Lets Talk About The Formula 2 Monza Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the eighth Formula 2 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

It’s just unfortunate


I made a pretty bold statement once again with the DAMS one two and I was very nearly right with the one. Dan Ticktum technically crossed the line in first place but was later disqualified due to lack of fuel. He’s still a winner in my eyes and he deserved to win the race, it’s just unfortunate that the outcome fell how it did. At one moment we did have Vips and Ticktum leading the pack but ultimately, Vips finished 11th and 9th.

I also mentioned that the Prema boys would be quick which they were. Schumacher took first and fourth which was bumped to third after Ticktum’s disqualification while Shwartzman took 9th and 5th. I said Schumacher would push for a win this weekend which he did. I also mentioned Mazepin and Tsunoda doing great with Tsunoda finishing 4th and a non classified while Mazepin took a non classified and 8th.

With teams and fastest lap, I said Prema with the points with DAMs and Virtuosi close behind. Prema did take the most points with Virtuosi taking a fair few too. ART also took a decent amount of points for the first time. With fastest lap, Ghiotto and Tsunoda took the time.

Schumacher provided a fight to ilott


A pole position is what Ilott took once again for the following year, but this time, it was full of chaos. Stalling it during the pitstop dropped him to virtually the back of the grid and began his campaign to finish in a good position for the following race. Ending up 6th, he started 3rd in the sprint race, but lost out to the lead to Ticktum. After the Briton was disqualified, he was moved up to the top of the podium, claiming a win. This allowed him to regain the championship lead though, which is crucial with only 4 rounds left to go. His teammate beat him to 5th near the end of the feature race, to start 4th, but all was too well when he was fighting with Schumacher for the lead as he encountered an issue with the car to start dropping him back in the order, which he later ended up not classifying in the race. Schumacher provided a fight to Ilott before the British driver had a pitstop issue, but later went on to win the race. The German driver finished 4th in the second, but was promoted up because of the disqualification of the DAMS driver. Juri Vips had a more or less uneventful weekend, going for alternates on the feature race but loses out to 11th and then fighting for 9th in the sprint.

For Ticktum, he had a decent feature race, starting 10th and finishing 7th. This gave him the starting grid of 2nd, to take the lead immediately into turn one and dominate the race from there. Unfortunately, he lost the race though for not providing enough fuel for a sample in the post-race scrutineering, therefore being disqualified. Drugovich started the race quite low in the standings, finishing in 16th for the race. Contact with Nissany meant he spun round and lost control of his car, ending up stalling it and having to retire. Sadly, it was not the weekend for the Brazilian driver, who deserved a lot more. Deletraz started 9th, putting him in a good spot for reverse grid pole, in which he ends up doing. The Charouz car doesn’t have good race pace compared to those around them, losing out and dropping to 4th within the final few laps.

I wanted Virtuosi in front, because frankly, they deserve it especially how they’ve been pushing the cars to the most every weekend. Sadly, Prema managed to collect more points the whole weekend, extending their lead by 5 points to 32. Luckily for my predictions, ART managed to reclaim 4th after Lundgaard gathered a double podium.


As we looked at how the audience predicted the weekend, people believed it would be Ilott, Drugovich or Tsunoda on pole but it was the 33.3% who said Ilott that were correct. Ilott was also popular for first place with Schumacher and Shwartzman but it was the 33.3% that said Schumacher that were correct. For second place, the audience predicted Shwartzman, Zhou or Drugovich but it was Ghiotto who took to the podium. To finalise the podium, third place saw Tsunoda, Ilott and Shwartzman as the audiences predictions but it was Lundgaard who secured the points. For the fastest lap, we saw the three who were voted third but it was Ghiotto who went quickest.

It surprises me how well he’s handling this

For the sprint race, Schumacher returns for first place with Deletraz and Matsushita but it was Ticktum and Ilott who took first. Ticktum was the original driver to cross the line in first to win the race but was later disqualified, moving Ilott up. For second place; Piquet, Lundgaard and Drugovich were the names predicted with the 33.3% who said Lundgaard being correct. Ilott was the original driver to cross in second but was promoted to first. To finalise the podium, we saw Ilott, Schumacher and Aitken. In the end, it was Schumacher who took the points although he missed out on the podium. Tsunoda went quickest in the sprint race but Schumacher took the points due to Tsunoda not finishing in the top 8. 33.3% predicted that Schumacher would go fastest.

