Formula 3 Italian Monza Grand Prix Predictions 2020

With the end of the Formula 3 season next weekend, we head to Monza for the first Italian Grand Prix. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 4th September, the Feature Race on the 5th September and the Sprint Race on the 6th September. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:35 am until 10:20 am and Qualifying at 2:05 pm until 2:35 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 9:25 am until 10:05 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 8:45 am until 9:25 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well. Floersch has returned this weekend with Campos.

Hitech just isn’t there to be a championship contender


Now that the final race is around the corner and the championship is as close as ever, the racing can only get better from here on and with a double header in Italy, it’ll be to the last point. I can see Sargeant and Piastri each taking a win this weekend, both wanting to push to the max to be clear of the other. I can see Pourchaire up the front again as well and on the podium. I can also see him on pole position this weekend.

Lawson is going to want to push to get as close to second as possible but the Hitech just isn’t there to be a championship contender and that makes me sad. Lawson is incredible and I’d love to see him do well and I can see him on the podium this weekend.

Novalak proved how talented he was last weekend with his battle through the grid so I’m excited to see how he does this weekend. If his pace and skill is anything like last week, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the points. Smolyar will be one to look out for. He is incredibly talented and got his best results so he’ll be wanting to keep his momentum going.


That battle for the championship is ever so close especially when the races are coming to a close. I wouldn’t be amazed if Sargeant or Piastri push each other to the max this weekend. I’d like to see Vesti there too, maybe not as a championship contender but it would be an interesting prospect. I’d add Pourchaire and Beckmann to be podium winners as well, because both are pushing their car to the maximum and they’ve been proving consistent results.

For once, backing ART was a pretty successful weekend, so I’m doing it again. Smolyar pulled that car to success, only just missing out on the podium twice. Fernandez has been averaging just in the points too. I love how well Nannini is doing recently, so I wouldn’t put it past him to score some good points in Monza this weekend.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a prediction without me saying Prema will absolutely smash it this weekend and take the most points. They’re pretty much are clear in terms of the team’s championship with 200 points ahead. Trident are just too consistent at the front so predicting ART ahead is a highly unlikely chance, but I’d like to believe in them to try and make my predictions less on the conservative side.

Maybe not as a championship contender


Jess and I once again share practically the same views on the weekend with no difference in our weekly opinions.


As always, we look at how the audience believe the weekend will go ahead. It’s all fun and games listening to what Jess and I think is going to happen but when you listen to a collective of individuals, you really get a real taste at how differently people watch Formula 3. But, as you have probably guessed, Sargeant is the man on top with 66.7% while the remaining 33.3% went for Alexander Smolyar. For first place, surprisingly, 100% of the people said Oscar Piastri. This is our first 100% for a driver. For runner up, we saw the same as our pole position with Sargeant taking 66.7% while Smolyar took 33.3%. For the final podium position, Hughes, Pourchaire and Lawson each took 33.3%. For fastest lap, we saw Lawson, Piastri and Pourchaire with 33.3% each.

For the sprint race, we saw an even split between Lawson, Pourchaire and Beckmann with 33.3%. Second place saw Lawson again with 33.3% while Smolyar and Verschoor took the remaining votes. Third place saw three new names with Zendeli, Caldwell and Fernandez taking the 33.3% each. For fastest lap, we saw Lawson, Beckmann and Vesti each take 33.3%.

Zendeli, Caldwell and Chovet were three drivers who were voted for the most surprising driver this weekend. After last weekend, Zendeli and Caldwell have a lot to live up to while Chovet needs to prove himself to Hitech and everybody at home watching. I have a lot of faith in Chovet to do well this weekend. For teams, Prema took 66.7% of the votes while Trident took 33.3%.


Overall, the results are fairly similar across the grid regarding who will be on top and who won’t make the top ten but every weekend is a surprise so it will be interesting to see which driver will take the most points and who will find themselves in a position to do the best.

We will see you next week for our race rundowns and reviews ahead of the final Formula 3 race of 2020. But for now, enjoy race weekend and we will see you guys, soon.

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