Formula 3 Italian Monza Grand Prix 2020

For the first round of the Italian Grand Prix, the drivers are at the iconic track of Monza, following the Formula 1 category. Malvestiti, Nannini and Deledda are all racing at their home track.

This race summary is for the first round in Italy.


Hughes sets the first fastest time with a 1:38.243, which Vesti sits behind by 0.169 seconds and Pourchaire is by 0.319 seconds. Beckmann then takes the provisional pole by 0.082 seconds, setting a 1:38.161, but loses it again to Hughes as he sets a lap 0.11 seconds quicker. Pourchaire sets the fastest first two sectors to go quicker by 0.001 seconds. Beckmann, Vesti and Nannini all manage to go faster than Pourchaire, with Beckmann setting a 1:37.916, 0.134 seconds quicker than the French rookie. No driver decides to run in the gap between then and the end of the session, leaving 30 cars on the track with 10 minutes to go. Unfortunately, it was cut short when Lawson’s cooler was on track. The session was restarted though since there was 9 minutes left to go. Pourchaire manages to retake the lead, setting a 1:37.764, beating Beckmann by 0.152 seconds. Instead, Zendeli manages to go quicker than the French driver, but loses it to him by 0.451 seconds with a 1:37.301. Meanwhile, Smolyar and Lawson jump to third and fourth respectively.

Théo Pourchaire, Alexander Smolyar, Pierre-Louis Chovet, Lirim Zendeli, Olli Caldwell, Sebastián Fernández and David Beckmann have all been given a 5 place grid drop after driving slowly at turn 11 and potentially causing a dangerous situation. Smolyar was then given another 3 place grid drop for also driving slowly but at turn two, accumulating to 8 places grid drop from 3rd to 11th. Zendeli was given a 5 place grid drop for holding up Lawson also at turn two, giving him a 10 place grid drop from 2nd to 12th. Oscar Piastri and Frederik Vesti were also given 3 place grid drop after slowing down Hughes who was on a flying lap. Piastri then starts 15th, whilst Vesti starts 9th.

The grid is as follows:
1. Liam Lawson
2. Matteo Nannini
3. Jake Hughes
4. Calan Williams
5. Logan Sargeant
6. PENALISED Théo Pourchaire
7. Igor Fraga
8. Alex Peroni
9. PENALISED Frederik Vesti
10. PENALISED David Beckmann
11. PENALISED Alexaner Smolyar
12. PENALISED Lirim Zendeli
13. Roman Staněk
14. Richard Verschoor
15. PENALISED Oscar Piastri
16. Sebastián Fernández
17. Enzo Fittipaldi
18. Jack Doohan
19. Michael Belov
20. PENALISED Olli Caldwell
21. Bent Viscaal
22. Dennis Hauger
23. Federico Malvestiti
24. Clément Novalak
25. Sophia Flörsch
26. Cameron Das
27. Alessio Deledda
28. Lukas Dunner
29. David Schumacher
30. PENALISED Pierre-Louis Chovet

Feature Race

Fittipaldi stalls it to start but finally gets the car going with Lawson holds the lead as he defends from Nannini and Hughes. Fernandez loses the rear and drops to back. As Lawson defends from Nannini, it allows Pourchaire to catch up as he attempts to overtake Nannini into Parabolica but backs out.

Beckmann and Pourchaire are sent round the bollards into turn one, pushing Smolyar down to 15th. Doohan makes the move on Viscaal to overtake for 17th. Théo Pourchaire now makes the move on Nannini and is on the chase for Lawson who sits in P1. Pourchaire has now moved from 6th to 2nd on the grid in two laps. In the background, Das goes off track. Lawson continues to defend against Pourchaire while Hughes makes an easy move round Nannini. Piastri and Novalak make the move up the grid, the remaining Prema’s of Vesti and Sargeant battling for 8th. Deledda and Caldwell battle it out with Caldwell leaving the battle with a broken front wing.

As we head into lap five, drivers are constantly back and forth with being on and off the grid. Piastri gets past championship leader Sargeant for 11th. Malvestiti and Verschoor head off track, promoting Hauger to 19th. Peroni moves up to 6th as Fraga runs wide. Sargeant regains his position of 11th from Piastri. Smolyar is next to make a move, heading up the outside of Piastri but is unable to take 12th position. Hughes makes his way past Lawson. Into lap seven, Piastri makes the move on Fraga to get ahead while further up the grid, Peroni clips Williams and spins the driver round. Novalak manages to move to 13th from Smolyar while Staněk moves up to 11th. Nannini tries to send it on Lawson but makes contact with the hitch and breaks his front left. Staněk now up to tenth.

