviously, with my predictions, I’m saying that Techeetah will take the most points home this weekend, despite already being confirmed to have won the title for the second year in a row. I’m putting a lot of trust into Nissan to take more points home to take 2nd in the championship away from Andretti. It would be an amazing arc after losing third to Envision Virgin Racing on the final round last year.

It would be an amazing arc after losing third last year.


Both of us know how incredibly determined the DS Techeetah team are with us putting them as one of our definite winners. Similarly, Jess and I believe that the Nissan e.DAMS team are potential challengers to the win against them. Outside them, we’ve both agreed that de Vries, Lotterer and Frijns are the ones to look out for. I’ve also put some faith into di Grassi and Bird, whilst Jess keeps an interest in Blomqvist.


DS Techeetah remained popular within the audience as we went on to look at who everyone else viewed to take superpole. 37.5% said they could see da Costa taking superpole in the first race while a further 25% said Vergne. The remainder was filled with Lyn, Rowland and Guenther taking 12.5% each. da Costa took a further 25% for the race winner with Guenther matching him. Bird, Vandoorne, di Grassi and Vergne finished the results with 12.5% each. da Costa remained the most popular once again for runner up taking a whole 50% of the vote. 25% was then taken by Vergne while Sette Camara and Guenther took 12.5% each. For third place, de Vries took the majority with 25% while Rowland, di Grassi, Rast, Vergne, da Costa and Vandoorne each took 12.5%. da Costa was most popular once more regarding fastest lap with 25% while Vergne, di Grassi, Lotterer, Frijns, Buemi and Bird each finished off with 12.5%.

As we move into Thursday’s race, da Costa and Vergne remained as the most popular drivers on the grid. For superpole, the Portuguese took 37.5% while his teammate took 25%. Buemi, Evans and Frijns each took 12.5% each to finish off qualifying. For the race itself, first place was preoccupied by da Costa again with 50% of the votes. The last 50% was shared by Vergne, Sims, Buemi and Evans who each took 12.5%. With runner up, Guenther took the highest vote with 62.5%. Vandoorne, de Vries and Frijns went on to finish the results for runner up. To finish off, with third place, Vandoorne and da Costa each took 25% while de Vries, di Grassi, Vergne and Bird took 12.5%. For fastest lap, we saw a split decision between Vandoorne, Buemi, Calado, Guenther, Sims, Vergne, Frijns and Bird. Each driver took 12.5%.

Overall for the weekend, we found Sette Camara at the top with 25%. The remainder of the vote was shared by Lyn, Vandoorne, de Vries, Mortara, Rast and Bird. Sette Camara didn’t have the greatest start to the remainder of the season but as a new driver in a new car in a new sport, he’s done a good job at keeping up and trying to fight for a place. Vandoorne and de Vries have been incredible so far so it’ll be good to see them push for a top spot. Bird and Lyn are also two names who have remained talked about.


Overall, this will be an interesting season finale. With the winner practically confirmed, it’ll be interesting to see who gets close and who proves their worth for the Formula E finale.

We will see you Wednesday at 5pm BST for the Formula E Race Reviews from the first four rounds of the Berlin Grand Prix, Thursday at 5pm BST for the Formula 2 and 3 Race Reviews for the second round of the British Grand Prix and Friday at 5pm BST for Formula 2 and 3 Race Predictions for the Spanish Grand Prix.

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