Formula E Berlin R10-11 ePrix 2020

After 4 days of racing in one week, we’re back for the season finale with its last two races. They are driving around a new layout for the final two, with a few corners altered to the traditional layout.

Qualifying – Round 10

Group one qualifying was chaotic when Vergne, da Costa, Buemi and di Grassi all were wavering around the back of the grid and realised they didn’t have enough time for their outlap to set a qualifying lap and ended up missing the chequered flag. All four drivers ended up not setting a lap at all, meaning the only two to set a time in that group were Günther and Evans. Günther managed to set a 1:16.394, which Evans misses out to take first by 0.001. Group two takes a turn with Rowland taking the top of the sheets with a 1:16.191, whilst Lotterer filed into 2nd with Sims and Bird rounding off the standings. Come group three, Lynn pushes Rowland off the top step with a 1:16.158; 0.033 seconds faster. Frijns follows suit into 2nd, only 0.004 seconds quicker than the British driver. Massa and Mortara both take the final two slots for 5th and 6th behind Lotterer. Neel Jani sets a 1:16.234 to put him 4th, though loses it to Blomqvist who sets a lap 0.008 seconds quicker. It was René Rast who pulls the best lap of the session with a 1:15.993, which was 0.165 seconds quicker than Lynn.

For super pole, the individuals were: René Rast, Alex Lynn, Robin Frijns, Oliver Rowland, Tom Blomqvist and Neel Jani. The Swiss Porsche driver sets the benchmark time of 1:16.052. Rowland beats this with a 1:15.955. Frijns was the closest challenger with a 1:16.004, which sets him 2nd.

The qualifying grid is as follows:
1. Oliver Rowland
2. Robin Frijns
3. Neel Jani
4. René Rast
5. Alex Lynn
6. Tom Blomqvist
7. André Lotterer
8. Felipe Massa
9. Sérgio Sette Câmara
10. Edoardo Mortara
11. Nico Müller
12. Oliver Turvey
13. Mitch Evans
14. Alexander Sims
15. Sam Bird
16. Maximilian Günther
17. Jérôme d’Ambrosio
18. Stoffel Vandoorne
19. Nyck de Vries
20. Daniel Abt
21. António Félix da Costa
22. Sébastien Buemi
23. Lucas di Grassi
24. Jean-Éric Vergne

Round 10 (Race 1)

Rowland qualified on pole and managed to keep ahead of his rival Frijns down into the first corner. Lynn manages to get past Rast for 3rd which Lotterer follows suit, pulling a late dive to take 4th. Meanwhile, da Costa was running up to 16th in the pack from the back of the grid. For his teammate, Vergne, he got off the line a bit slower than the rest of the grid, staying 22nd. In the middle of the grid, there was an incident involving Turvey, de Vries and Bird, where Bird was given a tap to send him into a small spin, but the barrier stopped him from doing so. Despite the fight, all the drivers carried on.

Di Grassi and Günther were scrapping each other for 18th. D’Ambrosio leads them two and heads into the corner. Braking a bit early, Günther does the same, but the Brazilian driver didn’t have enough time to react and went into the rear of the German’s car. This caused him to have a puncture on the rear right of his car, dropping him down the order and later retiring from the race. For the season 6 champion, he was making moves up to 15th against Turvey.

The top three were separated by 1 second: 0.5 second gap to each driver. Lotterer makes his advance to 4th against Lynn, making a move in the final corner. Behind, Bird comes to pit in because of the lap 1 incident, whilst JEV is under investigation for battery overcooling (which later resulted into a drive through penalty).

Jani takes the first attack mode out of the grid and drops to 4th from 3rd, but was ahead of his German teammate. Meanwhile, Frijns dropped back to 1 second behind Rowland, who had 1% less energy than his rival. This doesn’t stop him as the following lap, he takes the attack mode and manages to stay 2nd, now following a charge on the British driver from Barnsley. Rowland retaliates to this by also taking his attack mode the next lap. He comes out of the activation zone side by side with Frijns, but manages to keep the lead of the race. Lower down the grid, di Grassi takes 16th from Turvey. Da Costa does the same and takes his position with attack mode. Vergne also makes a move on d’Ambrosio for 18th.

Evans, Vandoorne and di Grassi all follow each other into attack mode. Di Grassi was the only one to lose out as da Costa took his position. Meanwhile, Evans gets ahead of Müller for 12th with the extra power boost. Sette Câmara takes his attack mode and comes out behind of his teammate in 13th. Sims got overtaken by both Sérgio Sette Câmara and Felipe Massa to drop to 12th since they both had attack mode and he didn’t.

