Formula 3 Tuscan Mugello Grand Prix Predictions 2020

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With the end of the Formula 3 season next weekend, we head to Mugello for the first Italian Grand Prix. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 11th September, the Feature Race on the 12th September and the Sprint Race on the 13th September. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:35 am until 10:20 am and Qualifying at 2:05 pm until 2:35 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 9:25 am until 10:05 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 8:45 am until 9:25 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well. Only 28 cars will race this weekend with Fraga not returning for unknown reasons while Chovet has prior commitments with Formula Regional so will be at the Red Bull Ring.

I want to predict by what i want to see and not what i think i’ll see


I’ve procrastinated writing this for days because this is the last time I’ll be writing this until 2021. I just want to start by saying a massive thank you to everybody who’s been on this journey with us. With that being said, for my final prediction, I want to predict by what I want to see and not what I think I’ll see. I want to see Lirim Zendeli on pole position. He has done an outstanding job this season, he was always a favourite but I’ve grown to enjoy watching him more and more over the season. I would love to see him on the podium this weekend as well. Pourchaire is another driver I would love to see on the podium this weekend and even win the championship. The French driver has proved himself over and over and I don’t doubt that he could win.

I’d love to see Lawson on the podium again and a new face to finish off the season. It’s a new track for everyone so it’ll be interesting to see how each driver adapts. Beckmann is another favourite of mine, Trident growing to be a team favourite for myself, and to see him on the podium this weekend will be great.

For things like fastest laps and teams, I can see a Prema going fastest or Peroni. He’s been consistent with his speed and can normally go fastest on the grid. For teams, Prema is going to leave this weekend with the most points, no questions asked, but unlike Jess, I hope Trident holds down second.


After the unfortunate ending of the races last weekend, Piastri now leads out ahead by 8 points to Sargeant, but I have all faith in the American driver to win the championship, because after the pace that we saw back in Monza, I wouldn’t put it past him to pull amazing results and hopefully not have to climb up the grid from the back to score points. It wouldn’t be a championship fight if Piastri also didn’t do the same and have some consistant results up front, but I have my full backing on Sargeant for this season. As a fan of Vesti too, unfortunately he’s not as much in the championship fight as them, but I’m hoping he can score a win, if not a podium, because he’s been definitely been super unlucky this season. Pourchaire is also managing to compete in the title fight, though 24 points out to Piastri. There’s a shot, but it would be difficult for the rookie, however nevertheless, I’m hoping he can give Sargeant and Piastri a run for their money.

For the last two races in Formula 3, I’m hoping Smolyar and Fernandez have a good season ending, because Smolyar has been having some of the best results he’s ever received in Formula 3 recently and I’d love to see that continuing. Fernandez has been considerably unlucky, missing out on some good results by one or two places or having continuous bad luck, so I wish to see him back where he belongs. Considering it’s the last one of the season, I’m putting a few others too, including Stanek, Dunner and Nannini. All three have impressed me recently and I’d love for them to take a few more points to move them up the standings.

Away from Prema, it’s the last weekend where I say ART will overtake Trident for second, unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m willing to give it all for them. They’ve had such an unlucky start to the season to then start picking it up in the final parts, taking 75 points in the last four races. They sit 14 points behind, so I’m hoping all three drivers are up there for once and able to take the points to overtake them.



I think out main difference is that I want Trident to finish ahead of ART while Jess wants to see ART finish ahead of Trident. Jess also mentions a couple of other names like Smolyar, Fernandez, Stanek, Dunner and Nannini while my bets are on Zendeli and Beckmann.

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As always, we look at how the audience believe the weekend will go ahead. It’s all fun and games listening to what Jess and I think is going to happen but when you listen to a collective of individuals, you really get a real taste at how differently people watch Formula 3. Pole position was split between Pourchaire, Sargeant and Vesti with 33.3% each. It’s interesting to see which of the top six people think could be on pole. As this reflects into first place, we lose Pourchaire as Sargeant takes 66.7% while Vesti takes 33.3%. For second place, Pourchaire is most popular with 66.7% while Liam Lawson takes 33.3%. To finalise the podium, third place saw Piastri with 66.7% and Smolyar with 33.3%. Fastest lap was then split between Lawson, Piastri and Sargeant with 33.3% each.

For the sprint race, we saw a split decision between Smolyar, Piastri and Lawson with 33.3% each. The split reflects into the runner up with Zendeli, Beckmann and Piastri. Third position saw a more dominant result with Sargeant taking 66.7% while Piastri took 33.3%. The fastest lap saw Piastri once again with 33.3%, joined by Beckmann and Zendeli.

With surprising driver, we saw Verschoor who we’ve seen do wonders this season but have also seen him drop through the grid so it will be interesting to see how he deals with this new track. We also saw Belov get a mention for most surprising driver. We saw him on provisional pole last weekend and he held his own to the best he could so it’ll be interesting to see if he can fight at the front again. With this being his third weekend in Formula 3, anything in the points will always fall as a surprise. Stanek was the third and final name we saw which, after last weekend, most would expect him to drop back through the pack as most do so it’ll be a surprise to see if he can hold his own and head to the points. For teams, 100% said Prema would take the most points.


Overall, this season has been one to remember and every team has done so well given the circumstances. We head into Mugello, a new track for these drivers, with six drivers fighting for the championship win. It’s anyones place and it’s all down to how they do this weekend.

We will see you next week for our race rundowns and reviews as we bid farewell to the Formula 3 2020 Championship. We hate to see it go but what a journey it’s been. We’ll see you next time with our Formula 3 Champion crowned.

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