Formula 2 Spanish Grand Prix 2020

To end the second set of triple headers, the drivers headed out to Spain for Round 6. They’ll be driving at the Barcelona de Catalunya track, following the Formula 1 calendar. Before they head out once again in Spa, they’ll have a weeks break in between.


For everyone’s first hot laps, Mazepin sets the benchmark time of 1:30.229, but Shwartzman goes 1:28.862 to provisional pole. Ilott came across the line with a 1:28.887 to take second. Zhou goes for his lap when everyone was coming in after their push laps and managed to pull a 1:28.876, putting him 2nd ahead of his teammate Ilott. Come 10 minutes left of the session, Ilott pulls a 1:28.381 to be able to go ahead of Shwartzman. Zhou went out on an empty track like before, trying to set a better lap than his teammate. He only could set a 1:28.601 to put him 3rd behind Shwartzman.

The grid is as follows:
1. Callum Ilott
2. Robert Shwartzman
3. Guanyu Zhou
4. Felipe Drugovich
5. Mick Schumacher
6. Yuki Tsunoda
7. Jack Aitken
8. Dan Ticktum
9. Nikita Mazepin
10. Louis Delétraz
11. Artem Markelov
12. Jehan Daruvala
13. Sean Gelael
14. Christian Lundgaard
15. Roy Nissany
16. Marino Sato
17. Pedro Piquet
18. Nobuharu Matsushita
19. Marcus Armstrong
20. Luca Ghiotto
21. Guiliano Alesi
22. Guilherme Samaia

Feature Race

Shwartzman gets a better start than Ilott for the lead, whilst Schumacher sits on the outside of the first corner. Both of them squeeze the British driver, so he backs down to sit 2nd. Marcus tries to go around the outside at turn four but loses the rear of his car to slide into the gravel, causing a safety car to retrieve the ART car. Meanwhile, Mazepin pushes Delétraz out wide, for the Swiss driver to lose positions to 13th. For Piquet, he had an amazing start to already move up 7 positions to go to 10th.

The green flag was waved for lap 3. Ilott sat around one second behind Shwartzman, with Schumacher doing the same. Ghiotto makes his way up the grid to take 15th from Nissany. Alesi and Lundgaard also take Sato for 18th and 19th respectively. It went even further backwards for the Japanese driver, dropping to 21st after Samaia also overtook him.

Ilott sits at 0.9 seconds behind Shwartzman, whilst Schumacher stays 0.8 seconds behind the Briton, who is on hards compared to the two in front on softs. Drugovich has a 2 second hap to Aitken. The British driver didn’t take long to be overtaken by the charging Japenese driver of Tsunoda behind. Aitken tries to block the inside line from Tsunoda so the Japanese driver had to go around the outside, but manages to get the job done for 6th.

Tsunoda, Aitken and Delétraz all pit first for the new hard tyres as the softs have dropped off. They come in from 6th, 7th and 13th respectively. Aitken’s left front wouldn’t go on properly and comes out in 20th ahead of Delétraz.

Ilott fancies a move for the lead and pulls a late brake into the first corner to take it from the Russian. Shwartzman is now being hunted by his own teammate in 3rd, who’s on the alternate strategy with the hard tyres. Nikita Mazpein gets past Ticktum for 7th and now was 4 seconds behind Drugovich. Meanwhile, Piquet, Gelael, Ghiotto and Daruvala pit for new tyres, dropping from 8th and below to ahead of Tsunoda in 19th. However, they all get easily overtaken since the three first pitters all had warmed up tyres compared to those who just put cold tyres on.

Ilott stays out on the soft tyres, whilst Shwartzman and Zhou pit from 2nd and 4th respectively. They come out 12th and 13th, with Zhou a bit further behind than before with an issue with the front right during the pitstop. The British driver does retaliate though and comes in to pit for new tyres a lap later, allowing Schumacher to take the lead. Ilott comes out ahead of Shwartzman with a gap of 3 seconds, but the Russian does have warmer tyres than him.

Markelov was catching Ticktum for 4th, being 0.7 seconds behind. Meanwhile, Nissany pits from 6th to come out 17th but was overtaken by Daruvala not long after. Delétraz and Daruvala switched positions for 17th a few times, but the Swiss driver keeps ahead of the rookie.

Callum Ilott was pushing to catch Schumacher, reducing the gap by a second in one lap. Drugovich comes in to pit for hard tyres in 3rd to come out 11th just behind Shwartzman. He managed to pull the soft tyre for 13 laps before coming in; the longest of any driver in the grid, with everyone around him on the hard tyres for the alternate strategy.

Lundgaard comes into the pits from 7th, allowing Ilott to go up to 8th. Down the main straight, the British driver easily passes Sato for the position, pushing him now within distance of Alesi. Just a lap later, he managed to close the 3 second gap to the French driver and pass him down the same straight as Sato. Shwartzman is doing the same, taking 7th from Alesi and now was 3 seconds behind the British driver.

Schumacher went wide, riding on the gravel briefly before getting back on track. This meant Ilott now managed to close the gap between him and the German driver a lot further to around 24 seconds.