Vergne’s overcooling meant he was given a drive through penalty, which was given to him 15 minutes into the race. He takes the penalty from 17th to drop him to the back of the grid.

Di Grassi and da Costa were fighting for 15th, both aiming to get to the points. Di Grassi defended his position into turn one, but da Costa had fully committed into the move, meaning the Brazilian driver was sent into a spin with a puncture. The incident itself was under investigation, which later Lucas was given a 5 second penalty for it.

Rowland kept a 2 second lead to Frijns in second for majority of the race. Behind, Massa was getting past Sims for 11th, with a bit of rough contact. Meanwhile, da Costa was on a points hunt, taking his attack mode in 15th. Immediately, he was going for Müller ahead of him in 14th. Once past him, he had Nissan driver Buemi in front and managed to overtake him with Massa now in his sights. Not only did da Costa pass him, but Buemi too, dropping him down the order to 15th.

Neel Jani takes his attack mode to start pushing against the top two at the front. He goes from 3rd to 6th, meanwhile his teammate Lotterer still hasn’t taken a single one. In the midfield, Mortara sat in 8th and took an opportunity to overtake Blomqvist for 7th. The British-Swede driver then decides to take attack mode from that position to put him 11th.

Frijns takes his attack mode to still keep out ahead in 2nd. Lynn follows the same behind but drops to 6th behind Rast and Jani. Lotterer takes his first attack mode of the race, using fanboost to reduce the gap made when taking it. This allowed him to go from 3rd to 4th, only losing out to Rast but maintaining ahead of Jani. It didn’t take long for him to make a move on the German driver, only doing it a lap later to take 3rd from him. The German driver from Duisberg now had a 2 second gap to close for 2nd with Frijns. Meanwhile, Lynn takes another attack mode from 6th. Lower down the grid, second place championship contender Buemi takes 13th from Sette Câmara and managed to catch the back of Sims and take 12th from him since he had 1% extra energy compared to him. With the extra boost of power, Sébastien was hunting da Costa with attack mode and passed him with a breeze. Sims follows suit to also take 12th from the Portuguese driver.

René Rast takes his final attack mode to attack Lotterer, who sat in 3rd. The Porsche driver ended up taking his final attack mode the following lap to retaliate against him. Meanwhile, Vandoorne uses his fan boost to power past Blomqvist for 9th.

Within the final few laps, Lynn takes 5th from Jani and Vandoorne takes Buemi for 9th. At the front, the battle between the two Germans of Rast and Lotterer ensued all the way across the line for the final podium spot. A big send by René and a bit of shoving allowed him to get his way past the experienced driver to take 3rd from him.

The first race’s results are:
1. Oliver Rowland
2. Robin Frijns
3. René Rast
4. André Lotterer
5. Alex Lynn
6. Neel Jani
7. Mitch Evans
8. Edoardo Mortara
9. Stoffel Vandoorne
10. Sébastien Buemi
11. Alexander Sims
12. Tom Blomqvist
13. Felipe Massa
14. Nyck de Vries
15. Sérgio Sette Câmara
16. Jérôme d’Ambrosio
17. Nico Müller
18. Jean-Éric Vergne
19. Oliver Turvey
20. Sam Bird
21. Lucas di Grassi
22. DNF António Félix da Costa
23. DNF Daniel Abt
24. DNF Maximilian Günther

Qualifying – Round 11

Günther sets the benchmark time of a 1:16.134. Da Costa misses out by 0.042 for 2nd. Rowland has an unfortunate lap to give him a 1:16.993. Sims beats his own teammate to first to lead with a 1:16.028, but this was quickly lost to Frijns with a 1:15.793. It didn’t take long for that also to be taken, this time by Vandoorne with a 1:15.717 and then by Buemi with a 1:15.660. Group two all goes quicker than the entirety of group one, pushing them all out. Jani breaks into the top 6 to go 4th, but de Vries, Lynn, Rast and Mortara go even quicker than him, pushing him to 8th. Lynn just missed out as well into 7th. None of the group 4 qualifiers made it into the top six, but Sette Câmara set the best lap time out of them all to put it 9th.

