Lets Talk About The Formula E Berlin ePrix Rounds 10 and 11 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the tenth and eleventh Formula E Berlin ePrix 2020; the finale. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

I also had a lot of trust in nissan e.dams


After his incredible first few races, I placed all of my bets in the man on top and that was da Costa. Although he has a rough finale, that still doesn’t deny that he is one of the greatest out there. With that being said, I believed he would take superpole and a race win but he managed neither. He retired from the first race and placed ninth in the second however, he still won the championship by a landslide. Alongside da Costa, I believed Vergne would gain a superpole and a win but he also too neither. DS Techeetah has a terrible first race as Vergne finished 18th but managed points in the final race by placing 7th. After Guenther’s incredible week, I had a lot of faith that he’d be able to bring it back but luc wasn’t on his side as he found himself retiring from the first race and finishing 12th in the second.

One thing I did predict correctly was Rowland winning. I put faith in Buemi, Rowland, de Vries, Frijns, Di Grassi, Bird and Lotterer to place themselves on the podium and the majority did just that or fell just short. Buemi finish third during race eleven behind de Vries who finished second while Robin Frijns took second in race ten. It was only di Grassi, Bird and Lotterer who didn’t make the podium however, Lotterer did place fourth during race eleven with Bird in fifth and di Grassi in 6th. I predicted that Mercedes or Jaguar would take fastest laps but it was Audi and Geox Dragon but DS would take the most points across the two days but it was Mercedes that took the most.

he still won the championship by a landslide


Like always, I mentioned Techeetah because after all, they became champions, however, this was not their week. After already mucking up round 10 qualifying, JEV was the only one to finish in 18th whilst da Costa didn’t finish the race. Come round 11, this time they both qualified, but only managed 19th and 21st. Both ended up powering through the grid, allowing this year’s champion to finish 9th whilst his teammate went 7th. Vergne missed out on being 2nd in the championship by one point, putting him in third behind Stoffel. I also had a lot of trust in the Nissan e.DAMS drivers to take a win and/or a podium, and in fact, they delivered quite nicely. Rowland took his first Formula E win in round 10, beating Frijns for the win, whilst Buemi fought for the win but settled with third in round 11.

I said to look out for Blomqvist who was replacing Calado. Despite not racing in Formula E since season four, he managed to settle in with the new generation of cars and pull a superpole in round 10 to sit 6th. Unfortunately, he ended up finishing 12th followed by round 11 being less fortunate, but he definitely impressed me. Like Blomqvist, Lotterer had a better first race, fighting for the podium with Jani, Rast and Lynn, but settling for fourth after being overtaken on the final lap. With Frijns, he battled with Rowland in the first race of the two, close to winning across many occasions during the race. The second was less eventful after trying to overtake Gunther and unfortunately having to retire his car. It was sad to see a bad ending to a good weekend for the Maastricht driver but still managed to prove his form like always. Finally, I spoke about Nyck de Vries and him getting settled with the vastly different electric spec car to the Dallara spec car. The week didn’t start off well, already lining up on the grid in 19th for the first race to finish outside the points, but the second race was where both Mercedes cars were on form. Qualifying 4th, he had a fair chance of fighting for that win with the unpredictability of Formula E and rightly that. Despite being a rookie, he managed to overtake Buemi for second and was challenging Vandoorne for the lead at the end, but ended up settling for second to take Mercedes’ first one-two and the third ever team in its history.

I said Techeetah will take the most points home and I was slightly wrong. Obviously, Mercedes ended up taking the most, but Nissan e.DAMS almost did by 2 points. They managed to gather enough points from the entire weekend to push them 20 points ahead of the German team to secure second in the championship, which I think is an incredible feat from the French team.


As we looked at how the audience predicted the weekend, they guessed that da Costa would be on the podium followed by Vergne. With 12.5% of the votes, we had the pole sitter Oliver Rowland. From there, nobody predicted he would go on to win the race. Regarding second place, nobody predicted Frijns but for third place, 12.5% predicted Rast would be on the podium. To finalise race ten, da Costa took 25% of the votes for the fastest lap but it was Nico Muller who went on to take it which nobody predicted.

both mercedes cars were on form

For round eleven, da Costa and Vergne remained the most popular for superpole but it was Vandoorne who took the position which nobody predicted. With that being said, da Costa took 50% of the votes once more for the win but it was pole sitter Vandoorne who won the race which nobody predicted again. As we looked at runner up, Guenther took the majority vote with 62.5% but it was the 12.5% that said de Vries that predicted second place correctly. For the third and final podium, race winner Vandoorne took 25% of the votes while runner up Nyck de Vries took 12.5%. Nobody went on to predict that Buemi would place third. With fastest lap, we held a split decision but nobody predicted di Grassi.

With surprising driver, Sette Camara took 25% of the votes. His weekend wasn’t incredible race wise but his qualifying came as a surprise. He qualified ninth in both races which is his highest placing of the season. He also went on to take his highest race finish with 15th in race ten. Lynn, Vandoorne, de Vries, Mortara, Rast and Bird where each voted as surprising drivers. Lynn found himself just two places outside of the podium during race ten and eighth during race eleven which is a major improvement from his last few races. He came in for Berlin and showed us what he was made of. His points finish and on track battles were a shock to me. Vandoorne and de Vries also came as a shock to me. It’s no denying that either driver is talented, especially after witnessing Vandoorne begin the season with two podiums but since being in Berlin, both drivers weekends have been either one or the other. I think it came to a shoc to everyone that Mercedes finished with a 1-2. Mortara took home two points finishes but was placing in the same usual positions. Rast, well, Rast definitely was a surprise. He too his first points finish in the first Berlin race and went downhill from there. Most people had written him off for the season but he bounced back and found himself on the podium in race ten and fourth in race eleven. His performance and pace came as a huge surprise to me. Bird was another that really didn’t shock me. He’d been up and down all season and remained that way until the end.