The battle for the championship continues as Piastri manages to make it past Sargeant at turn one and moves himself up to eighth. Doohan moves too 17th while Smolyar, Hauger and Dunner all move up the grid. Viscaal is next to head up the grid as he takes 14th from Fraga while slightly further up, Novalak makes it past Staněk for 10th. Vesti attempts to overtake Lawson as he heads off of track, clipping the kerb and getting past Lawson. At lap 11, we are unsure on wether this will be a penalty due to gaining an advantage by leaving the track but it is deemed acceptable post race. Fernández loses control of his car, heading into the gravel which calls for a safety car. The grid proceeds to bunch up and all gaps are now closed.

From the safety car restart, Pourchaire gets one of the best starts possible and is charging down the track. Vesti overtakes Hughes while Beckmann and Lawson continue to fight for the position. Beckmann loses out and drops back to 7th. Sargeant is spun out in lap 15 by Novalak but is able to rejoin the grid at the back of the pack. Novalak receives a ten second time penalty. Roman Staněk uses this to his advantage and moves up to 10th. Smolyar keeps a hold of 11th place from Viscaal while Das moves up to 17th.

Peroni is next on the overtakes as he attempts a move on Lawson, sending Piastri around. He almost takes the position from him but backs out. This gives him a better exit to try again but is unable to do so. Chovet moves up to 20th after starting 30th on the grid. Vesti is now catching Pourchaire by the second as he attempts to move up to first. Belov moves up to 12th as he makes a move on Smolyar who drops to 14th behind Fittipaldi. Piastri is able to make the move on Peroni into turn one to take 5th position. Vesti is now able to take the position from Pourchaire to run in first with one lap to go. Piastri moves on Lawson to take 4th. Lawson drops behind Beckmann and Peroni to 7th.

Into the final lap, Novalak is now up to 7th but with a 10 second penalty looming, he is set to drop out of the points. Piastri manages to get past Hughes to take 3rd, the final podium spot. Staněk is now up to 9th but he also holds a five second time penalty. Hughes is overtaken once more and demoted to 5th while Beckmann moves to fourth.

The feature race results are:
1. Frederik Vesti
2. Théo Pourchaire
3. Oscar Piastri
4. David Beckmann
5. Jake Hughes
6. Liam Lawson
7. Lirim Zendeli
8. Bent Viscaal
9. Enzo Fittipaldi
10. Michael Belov
11. PENALISED Roman Staněk
12. Jack Doohan
13. Dennis Hauger
14. Clément Novalak
15. Lukas Dunner
16. Cameron Das
17. Alex Peroni
18. Pierre-Louis Chovet
19. David Schumacher
20. Alexander Smolyar
21. Sophia Flörsch
22. Federico Malvestiti
23. Alessio Deledda
24. Igor Fraga
25. Calan Williams
26. Logan Sargeant
27. Richard Verschoor
28. DNF Sebastián Fernández
29. DNF Olli Caldwell
30. DNF Matteo Nannini

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. Michael Belov
2. Enzo Fittipaldi
3. Bent Viscaal
4. Lirim Zendeli
5. Liam Lawson
6. Jake Hughes
7. David Beckmann
8. Oscar Piastri
9. Théo Pourchaire
10. Frederik Vesti
11. Roman Staněk
12. Jack Doohan
13. Dennis Hauger
14. Clément Novalak
15. Lukas Dunner
16. Cameron Das
17. Alex Peroni
18. Pierre-Louis Chovet
19. David Schumacher
20. Alexander Smolyar
21. Sophia Flörsch
22. Federico Malvestiti
23. Alessio Deledda
24. Igor Fraga
25. Calan Williams
26. Logan Sargeant
27. Richard Verschoor
28. Sebastián Fernández
29. Olli Caldwell
30. Matteo Nannini

Belov gets a good start as he defends the lead from Fittipaldi but later loses it to Zendeli and Fittipaldi. Pourchaire heads off into the background as Lawson moves ahead of Belov. Doohan and Das drop down the standings with Staněk now up to 11th. Schumacher makes the move on Hauger for 12th with Malvestiti and Flörsch battling for 18th. Pourchaire fights with Chovet for 17th position. Vesti moves up to 8th, overtaking Viscaal while Pourchaire heads into 16th after taking the position from his teammate, Smolyar.

