Formula 3 Spanish Grand Prix 2020

To end the second set of triple headers, the drivers headed out to Spain for Round 6. They’ll be driving at the Barcelona de Catalunya track, following the Formula 1 calendar. Before they head out once again in Spa, they’ll have a weeks break in between.


Zendeli sets the first time of the session with a 1:34.772. Beckmann beats this, setting a lap 0.664 seconds quicker than the German. Lawson goes quicker, which is then followed by Piastri who sets a 1:33.649 to take the provisional pole position. Dunner and Smolyar both are running in the gap. Dunner makes his way to 15th and Smolyar stays 16th. Zendeli manages to take the top with a 1:33.623 with 13 minutes left to go. Peroni also sets a 1:33.407, taking it from him. For everyone’s final push lap, Zendeli missed out for pole from Peroni by 0.005. Beckman brings a challenge with a 1:33.319, but Hughes found time to reduce 0.234 seconds from it. Sargeant pulls an incredible lap with 1:32.974 to now sit in provisional pole.

The grid is as follows:
1. Logan Sargeant
2. Jake Hughes
3. Liam Lawson
4. Oscar Piastri
5. Sebastián Fernández
6. Clément Novalak
7. David Beckmann
8. Théo Pourchaire
9. Alex Peroni
10. Richard Verschoor
11. Matteo Nannini
12. Alexander Smolyar
13. Lirim Zendeli
14. Frederik Vesti
15. Enzo Fittipaldi
16. Jack Doohan
17. Leonardo Pulcini
18. Cameron Das
19. Roman Staněk
20. Lukas Dunner
21. Olli Caldwell
22. Max Fewtrell
23. Bent Viscaal
24. Dennis Hauger
25. Calan Williams
26. David Schumacher
27. Federico Malvestiti
28. Igor Fraga
29. Sophia Flörsch
30. Alessio Deledda

Feature Race

Fernández doesn’t have much of a start, being overtaken by those around him to drop to 11th. Meanwhile for the pole sitter, Sargeant keeps ahead of both Hughes and Lawson, whilst Piastri and Novalak fight each other for 4th. Bent Viscaal’s race ends abruptly after going into the gravel on the first lap to bring out the safety car.

Come lap four, the flag is waved green once again and racing resumes. Hughes is putting pressure on Sargeant, sitting in his rear wing. Piastri pulls a late move to attack Novalak for 4th and manages to have a better exit to take it from the British-French driver. Pulcini saw an opportunity to overtake his teammate for 17th and made it stuck.

Fernández manages to overtake Nannini for 10th, but gets retaken a lap later since he went wide. This allowed his teammate Smolyar to get closer. Lower down, Deledda loses the rear of his car to spin. He manages to get the car going and rejoin the track.

Hughes sees an opportunity to overtake Sargeant for the lead. Using DRS, the British driver goes around the outside and manages to take it from the American driver. Just a lap later, he pulls a gap of nearly one second to the Prema driver in second. Down in the midfield, Cameron Das overtakes Leo Pulcini again to take 17th from his Italian teammate, whilst Hauger does something similar to take 21st from Dunner.

Vesti starts dropping from 14th with a battery failure. His car was left on track meaning the safety car was once again brought out to allow the marshals to retreive the Prema car.

Upon the restart, Piastri loses two positions to Novalak and Beckmann after getting stuck on the sausage kerb on the final corner. Pourchaire was now 0.5 seconds behind the Australian driver. At the front, Hughes has made a 1.2 second gap to Sargeant, whilst Lawson sits behind the American by 0.6 seconds.

Lawson saw an opportunity to overtake Sargeant into the second corner, but backed out after the American defended hard against him. Piastri is catching on Beckmann, doing a lap 0.265 seconds quicker than him. Pourchaire is following the Australian, now 0.4 seconds behind.

Sargeant sits 2.3 seconds behind Hughes in front, whilst Lawson starts to appear on the rear wing of the American driver. This time, he pulls it around the outside into the first corner and takes it from him. Fernández was fighting Smolyar for 11th and then suddenly started dropping positions to 15th since he was pushed out by Zendeli.

Hughes managed to lead Lawson by 2.4 seconds to take the win. Behind, Piastri was tempted to make a move on Beckmann, but stayed behind to take 6th, whilst Hauger manages to move up to 18th from Das.

