The Formula E 2019-20 Finale Send Off

To round of the Formula E season, Jess and I decided we would sit down and discuss the season in a variant of different ways but one way to round off the season, was to sit and talk about our season favourites. With every season having its highs and lows, its easy to get caught up in the negatives. We wanted to take a moment to discuss some of favourite parts of this season.

Our season highlights will be coming to you shortly so keep an eye on our social medias for when that is set to go live! It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss!

taking points and finishing high or barely scraping the barrel


Driver | Nyck de Vries

The one thing I love about a new season are the new drivers. It’s great to see a new face and it always leaves the query of how well will they do? Rookie drivers normally fall on either spectrum, taking points and finishing high or barely scraping the barrel; the majority falling into the latter. It’s normally expected of the rookie driver to do poorly in their first year however, Nyck de Vries managed to take home a podium and a decent sum of points. Although he had a couple of rough races with retirements and no points finishes however, he always rose above and held out in every battle he came into contact with. He showed no fear and became a rookie that everybody would fear to come up against.

Team | Mercedes

Remaining unbiased in this as Mercedes are my favourite team on the grid, they really have shown what they’re capable of. This was their first season as Mercedes with a rookie driver who’d made the move from Formula 2 and they managed to finish 3rd. They were dominant, had their ups and downs, but they remained confident and took podium after podium. They only managed two weekends without points which, for their first year, is impressive. If they hadn’t had the unlucky stints, they would have easily taken second in the teams standings.

RACE | Berlin

I amused myself writing Berlin as it’s truly a case of ‘well which Berlin?’ And to answer that truthfully, the first Formula E race in Berlin. da Costa dominated the entire first race; taking pole position, the race win and fastest lap. I am an individual that enjoys a battle, experiencing different drivers taking different pieces of the race back with them but I’m definitely far from opposed to a dominate race in Formula E. You find that the majority of the time, the battles are close and you’re not sure who will win so to have an individual dominate that much was outstanding. It was the only time a driver received a clean sweep this season.


Driver | Oliver Rowland

Oliver came in as a replacement for Alexander Albon in season 5, only announced not long before the season started. He didn’t have as much preparation as he may have liked, coming in as a rookie to the electric series. Competing against a driver was who has been there since season one was no easy task, especially when he already became a champion in season two, but the man from Barnsley has led up to the task since then. In season 5, he manages to finish in 10th behind Sam Bird, collecting two pole positions and two second places. In comparison for season 6, you could say he had maybe less successful in terms of high results, but in terms of consistency, he manages to keep an all points finish for the entire season bar Santiago (17th), Berlin Round 6 (14th) and Round 11 (retired). This enabled him to fight for second in the championship, which has highly fought by many drivers across the grid. As a driver who’s only been in the championship for two years, it’s incredible on how much he’s improved and I’m glad he’s getting the results he deserves.

Team | Techeetah

I’ve supported this team when I first got into the sport back in season four, following Jean-Eric Vergne. Unfortunately, they missed out on season three champions to Audi, but since then, they’ve only gone on and upwards. The Chinese team beat them by 19 points for season five with Vergne and Lotterer, but for season six, they had a new driver: da Costa. It was a little unsure to know how well he would do in a brand new team, but he delivered perfectly. With him and Vergne, they breezed for the championship by 83 points to Nissan e.DAMS. This was the biggest gap between first and second in Formula E’s history by over 20 points. If that doesn’t show how talented not only the drivers are but the entire engineering, performance, management, etcetera side of Techeetah, I’m not sure what does.

Race | Berlin (Round 10)

I could of mentioned every single Berlin round because frankly, it was genuinely that exciting with different action every single time the drivers went out. But, I think I have to stick with the race that gave me the adrenaline and pure happiness, which was when I saw Oliver Rowland cross the line in first ahead of Robin Frijns. I’ve supported him since season five when he was announced and it felt amazing to see him finally win after coming so close twice last year. After being brought into the car just over 2 weeks before his first race to now taking his first win is something special to witness and it couldn’t of happened to a better driver.

[It] is something special to witness


Regarding the audience, we asked one of our dearest friends Jordy the same topics we answered to hear how he viewed the season. Jordy has always loved the sport of Formula E and has been an avid watcher for years. He is a massive support for Jess, myself and the site.

DRIVER | Antonio Felix da Costa

The obvious choice (as the champion), but we must not forget that he already had two seconds and a win to his name before the extended break. He came out of the break even stronger, and the first two Berlin races really confirmed his place as one of the series’ best drivers. Even during bad races he found his way back to good points and is therefore the deserved champion. Also honourable mentions for Max Gunther for winning two races with a tiny margin as the youngest driver of the field, Oliver Rowland for consistent points scoring and the win in the final weekend, and Rene Rast who has shown he’s a fast learner in the Berlin marathon and who may well be contending for wins if he stays with Audi for next season.

Team | Mercedes

Techeetah and e.DAMS/Nissan have already shown they are proven race and championship winners, while Mercedes only entered the series this season. They have shown great pace in qualifying, consistently getting at least one driver into the super pole session. They really should have gotten even more points, especially with Nyck de Vries, who might well be the unluckiest driver of the season. Luckily the 1-2 at the season finale has made things right and has shown us Techeetah should have a real difficult time defending their crown next season.

Race | Mexico

There was action all over the place, a lot of overtaking and a lot of crashes, including a trademark Formula E crazy finish. To top it off, it was the first victory for both Jaguar and Mitch Evans himself in a dominating drive, leading every lap. Mexico has always provided great racing, and this season was no exception. Honourable mentions go to Santiago, where the lead changed between Gunther and Da Costa twice in the final 5 minutes, and the third Berlin race which provided the closest ever finish between Gunther and Frijns.

The unluckiest driver of the season

We hope we were able to improve your Formula E experience this season and we’re super excited to jump back into it once more in January. We will be bringing you our season highlights next week so keep an eye on our social medias for that! But, until then, we will see you in January for the 2021 Formula E Season.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t have done this without you. We appreciate every single one of you.

Alice and Jess.