A Tribute to Anthoine Hubert

Anthoine Hubert was a character in the paddock. His happy, bright nature made him all the more reason to love. He was a friend of everyone, determined and powerful on and off the grid and was a big part of the feeder series that people have grown to love. Hubert was the guy on the grid you would watch and you would feel excited to watch the race, you’d want to keep your eyes glued to the tv because you never wanted to miss his next move. He was talent, above all measures, and he was everything I loved about racing.

This post is difficult to write, for both Jess and I, because Hubert was a big part of our experience in feeder series. We watched and loved him both on and off the grid and his passing affected both of us in our own different ways.

We race on in his name, every weekend that we step in the car. We move through life with him in our hearts and there is never a day Hubert will go forgotten. He will always be remembered for his kind and loving ways off of the grid and his dominant and beautiful race craft on the grid. Anthoine will be a name that the motorsport community will honour for a lifetime and his car number 19 will always pay tribute to him.

Today, our thoughts are with his family, his friends, his girlfriend and everybody who grieves the loss of Anthoine.

Anthoine Hubert #AH19
September 22nd 1996 – August 31st 2019

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