Formula 2 Italian Mugello Grand Prix 2020

The drivers and teams remain in Italy for another round, this time held in Mugello. Last time they raced, was prior 2000’s so for majority of the drivers are learning the new track to the calendar. Jüri Vips still takes Sean Gelael’s seat, because of an incident that occured in Barcelona, Spain.

This race summary is for the second round in Italy.


Schumacher was on his push lap, being one of the firsts to try, but his lap was abruptly ended when he goes wide to briefly lose his car and spin round, but he manages to catch the rear end and continue. Ghiotto also does something similar, going into the gravel, but keeps his car forwards. Armstrong sets the fastest lap for the first ten minutes with a 1:30.857, but Lundgaard manages to set full purples for a 1:30.205. Drugovich manages to jump to 2nd, missing out by 0.134 seconds to Lundgaard, whilst Deletraz sets a lap to go 3rd. Unfortunately for the Brazilian and Swiss driver, Ticktum goes with a 1:30.273. With 10 minutes left on the clock, drivers came out for their second push lap with brand new tyres. Lundgaard imrpoves his time with a 1:30.133, better by 0.072 seconds. Ilott jumps from 12th to 3rd, missing out by 0.071 to Lundgaard at the front. None of the drivers could beat Lundgaard’s time, leaving him to take his first ever Formula 2 pole position.

Vips was given a 3 place grid drop for impeding Louis Delétraz when he was on his flying lap, dropping him from 7th to 10th.

The grid is as follows:
1. Christian Lundgaard
2. Dan Ticktum
3. Callum Ilott
4. Marcus Armstrong
5. Felipe Drugovich
6. Jehan Daruvala
7. Luca Ghiotto
8. Robert Shwartzman
9. Jack Aitken
10. PENALISED Jüri Vips
11. Yuki Tsunoda
12. Louis Delétraz
13. Guanyu Zhou
14. Nikita Mazepin
15. Mick Schumacher
16. Pedro Piquet
17. Marino Sato
18. Roy Nissany
19. Artem Markelov
20. Giuliano Alesi
21. Nobuharu Matsushita
22. Guilherme Samaia

Feature Race

Lundgaard gets off the line well to stay ahead of Ticktum, whilst Ilott drops back massively to around 8th in the grid. Armstrong was up to third going around the outside of the drivers behind, but loses out to Ghiotto down the inside. Meanwhile, Aitken had managed to put himself up to 6th after starting 9th, because Ilott, Daruvala and Shwartzman lose out on the opening lap. Vips starts making his way up the grid back into 10th after losing positions at the start. Zhou also tries to overtake Schumacher, going side by side into the chicane, but the Chinese driver gets a better entry into the corner, taking it from the German.

Tsunoda now tries to get past Daruvala down the inside he he’d on the defence. Drugovich gets ahead of Armstrong as Ilott gets ahead of Aitken into the same corner. Tsunoda eventually gets past Daruvala but he now has Mazepin challenging behind. Ticktum is out of Lundgaard’s DRS, leaving him in second behind the Danish driver. Shwartzman’s now on the push for Vips. Lundgaard is the first to pit, followed by teammate Armstrong, and Ticktum is now able to inherit the lead. Ghiotto locks up as he attempts to make the overtake on Ticktum. Both drivers head to pit, leaving Drugovich and Ilott battling for the lead. It’s Ilott who gets ahead to inherit the lead.

Ilott’s next into the pits in lap eleven with Drugovich, Tsunoda, Aitken and Daravula. Ilott comes out ahead of Ticktum in 14th but with Ticktum on warmer tyres, he’s able to get past. Ghiotto is the next to make a move on Ilott. Alesi, who is left to pit, is overtaken by Ticktum, Ghiotto and Ilott. Ghiotto is now ahead of Matsushita and Samaia who still need to pit, leaving the two Brits of Ticktum and Ilott stuck behind.

