Formula 2 Belgium Grand Prix Predictions 2020

With the end of the Formula 2 season soon to be in sight, we head to Spa for the Belgium Grand Prix. We will be racing this weekend with heavy hearts as we remember the wonderful, talented and happy driver that was Antoine Hubert. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 28th August, the Feature Race on the 29th August and the Sprint Race on the 30th August. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 12:55 pm until 1:40 pm and Qualifying at 5:00 pm until 5:30 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 3:45 pm until 4:45 pm and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 10:10 am until 10:55 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

I can feel a DAMS 1-2


This week is Juri Vips first weekend in Formula 2 for the 2020 season as he goes onto replace Gelael while he recovers from a broken back and with the backing of DAMS and Ticktum as his team mate, I can feel a DAMS 1-2 on the table. Both drivers are insanely talented and DAMS are a great team so I really do hope we get to see some double DAMS podiums. Alongside the DAMS drivers, the UNI drivers are also in with a shot for lots of points this weekend. Zhou has been redeeming his positions on the grid piece by piece each weekend while Ilott is still on top of his game. I can see Ilott taking pole position again.

I’m hoping that this week will be the week of Marcus Armstrong. He has an incredible track record in Spa so if we’s going to redeem himself anywhere, it’s got to be Belgium. The Prema boys will be back in full speed this weekend to close the gap on Ilott who currently sits at the top so the battles ahead of Spa are going to be intense. Another driver who loves Spa is Deletraz so I can see him doing well this weekend.

With teams and fastest laps, Virtuosi will be back on top with points however, Prema are out for blood so they’ll definitely apply the pressure. If this is the weekend of redemption for Armstrong then ART points are about to shoot through the roof. Fastest lap, I can see Ilott and Vips taking the points there. Both have incredible race pace and the ability to handle the track.


It’s going to be a tough weekend mentally for drivers, teams and viewers. I’m more or less staying with the drivers that I often mention, being Ilott and Zhou as that team is undeniably pushing to their best capabilities. With them, I’m saying Shwartzman, as he’s fighting for the championship plus got a double podium last year in Formula 3. I want to add Deletraz and Drugovich since they’re both on a good run this season.

For those outside the usual winners, I’m saying to check out for Drugovich and Ticktum. Both are rookies into Formula 2 and are doing considerably well, with Drugovich winning last race weekend’s sprint race with ease. I also want to mention Juri Vips, who truly and definitely does deserve to be in Formula 2. He’s been announced as the replacement for Gelael, who has been injured, so I’m hoping he can give the field a run for their money.

By the logic of who I put as potential winners, of course, I’m sticking with UNI-Virtuosi to take the most points this weekend, followed by Prema. I’m hoping MP Motorsport can keep their momentum going from last time out to overtake Hitech for 4th.

He’s fighting for the championship


Jess and I held very similar opinions with minor differences. Ilott and Zhou are two names we believe in along with Shwartzman, Deletraz, Ticktum and Vips. Jess also believes in Drugovich while I believe in Schumacher.


As per usual, Callum Ilott is the most talked about man. He took 60% of the votes for pole position while the ART duo of Lundgaard and Armstrong took up the remaining 40%. This reflected into first place with Ilott taking 40% of the votes while the remaining 60% were distributed evenly between Armstrong, Shwartzman and Vips. For second place, Ilott was on top again with 40% while Lundgaard, Ticktum and Zhou took 20% each. Regarding the final podium position, Shwartzman took 40% while Ilott, Zhou and Schumacher took the remaining 60%. With fastest lap, Lundgaard took the highest percentage with 40% while Daruvala, Ilott and Shwartzman took 20% each.

As we move into the sprint race, Lundgaard is the most popular for first place with 40% while Drugovich, Vips and Markelov each took 20%. With runner up, Deletraz was on top with 40% while the remainder was made up of Alesi, Zhou and Ilott. To finalise the podium, Armstrong took 60% of the votes with Tsunoda and Ilott finishing with 20% each. For fastest lap, Drugovich took 40% with Deletraz, Ilott and Tsunoda taking the remaining 60% between them.

With most surprising driver, 80% voted for Vips while Aitken took the remaining 20%. It’ll be interesting to see how Vips does in his first race weekend in the Formula 2 car. For the teams, 20% voted for DAMS but the majority voted for UNI-Virtusoi with 80%.


With the same names in the mix, it’ll be interesting to see if one of the unpredictables battle their way to the top to surprise us all. Will Ilott stay ahead of the rest? Will Vips prove that he should have been in Formula 2 from the beginning? Will we find ourselves a new podium sitter? Make sure you tune in Tuesday for our race rundown.

And that’s it for this weeks posts. We will be back again on Monday after this race weekend at 5pm BST with a tribute to the incredible Antoine Hubert.