Drugovich behind also is making the gap up to Shwartzman, overtaking Alesi for 7th and now 4 seconds behind the Russian driver. Ilott’s teammate Zhou was making his way up the grid too, taking 10th from Alesi and 9th from Sato the following lap, who are both on the alternate strategy.

Mazepin has yet to pit, following the same strategy as Schumacher, but was already closing in on him. Ilott was doing the same but in 6th, as everyone ahead had still yet to pit. Callum was able to overtake Matsushita into the first corner, sitting now in 5th and had a gap of 1 second to close to Markelov ahead. Schumacher is hanging onto the car, losing a lot of grip and sliding around. The same is happening with Mazepin behind.

Ilott was pushing hard to catch the top 3, already into 4th after overtaking Markelov. Matsushita sees an opportunity to overtake Markelov after Ilott did and took it from the Russian driver into the first corner. Shwartzman now was sat behind the HWA driver. Both him and Drugovich pass him for the position, now sat in 6th and 7th. For his teammate, Alesi was dropping to 14th, being overtaken by Aitken.

With fresher tyres, Ilott passes Ticktum with ease for 3rd and now was 5 seconds behind Schumacher, who was ready to pit in for slightly used softs. He comes in to pit and comes out 13th. Mazepin now leads, but with Ilott having better grip, he easily overtakes him. Shwartzman, Matsushita, Ticktum and Drugovich were all going down the start-finish straight, all looking for track positions. Shwartzman passes Ticktum into the first corner and was now side by side with Matsushita, but backs out to stay in 4th. Drugovich behind overtakes Ticktum though. Drugovich manages to find an opportunity to pass Shwartzman and now was on the hunt for Matsushita in third.

Alesi loses it on track after being tapped by Gelael to get stuck on the kerb and unable to restart his car. This means the safety car is called out at lap 25. Ticktum and Markelov pit. Ticktum’s pitstop was slow compared to others as the rear right wheel nut didn’t go in. Ilott comes in to pit for new tyres under the safety car with Mazepin, Matsushita and Shwartzman too. Drugovich stays out to maintain the race lead, whilst Ilott, Matsushita and Mazepin all come out in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. However, a lap into the safety car, the Brazilian finally pits, dropping him to 9th as they were unable to capitalise on the quicker pitstop.

Tsunoda leads Ilott for the restart, with Matsushita behind. Schumacher seizes an opportunity against Aitken for 6th and takes it from him. Ilott needed to get past Tsunoda whilst he had the tyre advantage but was stuck behind, allowing Matsushita to be on the rear wing of the British driver. Nikita Mazepin was on the back of Matsushita but backed out. Matsushita goes around the inside of Ilott, going side by side for many corners before the Japanese driver overtook him. Shwartzman also capitalises on the lack of pace from him to take 4th. Mazepin is 0.2 seconds behind Callum, whilst his Virtuosi teammate was also behind after overtaking Schumacher for 6th. Behind, Ghiotto takes 14th from Sato and Lundgaard gets up to 17th after overtaking Nissany.

Drugovich managed to get up to 7th ahead of Schumacher and now within the train of drivers from 3rd onwards. Matsushita takes the lead from Tsunoda into first, whilst Shwartzman does the same. Ilott was about to pass Tsunoda, but Nissany went into the barriers meaning the full safety car was pulled out.

Since Formula 2 has a 1 hour limit, the timer was counting down to the end of the race. After the one hour, they do one more lap and so the green flag went out. Ilott can’t get past Tsunoda still, whilst Mazepin was catching. Callum tries to go around the outside of Yuki, but the door was closed, allowing Mazepin to go ahead. Zhou was now within reaching distance of the Russian driver. Mazepin sends it on Tsunoda for 3rd but slows down the pack behind to allow Zhou to get to 4th and Ilott to drop to 6th.

Piquet picks his first points up but was given away after having a safety car infringement, meaning he was given a 5 second penalty. This promoted his teammate Delétraz to the points. Mazepin was also given a penalty earlier in the race to drop him from 3rd to 13th.

It was announced after the race that Gelael was attended to by medical personnel, suffering from a fracture in his spine. We were told that Aitken and him were fighting each other for positions and Sean went wide to go over the sausage kerb and land hard on the floor. Subsequently, he was missing from the sprint race and will have to miss the rest of the season whilst he gets rehabilitation for the incident.