Samaia held up Matsushita, which allowed Ticktum and Ilott to be within 0.2 seconds of the MP car. With all three drivers being stuck behind the Brazilian driver, Tsunoda and Armstrong caught up to the back of the train. Ilott tries to overtake Ticktum into the first corner, but loses out on braking, however the British duo do manage to overtake Matsushita since the Japanese driver went wide. Dan and Callum finally get past Samaia, leaving him in the grasps of Tsunoda behind, who easily clears him.

The battle for second is getting hotter by the second as Zhou attempts a move around the outside on Vips but is unable to move up. Deletraz is now up to 5th as he manages to get past Shwartzman. The Russian driver is next to pit while Zhou is finally able to make it past the Estonian rookie. Ghiotto is now picking up the pace, going 0.857 seconds quicker than Lundgaard who is his main competition. Shwartzman faces a problem and is out of the race. The final few drivers that are left to pit begin to head for their tyre change with Vips and Markelov heading for the pit lane in lap 19. The two Brits are back with another double overtake but this time, it’s on Sato. Zhou and Schumacher are next to pit, both moving to the soft compound.

Deletraz and Sato pit, leaving Mazepin out front with 21 lap old tyres. With his tyre degradation rising, Mazepin pits next with Nissany. A virtual safety car is called as Alesi’s car heads to the gravel but it’s not the only commotion as Nissany stalls in the pits. A full safety car is the deployed due to the marshals having difficulties getting the car behind the barriers.

The green flags are waved on lap 27, signifying the track is clear and it was safe to race again. Tsunoda went for Ticktum on the restart, aiming for another podium under his name in Formula 2. However, he makes contact with the British driver, sending him on the outer rim of the track and losing many positions. Tsunoda was later given a 5 second penalty for this incident. Just down the straight after the corner, Zhou, Schumacher and Aitken come together with the German and British driver squeezing the Chinese driver, thus the Virtuosi driver being unable to do anything. Aitken’s car momentarily is in the air, but with both Guanyu and Jack suffering suspension damage, their race ended there. Because of this, the safety car is called. However, before the incident was flagged up, Schumacher and Vips passed Ilott for 6th and 7th respectively, Markelov moved up to 9th past Ticktum and Armstrong and Sato passed Matsushita for 14th. Unfortunately, Ilott sustained damage to his front wing, thus having to pit in, dropping him from 8th to 18th.

Mazepin had 8 lap old softs by the time the flags went green on lap 30. He had such an advantage compared to those around him that when he got the better restart compared to Lundgaard, he excelled to the front of the grid, joined by Ghiotto by the first corner. The two Hitech drivers are fighting each other, but Mazepin holds onto the lead. Tsunoda drops back from 4th to 6th, but manages to pull out ahead of Delétraz and Schumacher to keep the position from them. Markelov moves up to 8th past Armstrong, whilst the Kiwi battles Ticktum behind.

Drugovich manages to pass Lundgaard through the chicane on the inside, whilst Delétraz sat behind waiting for an opportunity. The Charouz driver takes 4th from the Danish driver down the straight with slipstream. Ticktum moves up to 12th past Matsushita, but loses the position not long after as he battles with the experienced Japanese driver. Meanwhi,e Piquet and Ilott move to 14th and 16th respectively. Samaia is given a 10 second stop and go penalty for safety car infringement.

Tsunoda is dropping down the order, losing 6th to Schumacher. With a penalty looming, he had to push in order to stay in the points. Meanwhile at the front, Drugovich was pressuring Ghiotto for 2nd as he sat 0.4 seconds behind the Italian driver. With Ghiotto defending from Drugovich, it allowed Delétraz to gain on them, to which he decided to overtake the MP driver into the first corner for 3rd. Lower down the grid, Ilott was now sat in 14th after not only him but Sato and Nissany overtook him for positions. The British Virtuosi driver manages to pass Piquet across the line to finish 13th.