Most people had written him off for the season

We went on to summarise each race in three words, highlighting key moments of the race. My round ten three words were What a Podium! We saw two newbies on the podium with Rowland taking his first Formula E race win and Rene Rast finishing third after only five races in the sport. Frijns, after a difficult first few races filled with highs and lows, found himself on the podium with second place for the second time this season. It was great to see three different faces on the podium while experiencing some firsts.

Jess’ three words were Stand-Ins Doing Incredible. There were a fair amount of drivers coming in to replace drivers that had to miss the final six races in Berlin: Rast, Lynn, Blomqvist and Camara (and also Abt for Ma Qing Hua). Three of them ended up in superpole with Rast finishing 4th, Lynn finishing 5th and Blomqvist finishing 6th. Come to the race, Rast takes his first Formula E podium in his 5th race, whilst Lynn finishes in 5th place. Blomqvist and Camara are out of the points but both of them achieved incredible results after just being announced either a day or a week prior to the event.

what a podium

A few of the three word reviews we got from the audience consisted of Rowland’s first victory. It was definitely a race to remember and for a positive reason. The win was a long time coming and it was great to see Oliver stand on the highest point of the podium. He’d worked hard for his place and he deserved every minute of it.

Looking at the round eleven, my three words were Mercedes Double Podium. As a Mercedes fan myself, to see Vandoorne on pole was already incredible but to watch his race pace and his hold on the position was something else. Anybody’s first race win is something quite spectacular so it was definitely an experience, especially with it being the season finale. On top of that, de Vries taking second place to take his first podium and take a double podium for Mercedes was the icing on the cake. de Vries has always been a favourite of mine and his driving is something else so to see him take a podium in his rookie year was a season highlight.

As much as Jess would like to mention the Mercedes 1-2, her three race review was the Fight for Second. The fight for second in the championship was shared by many people with many drivers managing to take the position over the 6 rounds, including Gunther, Rowland and Vergne, but with Vandoorne’s win in the final round meant he managed to get ahead of Vergne for second by a point.

Similar to mine, the audience shared the same appreciation for Nyck de Vries; Nyck’s Better Energy. His ability and skill that he used to maintain the energy in the car to constantly remain a percentage and a half above the majority of the grid, including Buemi and Vandoorne, was powerful. He entered the season as a rookie, in a team that was heading into their second Formula E season and proved that Formula E holds no boundaries.

I hope we have more battles like the battle for second

One thing I love about Formula E is that the racing is so close. There is never a moment when you know what the result will be. We saw Jani in third for such a long period of time while Rast chilled in 6th with the unpredictability of Rast ending up on the podium. Rast’s battle was one of my highlights along with Rowland’s dominance. He held his own while having Frijns so close behind him and still managed to take the win. He managed his battery to take home the win. Rast’s use of his final piece of energy to push ahead of Lotterer in the final lap was proof that he is an incredible driver and I hope we get to see more of him next season.

For round eleven, Jess would call me unpredictable, but Mercedes on the podium was my highlight. After Rowland’s win the day before, I didn’t believe that the finale could get better but watching Vandoorne dominate the race was the icing on the cake. Not only was Vandoorne pulling out all stops to stay on top, de Vries was pushing to find himself on the podium. He battled with Buemi and Rast for the entirety of the race, reserving power and pushing where possible to take second. To see both drivers do so well was a highlight and I hope we have more battles like the battle for second.

Jess likes to mention that she is a large Rowland fan to people, so when she saw Oliver Rowland finally taking his first win, it was definitely a large highlight for her. He’s worked hard with the team after replacing Alex Albon for season 5 and having to compete with an experienced teammate is no easy feat, yet he manages to showcase his talent anyway. She’s proud of where he’s came from and how well he has done for season 6.

Prior to the event, Jess only knew who Rene Rast was through DTM since he was on the same manufacturing team as Frijns. To see him make a step to Formula E which is a vastly different car and pull a double top 5 result twice in one week was

The audiences highlights for round ten were similar to the three words with everybody agreeing that Rowland’s first win was their highlight. It was an incredible race from start to finish, lead by a driver who knew what he was doing and he took the podium as he deserved. For the sprint race, the Mercedes 1-2 was the most talked about highlight of the day (with it also being the only thing I have personally mentioned to Jess in the bast six days). As I stated prior, this was their second year with a rookie on the grid and they dominated the race from start to finish. I also managed to miss the entire race live, only catching the last lap, but thankfully I had a friend who updated me regularly on how the race went. A huge thank you to Jordy for always being helpful with this site and being the best support system Jess and I could as for. I’m glad that Jordy’s updates were not only one of my highlights, but one of his as well.

A huge thank you to Jordy

Overall, the finale of Formula E was one to remember. With the unknown looming almost six months ago to finishing the season with new winners, new faces and a new found appreciation to every driver that stepped out onto the grid across the nine day stint.

And just like that, the season is over. But don’t you worry! This Friday, you’ll be able to catch out Formula E 2019-2020 Season Review and we have a couple of secrets up our sleeves so you can keep your Formula E fix until Chile in January. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this season as much as we did!

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