Lets Talk About The Formula 3 70th Anniversary British GP 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the fifth Formula 3 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

I could see one, if not two, Hitech drivers taking the podium


As I looked back, I feel as if my predictions weren’t all that bad. Beckmann’s weekend wasn’t terrible as he found himself placing fifth and fourth with a comfortable amount of points secured. My other main prediction was Zendeli. He found himself in ninth at the end of the feature race which bumped him to second on the reverse pole for the sprint race which he managed to hold to take his second podium of the year. I also held out faith for Pourchaire and Smolyar to find the podium which Theo managed to just take at the final corner of the sprint race. He also took sixth in the feature race to take home a successful weekend. Smolyar’s weekend wasn’t as successful as once hoped as he remained just outside of the points in both races.

Prema didn’t do as well as I predicted this weekend. I thought we would go on to see at least two podiums minimum with Sargeant on pole. Sargeant went to pole and won the feature race before DNFing in the sprint race. Vesti finished just outside of the podium with a fourth and eighth while Piastri took seventh and sixth. I also said I could see one if not two of the Hitech drivers taking a podium which Lawson took third in the feature race and almost took third once again in the sprint but finished fifth after a final overtake before the line. Clement Novalak was a name I mentioned once again who almost had a very successful weekend. He was sat on the front row for the sprint race after Saturday’s feature race but that was short lived as he received a penalty the bumped him down to 12th. He pulled it back to take some points in the sprint as he finished 9th.

For fastest lap, Viscaal and Lawson took the points while I believed it could be Piastri and Hughes. With teams, once again, Prema took the highest amount to finish off the British Grand Prix.

The only teams to ever take pole position


The only teams to ever take pole position this season are Prema and ART and amazingly, Prema took it again with Sargeant. Pourchaire was the highest for ART, taking 6th.

Like Prema being themselves, they took a win with Sargeant in the Feature Race. The rest of his teammates finished between 4th and 8th in the entire weekend, whilst the American DNF’s in the second. I mentioned Beckmann, who took 5th and 4th, however, it was mostly his teammate Zendeli that carried that weekend. I also mentioned Clement Novalak who finished in 9th for the first race, but was penalised to drop him 13th. This affected his second race, but still managed to achieve another points finish in 9th.

For nearly every single weekend in the season, Prema takes the most points and of course, they do it again for the second round of Silverstone. Prema being first by a landslide is no new feature, with them 149 points ahead. I really tried for the third week now mentioning ART to overtake Trident, but alas, they’re still behind in third. After last weekend, they’re now just below 20 points away from them.


When we went back to look at the audiences predictions, nobody managed to get pole position correct. Lawson and Piastri took the most votes with 40% each but it was the other Prema of Logan Sargeant that ran with the position. He carried that position over to the race to place himself in first which 20% of people guessed correctly. He took more votes for runner up with 40% but it was Jake Hughes who took to the podium with zero predictions. Lawson went on to finish third as he took 20% of the predictions.

As we then looked at fastest lap, 40% said it would be Sargeant but it was the 20% that said Lawson that took the point.

Viscaal was another driver that was a surprise

As we head into the sprint race, we first looked at the winner. The audiences decision was split but it was Bent Viscaal who took the win which nobody predicted. Second place was taken by Zendeli which, once again, nobody predicted. Prema’s Vesti took 40% of the vote. As we then looked at first which was won by Theo Pourchaire, 40% of the votes predicted correctly. For the fastest lap, the audience remained split once again yet, it was Viscaal who took the extra points. Nobody predicted Viscaal would do it.

When we looked at the most surprising driver this weekend, we found that Hughes, Viscaal, Sargeant, Fernandez and Beckmann each took a percentage. Hughes, for me, was a surprising driver. He pulled out his first podium of the 2020 season and a seventh place. He’s always gotten close but either missed out or been taken out of the opportunity. Viscaal was another driver that was a surprise. His Formula 3 journey for this season has involved the highest of highs or the lowest of lows with no in-between. He didn’t manage a single point throughout Austria and then took 3rd in Hungary followed by no points once again. During this weekend, he took his first set of points since Hungary’s sprint race then went on to win the sprint race.

Sargeant is a driver who you know is incredible and has the best team on the grid beside him. Although he did an incredible job, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest. Fernandez was another that surprised me but not positively. He couldn’t make it above twentieth the entire weekend when everyone is aware of how incredible of a driver he is. Beckmann is a tricky one to judge. I’ve believed in him so strongly from the get go and to see him consistently do well is a great feeling. He held his own in the points this weekend without a podium which is average for the German driver.