The feature race results are:
1. Jake Hughes
2. Liam Lawson
3. Logan Sargeant
4. Clément Novalak
5. David Beckmann
6. Oscar Piastri
7. Théo Pourchaire
8. Alex Peroni
9. Richard Verschoor
10. Matteo Nannini
11. Alexander Smolyar
12. Lirim Zendeli
13. Enzo Fittipaldi
14. Jack Doohan
15. Sebastián Fernández
16. Leonardo Pulcini
17. Max Fewtrell
18. Dennis Hauger
19. Cameron Das
20. Olli Caldwell
21. Lukas Dunner
22. Roman Staněk
23. David Schumacher
24. Igor Fraga
25. Calan Williams
26. Federico Malvestiti
27. Sophia Flörsch
28. Alessio Deledda
29. DNF Frederik Vesti
30. DNF Bent Viscaal

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. Matteo Nannini
2. Richard Verschoor
3. Alex Peroni
4. Théo Pourchaire
5. Oscar Piastri
6. David Beckmann
7. Clément Novalak
8. Logan Sargeant
9. Liam Lawson
10. Jake Hughes
11. Alexander Smolyar
12. Lirim Zendeli
13. Enzo Fittipaldi
14. Jack Doohan
15. Sebastián Fernández
16. Leonardo Pulcini
17. Max Fewtrell
18. Dennis Hauger
19. Cameron Das
20. Olli Caldwell
21. Lukas Dunner
22. Roman Staněk
23. David Schumacher
24. Igor Fraga
25. Calan Williams
26. Federico Malvestiti
27. Sophia Flörsch
28. Alessio Deledda
29. Frederik Vesti
30. Bent Viscaal

Nannini doesn’t really get much out of the start, but pushes Verschoor to try and hang onto the first position. Peroni manages to send it into the first corner and take the lead from the Italian. Hauger as pushing for positions and managed to accidentally spin Pulcini. Max Fewtrell and Olli Caldwell both take avoiding action and end up going into the gravel. With both cars stranded, the safety car was called out to retreive the Hitech and Trident car. Hauger ended up pitting and coming back out whilst Pulcini does the same to get the sidepod repaired.

By lap 6, the green flag was waved and racing resumed. Lawson saw an opportunity to overtake Pourchaire down the straight, but doesn’t manage to, allowing the French driver to maintain ahead. Meanwhile, Novalak pushes against Doohan into the inside and takes the position for 11th. Staněk takes 18th from Dunner, who went wide to ride on the sausage kerb on the final corner of the circuit. For both of the non-finishers the day before, Vesti and Viscaal were pushing their way up the grid, now to 21st and 22nd respectively.

Schumacher comes in to pit after hitting the rear of Malvestiti’s car, damaging his front wing. At the front, Peroni is catching on Nannini, already 0.6 seconds behind, bringing the gap down by 0.112 seconds the previous lap. By the following lap, he pulls out ahead of him into the first corner and takes second with ease. Piastri led the race by 2.5 ahead of fellow Australian driver Peroni.

Fernández made his way up to 14th, overtaking Das on lap 12, however he had a gap of 2 seconds to catch up to his teammate. Meanwhile, Sargeant was pushing on Verschoor, going 0.22 seconds quicker than his last lap. Zendeli moved up to 15th after overtaking Cameron Das. Williams does the same, whilst Staněk and Dunner fall back to 19th and 20th.

Malvestiti ended up in the gravel between turns four and five, breaking the 3 second gap that Piastri had over Peroni because of the safety car. The Jenzer car was quickly pulled away, allowing the race to continue only a lap later. The Prema driver restarts the race with ease, already starting to create a gap to second. Smolyar takes 12th from Doohan, and now was 1 second behind Novalak in 11th. Fellow ART driver Sebastián Fernández follows suit as well, moving up to 13th. Cameron Das also makes his way back up to 17th by overtaking Fraga as well. For Danish driver Vesti, he moved up to 20th after overtaking Austrian driver, Lukas Dunner.

Piastri wins the race with a 1.2 second gap, whilst Verschoor could never find the chance to overtake Nannini.

The sprint race results are:
1. Oscar Piastri
2. Alex Peroni
3. Matteo Nannini
4. Richard Verschoor
5. Logan Sargeant
6. Théo Pourchaire
7. Liam Lawson
8. Enzo Fittipaldi
9. David Beckmann
10. Jake Hughes
11.Clément Novalak
12. Alexander Smolyar
13. Sebastián Fernández
14. Calan Williams
15. Jack Doohan
16. Lirim Zendeli
17. Cameron Das
18. Igor Fraga
19. Roman Staněk
20. Bent Viscaal
21. Frederik Vesti
22. Lukas Dunner
23. Sophia Flörsch
24. Leo Pulcini
25. David Schumacher
26. Dennis Hauger
27. DNF Olli Caldwell
28. DNF Max Fewtrell
29. DNF Federico Malvestiti
30. DNF Alessio Deledda

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