As we move into lap five, Sargeant is on the comeback and sits in 14th. Novalak sends it into turn one on Viscaal. Lawson moves up to third after overtaking Hughes into turn one. Fittipaldi finally manages to overtake Zendeli. Zendeli retakes the lead of the race while Smolyar drops from 16th to 18th following a battle with Malvestiti. Verschoor moves up to 19th. Viscaal and Staněk fight for the position but Staněk is off and onto the side road. Beckmann has an issue which drops him to the back of the grid.

Fittipaldi attempts to use the exit of the chicane to overtake Zendeli but the German defends from him. He tries once again a few corners later but still can’t manage to take the position. He proceeds to go wide, giving Fittipaldi the room to move up and take the lead. As he pushes ahead, Fittipaldi notices a puncture and falls back. Lawson uses this to retake the lead. With Fittipaldi now out of the race and Lawson in first, the battle lies for third place. Vesti and Piastri continue to fight it out for the position while Zendeli drops too 7th. Malvestiti moves up to 19th ahead of Fernández.

Piastri, Belov, Novalak and Schumacher all get caught in an incident. Clem accidentally spins Piastri which sends Piastri into the side of Belov. Schumacher, with no where to go, heads into the gravel. ART use this to their advantage as Pourchaire moves to P7 and Smolyar moves too P10. Into lap 14, Zendeli goes offload and loses his position to Sargeant. Caldwell moves up to 13th. Sargeant manages to get Vesti but hampered Vesti to the grasps of Zendeli. However, Sargeant loses it to him again. Zendeli makes it past Sargeant for 4th while Sargeant proceeds to lose 5th to Pourchaire. The German gets past Vesti to 3rd. Malvestiti is now up to 15th from Hauger. Vesti and Sargeant continue their battle for the position but Sargeant clips Vesti’s front wing, resulting in both Prema’s with damage. All three Prema’s are now out of the race.

Staněk makes the most of the moment and heads to P8. Behind him, Viscaal fights with Caldwell for 9th position. Into the last lap, Viscaal loses the position to Caldwell and his teammate Verschoor which moves him to 11th.

Post race, Liam Lawson gets a penalty, whilst Bent Viscaal has been disqualified and then Clement Novalak, Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant have all been served with grid drops for the finale round in Mugello. Lawson has been given a 10-second time penalty for forcing Lirim Zendeli off track at turn 1, dropping from 2nd to 7th. This promotes Pourchaire to 2nd and Smolyar to 3rd. Viscaal is disqualified from 11th after his team breached parc ferme regulations. Novalak has been given a 10s time penalty, but since he didn’t finish the race, it has been converted into a five place grid-drop for a collision with Michael Belov and Oscar Piastri. On top of this, Piastri has also been given a 10s time penalty, though like Novalak, has been converted into a five place grid-drop for the next race. He forced David Beckmann off track at Turn 5, which Beckmann suffered damage and later retired. Finally, Sargeant has been given a 3 place grid drop for causing a collision with his teammate Frederik Vesti at turn 8.

The sprint race results are:
1. Jake Hughes
2. Théo Pourchaire
3. Alexander Smolyar
4. Lirim Zendeli
5. Alex Peroni
6. Pierre-Louis Chovet
7. PENALISED Liam Lawson
8. Roman Staněk
9. Olli Caldwell
10. Richard Verschoor
11. Sebastián Fernández
12. Sophia Flörsch
13. Michael Belov
14. Federico Malvestiti
15. Dennis Hauger
16. Cameron Das
17. Igor Fraga
18. Calan Williams
19.Enzo Fittipaldi
20. Matteo Nannini
21. Jack Doohan
22. Alessio Deledda
23. DNF/COMPLETED 90% Frederik Vesti
24. DNF/COMPLETED 90% Logan Sargeant
25. DNF Clément Novalak
26. DNF Oscar Piastri
27. DNF David Schumacher
28. DNF David Beckmann
29. DNF Lukas Dunner
30. DSQ Bent Viscaal

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