When it came down to teams, 80% voted for Prema in terms of teams with the most points and they still remain a healthy 100+ points ahead.

Thats called racing

Jess and I sat down to summarise each race in three words, highlighting the key moments of each race. For the feature race, my three word race review consisted of Hughes made it. He’d been pushing and pushing all season to get close to the podium but only ever scraped the barrel. To finally see him on the podium after all that he’s worked for was incredible. The podium itself was refreshing and it was nice to see new and old faces.

Jess’ three words were Sargeant (is) Championship Material. Jess said that she expected him to be crowned champion when the season ends, as per her predictions at the start of the season. He’s constantly proving his worth and she’s happy to have put full backing into the American driver.

The audiences three words were similar to Jess’ in regards to Sargeant’s maiden win. It was refreshing to finally see the American on the top step of the podium instead of second. He fought for his win and worked as hard as he possibly could to take that win. It was well deserved and you could feel how much it meant to him.

Sargeant is Championship MAterial

Going into the sprint race, my three word race review was That’s called racing. The entirety of the sprint race was proof enough that more people should be watching Formula 3, especially the final lap. The race itself was filled with back to back overtakes, side by side racing and the biggest battle for the podium we’ve seen to date.

Jess’ three words became Viscaal Finally Wins. The battle between Viscaal and Zendeli was super intense towards the end. She thought it was more or less redemption after last weekend, where the Dutch driver lost the win due to penalties and managed to pull a win with pace.

Similarly, the audiences three words consisted of the same thing: that last lap. Understandably, the final battle was intense. It started with Hughes out ahead of the two Prema’s with both of them heading for the overtake and essentially pushing Hughes down the grid to regain some more points. With one on the outside and one on the inside, Hughes could do nothing to defend himself. From there, Viscaal and Zendeli held a close battle to the finish line. As they headed into the final few corners, Viscaal made the move to push himself into first place but Zendeli soon took it back. They went side by side through the last corner and drag raced to the finish line with Viscaal making it ahead of Zendeli. Even after the pair had crossed the line, Lawson was pushing for third but the 16 year old of Pourchaire went for the late lunge to take first, Beckmann using it to his advantage to push ahead of Lawson.

This weekends highlights from the audience for the feature race was the luck of Hughes and Sargeant finally winning and taking the championship into his hands. Both drivers had an insane weekend, finally pushing the lid off to show what they’re worth. Regarding the sprint race, there was only one highlight people spoke about: the final lap.

The carlin team have always been wavering around 20th

Jess and I shared similar race weekend highlights. In the words of Jess, regarding the feature race, Carlin being up there and near the points. The Carlin team have always been wavering around 20th, minus Novalak being at the front in some races. To see them 9th-10th-11th at one point during the race was a refreshing sight for her, especially as she knows how talented the drivers are, including Barnicoat, who covered for Ahmed.

Following on with the sprint race, Jess likes to mention drivers that are less talked about in the standings away from the front to highlight drivers that people don’t really know about. Last weekend, she mentioned Stanek, who achieved a personal best of 17th. This weekend, her highlight was another Charouz driver: Fraga. He managed to take his first points of the weekend after Fittipaldi was given a post-race penalty, showing that he improved on his results to take what was a personal best of 11th before he was promoted up.

women in motorsport

I received a single request to discuss what one of commentators were talking about this weekend, the special guest. He ruffled a few feathers across both series this weekend but the one that stood out, regarding Formula 3, was for saying multiple drivers didn’t look like a racing driver? This confused a lot of people, especially women in motorsport. Women in motorsport are slandered on a very frequent bases due to the comment that we only watch racing for the looks when in reality, looks do not matter in motorsport. Whatever warranted a comment regarding how the look of an individual effected their racing, should not have been needed. How somebody is possibly meant to look like a racing driver is beyond me and is something very peculiar to be spoken about as apposed to the racing.

Overall, this weekend has been one of tears, surprises and unpredictability. Prema is back on their winning streak, Viscaal has shown his worth and the drivers standings are as tight as can be.

Next weekend we will head to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix. Tomorrow, you will be able to catch our predictions for the upcoming weekend at 5pm BST.

I am your host, Alice, and this is Jess, and we are Chasing the Stars. Thank you for tuning in. *Queue Jess’ laughter.

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