The drivers that made it into superpole are: Sébastien Buemi, René Rast, Stoffel Vandoorne, Nyck de Vries, Robin Frijns and Edoardo Mortara. Frijns beats Mortara’s time by 0.188 to set a 1:15.867. Both of the Mercedes-EQ drivers beat the Dutch driver, with Vandoorne taking the provisional pole by 0.27 seconds to his teammate. Rast sets his personal best of 2nd, but was beaten by Buemi to drop to 3rd. The Swiss driver misses out by 0.059 seconds against the Belgian.

The qualifying grid is as follows:
1. Stoffel Vandoorne
2. Sébastien Buemi
3. René Rast
4. Nyck de Vries
5. Robin Frijns
6. Edoardo Mortara
7. Alex Lynn
8. Neel Jani
9. Sérgio Sette Câmara
10. Lucas di Grassi
11. Felipe Massa
12. Tom Blomqvist
13. Oliver Turvey
14. Sam Bird
15. Alexander Sims
16. Jérôme d’Ambrosio
17. Daniel Abt
18. Maximilian Günther
19. António Félix da Costa
20. André Lotterer
21. Jean-Éric Vergne
22. Nico Müller
23. Mitch Evans
24. Oliver Rowland

Round 11 (Race 2)

Stoffel Vandoorne keeps it ahead for the final round in Season 6. René Rast sees an opportunity around the outside of Buemi, but the Swiss driver keeps the position ahead of the German rookie. For 3rd, de Vries manages to get ahead of Rast, slotting him into the podium. Meanwhile, both of the Techeetah drivers are fighting each other for 18th, but the Frenchman stays first. Lotterer goes downwards from the start where he was around 18th to drop to 20th. Günther was moving up positions to attack Turvey for 16th, whilst his rival di Grassi was up to 9th after taking Massa and then Jani a few corners later.

Mortara is being challenged by Frijns, pressuring him to make a mistake. The Dutch driver sends a move to take it from him and now the Swiss driver was being attacked by Lynn. Lower down the grid, Bird makes a move on Sims and pulls it down the inside to take it from the British driver to take 12th. Günther also finally gets past Oliver Turvey for 16th. Not long after, he also overtakes d’Ambrosio for 15th, whilst Vergne takes 17th from Turvey as well. The French driver keeps switching with the Belgian for the position.

De Vries takes the first attack mode of the race, pulling in from 3rd to drop to 4th behind Rast, but ahead of Frijns. Vandoorne takes his attack mode a lap later from the lead of the race to come out behind Buemi, whilst his teammate overtakes Rast for 3rd with his extra power boost. The Belgian driver didn’t take long to overtake the Swiss driver for the lead of the race again and so, Sébastien takes his power boost in retaliation. He comes out ahead of Rast and now was on the hunt for de Vries who was 1.7 seconds ahead, who had 3 minutes less of attack mode than he does.

Mortara was under charge from Lynn for 6th, but a lap later, he pulls a send on the Swiss-Italian driver to take the position from him. Meanwhile, Günther takes 14th from Blomqvist and was on the move for his teammate in 13th. A few laps later, through the chicane into the second corner, he made the move on his British teammate and takes his position.

With attack mode, Buemi finally gets past de Vries for second, though has a percentage less than the Dutch driver, meaning he now had to start energy saving. Lower down the grid, Vergne sends it on Blomqvist for 16th.

René Rast takes his attack mode to drop to 5th behind Frijns but has an advantage since the Dutch driver hasn’t used his yet. Previous champion Di Grassi was now moving up the field, taking 8th from rookie driver Sette Câmara, however, he takes attack mode within the same lap yet comes out ahead of the Brazilian driver. Meanwhile, Bird takes 11th from Massa, now sat behind Jani and Da Costa gets past Blomqvist like his teammate to put both the Techeetah cars into 15th and 16th.

De Vries takes his attack mode again with 27 minutes left on the clock. René Rast makes a move on the Envision Virgin driver Frijns, who lost out since the German driver had attack mode. For the previous reigning champion Vergne, he was hunting down Sims for 14th. Both him and his teammate both take attack mode together to go 16th and 17th, whilst Sims moves up to 15th after overtaking Evans.

