Lets Talk About The Formula E Berlin ePrix Rounds 8 and 9 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the eighth and ninth Formula E Berlin ePrix 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

Vergne was the man on pole


My biggest mistake this round was changing my views from Mercedes and BMW to other teams. Mercedes and BMW had a rough first couple of rounds but BMW truly stepped up in round 8 as Guenther went on to win the race with Sims managing to secure a point alongside. Vergne was the man on pole for both rounds while I had faith in Bird and Evans. Evans managed to secure 9th in the first race while Bird placed 13th. Evans had a slightly better second race as he placed 7th while Bird was just outside of the points with 11th. I held faith in the Audi drivers of di Grassi and Rast. di Grassi took a 8th and 6th while Rast DNF’d and finished 16th.

The other driver I had predicted to do well and would love to see do an incredible job was Rowland. Although he wasn’t the best of the weekend, Oliver managed to place 6th and 5th to take home points for himself and his team. His weekend was successful and is a true incentive to do better each and everyday. I also felt Jaguar had a shot at bringing in some good points with Mitch Evans and James Calado. Evans managed to secure 9th and 7th while Calado DNF’d and placed 17th.

Techeetah absolutely dominated that weekend


I put Da Costa to take pole, without knowing that he would take the other two rounds. Again it was a Techeetah on pole, but perhaps not the one most people expected. The two-time champion took pole for both weekends, whilst his teammate got 9th and Sims only managed to achieve 16th in the respective qualifying sessions. I thought the BMW car would be good in Berlin, but they were no where.

For these two rounds, I said da Costa, Vandoorne, Sims, Vergne and Bird. Vergne took a 3rd and then a win, whilst his Portuguese teammate takes 4th and 2nd; both battling at the front of the grid. Vandoorne had two bad results with one resulting to a DNF. Like I mentioned, the BMW cars were off the pace to their rivals Techeetah, with Sims’ best result only being 10th in Round 8. It was similar to Sam Bird, who finished outside the points for both races with a 13th and 11th.

Once again, Techeetah absolutely dominated that weekend, bagging 4 top 5 finishes to set them aclear of the field and hold such a lead to win the championship with two races to spare. Meanwhile, Andretti had a rough time like the races before, besides from Gunther taking the win from Vergne in Round 8. Like Andretti, Mercedes had a pretty uneventful weekend, with only one points finish which was 4th from de Vries.


As we looked at how the audience predicted the weekend, 75% predicted da Costa would take superpole but it was his teammate, Vergne, who went on to secure the points. da Costa took a further 50% for race win while pole sitter Vergne took 25% but it was Max Guenther, who took 0%, that won round eight. For runner up, we found Robin Frijns which wasn’t predicted by a single audience member. Third place podium sitter, Vergne, took 25% for runner up yet nothing for third. Race winner, Guenther, went on to take 25% of the votes for third. Between the four names that flagged up for fastest lap, neither of them took the point and it was Mitch Evans who secured the final point with nobody predicting his pace.

NObody predicting his pace

For round nine, 25% predicted Vergne to be sat on superpole for the weekend. A further 25% went on to predict his race win while nobody predicted his teammate to finish just behind him in second. da Costa did receive 50% for third place but it was Buemi who took the remaining podium which nobody predicted once again. 50% of the votes predicted di Grassi to take fastest lap but it was the British driver, Sam Bird, who finished 11th that took the lap with 1:08.556.

With surprising driver; de Vries took 50% while Turvey and Sette Camara took 25% each. de Vries managed to take 18th in race eight but shot back to the top in race nine to claim fourth. His past four races have been very unpredictable, finding himself in different places on the grid with his car shutting down being his biggest fall. After the two rounds prior, I believe people thought that de Vries wouldn’t come back as strong with round eight backing the idea but round nine truly shocked a lot of people. Turvey and Sette Camara both found themselves at the back of the pack again this weekend so hopefully, they’ll be able to battle for points for the finale.

To finalise, we looked at the teams taking the most points with Mercedes, Envision, BMW and DS Techeetah each taking 25%. Without a doubt, DS Techeetah dominated once again with 79 points. BMW went on to take 26 points, Envision with 18 and Mercedes with 12.