The feature race results are:
1. Nobuharu Matsushita
2. Robert Shwartzman
3. Guanyu Zhou
4. Yuki Tsunoda
5. Callum Ilott
6. Mick Schumacher
7. Felipe Drugovich
8. Luca Ghiotto
9. Dan Ticktum
10. Louis Delétraz
11. Christian Lundgaard
12. Artem Markelov
13. Nikita Mazepin
14. Pedro Piquet
15. Marino Sato
16. Guilherme Samaia
17. Jehan Daruvala
18. Jack Aitken
19. Sean Gelael
20. DNF Roy Nissany
21. DNF Guiliano Alesi
22. DNF Marcus Armstrong

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. Luca Ghiotto
2. Felipe Drugovich
3. Mick Schumacher
4. Callum Ilott
5. Yuki Tsunoda
6. Guanyu Zhou
7. Robert Shwartzman
8. Nobuharu Matsushita
9. Dan Ticktum
10. Louis Delétraz
11. Christian Lundgaard
12. Artem Markelov
13. Nikita Mazepin
14. Pedro Piquet
15. Marino Sato
16. Guilherme Samaia
17. Jehan Daruvala
18. Jack Aitken
19. Roy Nissany
20. Guiliano Alesi
21. Marcus Armstrong
22. DNS Sean Gelael

Drugovich takes the lead from Ghiotto, whilst Schumacher has a good start to already be within 3rd, though was challenged by Ilott around the outside to take it. Ticktum gets swallowed off the line and dropped back massively from 9th to 13th. Zhou and is challenging Tsunoda for 6th and manages to get ahead. He now was looking at Schumacher ahead for another position. Delétraz tried to overtake Shwartzman, but he defends the inside line and so, backs out.

Felipe already is dragging out ahead with a 3.3 second lead against Ghiotto in second, with Ilott trailing behind by 0.5 seconds. Delétraz was being hunted by Mazepin behind in 10th. Armstrong moves up to 16th to overtake Nissany.

Louis Delétraz saw an opportunity on Shwartzman for 8th, but decided better of it and backed out of it. Meanwhile, Felipe leads the race by 2.8 seconds, with Ilott being 1 second behind Ghiotto.

Like the feature race, the degradation on the tyres were high, meaning the drivers had to tyre save to last the Pirelli wheels to the end of the race since most opted with the double pitstop previously, which reduces the amount of tyres they have left. Because of this, it leads to some uneventful races, which unfortunately means there wasn’t too much action compared to usual Formula 2 sprint races.

Come lap 9, Mazepin has DRS down the main straight, whilst Delétraz doesn’t. A send into turn one allowed the Russian driver to get ahead of the Swiss, losing 9th. Lundgaard sees an opportunity too, trying to go through the inside and outside of many corners, but the Louis Delétraz keeps ahead of the Danish rookie.

Drugovich has managed to pull a 7.7 second gap to Ghiotto in second and it would only extend further. Ilott sees a chance to overtake the Italian driver around the outside and does so, but has to back out to avoid a collision. Schumacher manages to get closer to Ilott because of it, with Zhou and Tsunoda following behind the German driver.

By lap 15, Ilott was now starting to lose pace to Schumacher behind and was heavily being pressured. Ghiotto now has a 2 second gap to the British driver behind. Meanwhile, Delétraz gets overtaken by Lundgaard for 10th and Mazepin gets past Shwartzman for 8th into turn one. The Prema driver couldn’t defend with the tyre performance dropping.

Drugovich now has a 8.5 second gap to Ghiotto, easily driving this race. The fight for 5th happened quickly whilst Tsunoda breezed past Zhou down into the first corner. At the back of the grid, Nissany, Armstrong, Aitken and Daruvala were all fighting each other for 15th. Nissany keeps ahead, whilst Armstrong settles for 16th. Aitken misses out and drops to 17th with Daruvala behind.

Dan Ticktum decides to gamble and pit for new tyres with Aitken. Both come out at the back of the grid, but has an advantage since they’re somewhat new tyres and weren’t as degraded as the hards that the other drivers ran. Shwartzman decides to pit too from 10th, opting for used softs, whilst Alesi does the same.

Ilott’s tyres are heavily graining whilst Schumacher closes in. Schumacher fully went into the first corner and sent it on Ilott for 3rd. Zhou tried to defend from Matsushita who was also doing a similar move, but locks up, creating a giant flat spot on his tyre. The Chinese driver is losing positions and pits for the soft tyres to come out 19th.

Callum Ilott is being swarmed by the rest of the grid following that overtake. Tsunoda manages to take him with Matsushita on his rear wing. With no grip left on his tyres, he was being easily overtaken by both Nobuharu Matsushita and Nikita Mazepin in one lap. Meanwhile for Pedro Piquet, he’s managing to make his way up the grid and has made moves up to 8th, overtaking Lundgaard. The Brazilian driver also manages to get past Ilott, dropping the British driver into 8th. Lundgaard sees an opportunity into the final few corners and overtakes him and makes it stick.

Lundgaard was off track and then came back on when came to overtaking Ilott. FIA deemed this wrong and gained an advantage off track, allowing Callum back into the points in 8th.

The sprint race results are:
1. Felipe Drugovich
2. Luca Ghiotto
3. Mick Schumacher
4. Yuki Tsunoda
5. Nobuharu Matsushita
6. Nikita Mazepin
7. Pedro Piquet
8. Callum Ilott
9. Louis Delétraz
10. Dan Ticktum
11. Christian Lundgaard
12. Roy Nissany
13. Robert Shwartzman
14. Guanyu Zhou
15. Marcus Armstrong
16. Artem Markelov
17. Jehan Daruvala
18. Jack Aitken
19. Guiliano Alesi
20. Guilherme Samaia
21. Marino Sato
22. DNS Sean Gelael

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