With regards to most surprising driver, 66.7% said Vips while 33.3% said Piquet. Vips to me surprised me. Last week, he couldn’t get off the grid and constantly finished 11th. He took his third 11th during the feature race and managed to land a position out of the points once again in the sprint as he finished 9th. I’m glad he’s getting to grips with the car and it surprises me how well he’s handling this off the bat. Piquet didn’t surprise me this weekend. He had another weekend out of the points. Hopefully we’ll see him in the points before the season finishes.

To finalise, Prema took 66.7% of the votes for most points as a team while Virtuosi took 33.3%. Prema did finish with the most points, closely followed by Virtuosi.

Our Italian Podium

We went on to summarise each race in three words, highlighting key moments of the race. My feature race highlight was Our Italian Podium. The tifosi is really what makes the Italian grand prix’s so special and for me, seeing an Italian driver or team on the podium really secures the positive feeling the Italian Grand Prix gives so to see Ghiotto stand on the podium was just an incredible sight. He drove a beautiful race and deserved to stand on the podium.

Jess’ three words were Ilott’s on Form. Ilott stalled his car in the pitlane after the pitstop, meaning he lost a significant amount of time to the lead because of it. Starting from 21st after the stop, he had a distance to go to even be in the points, but he managed to pull it and finish in 6th despite this. Jess thinks that Ilott is a fantastically talented driver, because that is no easy feat to complete.

ilott’s on form

A few of the three word reviews we got from the audience mainly revolved around Ilott’s fight. When we watched the pit stop, everyone believed that was the end for Ilott and that he would soon drop through the championship standings but he gathered himself together to take some points and put him close to the front for the sprint race.

Looking at the sprint race, my three words Ticktum My Winner. Although Ticktum was later disqualified, he won the race in my heart. He drove a beautiful, clean race with a lot of power and crossed the line as a winner. He couldn’t have produced a better race and it’s sad to hear his car had a fault which rinsed his fuel dry. I’m glad we got to see him on the podium, I’m glad he was able to dedicate his drive to Williams after believing in him when nobody else would. I’m glad he got his moment and I hope he knows that he is a winner, a talented driver and a man with potential to continue to win big.

Jess’ three words were Heartbreak for Ticktum. Ticktum had such a dominant race, taking the lead into the first corner and holding it off from Ilott to then pull a gap of 3 seconds out. It was all lost when he was given a post-race penalty for not having enough fuel at the end of the race, which was told by the team that he had a fuel leak. Jess believes he deserves the win so it was a bit sad to see.

Similarly, the audiences three words also to do with Ticktum and his win. It was a disheartening moment for motorsport fans and supporters to see a beautiful drive disappear to nothing due to a fault that wasn’t his but sadly, the rules had to be followed and it meant Ticktum lost out.

I hope he knows that he is a winner, a talented driver and a man with potential to continue to win big

Regarding highlights, my highlight this weekend was the ART comeback. Although Armstrong was still up and down, Lundgaard has made his comeback. This weekend was one of his best weekends with a 3rd and 2nd which was great to see after a period which lacked points for the most part. It was good to see his redemption and I hope Armstrong’s is close behind.

Jess’ feature race highlight was Zhou’s charge from the back. After a dismal qualifying in 17th, Zhou was flying through the field, going through drivers with the alternate strategy to finally overtake his teammate within the closing laps for 5th. For the sprint race, Lundgaard taking another podium allowed ART to climb back up to 4th after losing 2nd from the opening stages. It was a change of results, with his last podium being in Silverstone race one.

The audiences highlights were similar to Jess and I’s with Callum’s fight back and Ticktum’s domination. Callum had a tough time during the feature race and pulled the result out of the bag to take some points. Ticktum also drove his heart out this weekend and completely dominated his sprint race. He was untouchable the entire time.

the alternate strategy

Image 21

Overall, this weekend has been one to remember and one to forget for some. We saw a disqualification that removed one of the most beautiful drives from the season out of the points, a full 180 in the standings and a redemption of the team that we thought had gone.

Join us across this weekend in Mugello to finalise out Italian Grand Prix’s. Keep an eye on our social medias if you want a say in what you think will happen during the Sochi in a weeks time but for now, enjoy your weekend off.

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