The German driver wins at his home race

We went on to summarise each race in three words, highlighting key moments of the race. My round eight three words were The Home Win. Max Guenther went on to break da Costa’s winning streak by claiming the race win in his home country. The German driver pulled out an incredible race, getting ahead of Vergne who was on pole and battling his way to take the podium. It’s always a beautiful moment to watch a driver win at their home race.

Jess’ three words were Robin is Back. Robin is a class driver, driving in both Touring Cars and single seaters. To see him in second and fight for first against Gunther was a refreshing thing to see, especially as the middle part of the season was not good in terms of results.

Robin is back

A few of the three word reviews we got from the audience consisted of seeing somebody who wasn’t Antonio Felix da Costa win a race. Although da Costa is a talent and the races he puts out are worthy of wins but, repetitiveness can become boring and its refreshing to see other drivers take the podium. Guenther has always given his all and after a couple of rough races since his return, he deserves to take the podium and win a trophy.

Looking at the round nine, my three words were The DS TeChampions. Round nine, with DS Techeetah’s Vergne taking the win and da Costa placing second confirmed that the team have officially won the championship. The team now sit over 100 points ahead of Nissan e.dams who are in second place. The team have dominated the championship since the first race and haven’t gone a weekend without points. With all of their hardworking and effort, it truly goes to show how much the teams deserve to win.

Jess’ three words sat with Champions Once More. For the third time in a row, one of Techeetah’s drivers has finished first in the championship and for the first time, they did it with 2 races to spare. Techeetah also becomes the second team in it’s history to win more than one championship and managed to do it back to back. As one of my favourite teams, it truly makes her happy to see them back where they belong.

Similar to Jess and I, the audience shared the same appreciation towards DS Techeetah as the newly crowned champions and da Costa practically being crowned as the Formula E World Champion. The team and da Costa have worked hard for their points and the position they’re in and anybody who denies that hasn’t fully appreciated the sport that is Formula E.

Anybody who denies that hasn’t fully appreciated the sport that is Formula E

One thing I love about Formula E is that the cars are close in comparison to one another which leads to a lot of close battles, swift overtakes and applied pressure to every driver. With that being said, race eight held a lot of close battles which lead to an exciting race. You spent the entire time on the edge of your seat, waiting for what will happen next and you could never guess what the next move would be. The final battle between Frijns and Guenther was everything you could have wanted for an end of race scenario.

For round nine, the attention has to return to DS Techeetah. I feel like I’ve spoken about them a lot however, they really pulled a masterclass and dominated the grid. There’s nothing I can really say further on the team that wouldn’t grow repetitive.

For Jess, she found that hers was perhaps more of a lowlight than a highlight; the crash between Jani, Camara, Calado and Evans. It all happened so quickly and so suddenly with two cars being quite damaged and ruined. Formula E is known for its crashes but never to this extremity and definitely the worst of the season. Luckily Camara and Jani walked away with the bare minimum of injuries. It does show how much the safety has improved in both motorsports and Formula E as those cars impacted most of the damage, leaving the drivers unharmed.

Regarding round nine, Jess felt Nissan e.DAMS being able to fight Techeetah was a race highlight. Nissan has become one of her favourite teams, with their duo being super talented. They managed to pull a bit of a fight for the lead with Techeetah, doing their own team orders whilst the Chinese team did theirs. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, however it shows how the French team have been improving to pull up a battle with the overly dominant team.

The audiences highlights for round eight and nine pretty much matched Jess and I’s. The main thing everyone spoke about was how close Frijns and Guenther were as they crossed the line, all of the battles that set ahead and the dominance of DS Techeetah.

close battles, swift overtakes and applied pressure

Overall, the second two rounds we have gone into have been interesting. Da Costa sits proudly on top, dominating the field while the middle of the pack were swapping places like no tomorrow.

This weekend Wednesday, as you’re reading this right now, we have returned to Berlin for the final two rounds of Formula E to finalise the 2019 to 2020 Season. da Costa has bagged the title but who will be accompanying him at the top? Keep an eye out to see how the season pans out and for our Formula E Yearly Review.

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