At the front, Vandoorne and Lynn both take attack mode, dropping the Belgian to 2nd and the Briton to 8th. Buemi retaliates to the two Mercedes by taking his attack mode too and drops to 4th behind Rast. Frijns sat behind with attack mode as well. The Swiss driver easily takes 3rd back from the German and now the rookie driver sits behind with an oncoming Dutch driver. For Sam Bird’s final race with the Envision team, he was making moves up the field. He sat in 10th, managing to overtake Jani and was now sat behind Sette Câmara. Vergne now was up by 6 positions, going to 15th ahead of Evans, after overtaking him with the extra boost of power with attack mode. He also manages to push his way past Sims as well for 14th, though was under investigation a few laps later for this.

Sims was being surrounded by da Costa, Evans and d’Ambrosio. The Portuguese driver passes through the Briton with ease in attack mode, whilst the other two had a fancy on the position but didn’t make a move. Though, the Belgian gets past Evans for 17th. Jani and Günther both take attack mode to drop them to 13th and 14th, pushing Massa and Vergne up two positions to 11th and 12th.

At the front, Buemi gets past de Vries with the final 30 seconds of his attack mode for 2nd but had a 1.1 second gap to Vandoorne in the lead. Meanwhile, Massa takes his attack mode, dropping him from 12th to 14th, losing out to Günther and Jani. Rowland also is making moves up the field to 18th.

Frijns takes attack mode to drop to 5th, though ahead of di Grassi. Sette Camara loses 3 positions to Bird, Günther and Vergne, dropping him to 12th. Rowland was switching positions with Sims for 16th a few times but stays 17th. Rast takes his attack mode in retaliation to Frijns and comes out ahead of the Dutch driver. Massa takes 13th from Sérgio Sette Câmara and then 12th from Neel Jani.

Di Grassi joins the attack mode train behind Rast, though loses a position out to Lynn. Behind him, Bird goes up to 8th after overtaking Mortara with attack mode. Di Grassi ends up getting past Lynn to put him into 6th. For Sette Câmara, he takes attack mode from 15th but drops two positions to Sims and Rowland since he was out of the racing line.

Frijns gets the switchback against di Grassi when he sent a move down into the first corner, keeping ahead. The Maastricht driver is defending hard against the Brazilian driver who has attack mode. De Vries uses his fan boost to try and get past Buemi for second place, but the opportunity gets shut when he closes the door on the inside.

For round 10’s race winner Rowland, he had contact with Sims, dropping from 16th to the back and retiring. Meanwhile, Lynn was defending 8th against Günther and Vergne. Mortara gets ahead of Da Costa for 11th since he took attack mode, whilst Sérgio Sette Câmara takes his second attack mode to come out ahead of d’Ambrosio in 19th.

Sam Bird takes attack mode from behind di Grassi to assist him in the charge against the Brazilian driver. He still maintains his position in 7th, ahead of Lynn. Massa tries to overtake Sims for 14th but manages to defend from him through the apex to keep it ahead. Sérgio Sette Câmara moves up to 18th with attack mode against Blomqvist.

Di Grassi retaliates to the British driver behind with attack mode by also taking the extra power boost. He loses out to him and ends up in 7th behind him, but both drivers have got an advantage against the field ahead who have used all their attack modes. Bird takes his own teammate with ease, cruising past with the power boost. Di Grassi sends a move onto the Dutch driver into the inside. Frijns was unable to defend and loses the position to him. Da Costa gets up to 11th ahead of Mortara and now was behind his teammate.

De Vries finally makes a move on Buemi. A bit of a push and a send, he takes it from him, putting him into 3rd. Meanwhile, Frijns and Günther drop from 7th and 8th to 12th and 13th. Günther sent a move around the outside of the Dutch driver, but Frijns didn’t manage to turn, sending them both near the wall, with Frijns having a puncture. This promotes Vergne to 7th.

Vandoorne has a 1.5 second gap to de Vries, who was catching with an extra percentage of energy, however, they stay in these positions.

The second race’s results are:
1. Stoffel Vandoorne
2. Nyck de Vries
3. Sébastien Buemi
4. René Rast
5. Sam Bird
6. Lucas di Grassi
7. Jean-Éric Vergne
8. Alex Lynn
9. António Félix da Costa
10. Edoardo Mortara
11. Mitch Evans
12. Maximilian Günther
13. Alexander Sims
14. André Lotterer
15. Neel Jani
16. Felipe Massa
17. Tom Blomqvist
18. Jérôme d’Ambrosio
19. Sérgio Sette Câmara
20. Daniel Abt
21. Oliver Turvey
22. Nico Müller
23. DNF Robin Frijns
24. DNF Oliver Rowland

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