The feature race results are:
1. Nikita Mazepin
2. Luca Ghiotto
3. Louis Delétraz
4. Felipe Drugovich
5. Mick Schumacher
6. Christian Lundgaard
7. Jüri Vips
8. Artem Markelov
9. Marcus Armstrong
10. Jehan Daruvala
11. Nobuharu Matsushita
12. Callum Ilott
13. Pedro Piquet
14. Marino Sato
15. Roy Nissany
16. PENALISED Yuki Tsunoda
17. Dan Ticktum
18. Guilherme Samaia
19. DNF Jack Aitken
20. DNF Guanyu Zhou
21. DNF Giuliano Alesi
22. DNF Robert Shwartzman

Sprint Race

The sprint race grid is:
1. Artem Markelov
2. Jüri Vips
3. Christian Lundgaard
4. Mick Schumacher
5. Felipe Drugovich
6. Louis Delétraz
7. Luca Ghiotto
8. Nikita Mazepin
9. Marcus Armstrong
10. Jehan Daruvala
11. Nobuharu Matsushita
12. Callum Ilott
13. Pedro Piquet
14. Marino Sato
15. Roy Nissany
16. Yuki Tsunoda
17. Dan Ticktum
18. Guilherme Samaia
19. Jack Aitken
20. Guanyu Zhou
21. Giuliano Alesi
22. Robert Shwartzman

Markelov maintains the lead, whilst Lundgaard gets a good start to sit side by side into the first corner with the Russian driver. By the second corner, the Danish driver had taken the lead and now started pulling a gap to him. Meanwhile, Vips loses out at the start and had to defend from Schumacher who moved up, going three wide into the first corner with Delétraz. Zhou had a good first lap to jump from 20th on the grid to 16th.

Shwartzman manages to pull up to 16th after starting last and even managed to get past Zhou for position after some battles between them. Tsunoda and Aitken also move up to 14th and 18th respectively, whilst Ilott gets past Piquet for 12th and was in the hunt for points. Unfortunately for Ticktum, he picked up damage in the opening lap with Shwartzman, having forced to return to the pits on the second lap to repair the front wing.

Zhou, Shwartzman and Matsushita are going three wide into the first corner, battling for 15th position. The Chinese driver gets into the apex of the corner which the Russian goes around the outside, whilst the Japanese driver drops back. Guanyu Zhou is squeezing him off the track, but it wasn’t enough and Robert was pass.

At the front, Lundgaard now had a 3.6 second gap to Markelov in second, whilst Delétraz was within 1 second of the experienced Russian. Vips started to catch to Louis, reducing the gap by 0.058 seconds on lap four. Delétraz with DRS decides to make a move on Markelov around the outside and moves up to second, equalling the best result of the season. Ghiotto also did a move similar to the Swiss driver, taking 7th from Armstrong instead and now sat 0.6 seconds behind Drugovich.

Vips tries to make an overtake on Markelov for 3rd, but a light tap on the wheel for the Estonian driver means he makes a wide line around the outside and loses the rear briefly, allowing Markelov to keep the position and allowed Schumacher to gain time on him.

Ghiotto was making a charge up the grid after finishing second in the feature race, moving up to 6th past Drugovich around the outside. Mazepin follows on Armstrong to move up to 9th. Lower down the grid, Shwartzman had now made his way past Piquet to sit in 14th, going up by 8 positions in eight laps. Aitken also overtook Matsushita for 17th and sat behind Zhou by 2.199 seconds. Ilott overtakes Sato for 11th down the main straight, gathering much more speed with DRS to overtake him. Meanwhile, Matsushita continues to fall as he loses 19th from Nissany.

At the front, Lundgaard keeps a 6.4 second lead to 2nd place Delétraz, easily controlling the race. Markelov is under attack from Vips into the first corner. The DAMS driver has DRS to pass the Russian, this time with no contact occurring. The two Hitech cars were now together in 6th and 7th as Mazepin gets past Drugovich for 7th. Zhou gets past Piquet for 15th, but still had a 0.7 second gap to catch Shwartzman in 14th.

Schumacher manages to pass Markelov down the straight on lap 11, but the Russian driver picks up the DRS instead of him and manages to retake the position from the German driver. Ghiotto decides to seize the opportunity and tries to send it down the inside of Mick and followed him side by side through into the chicane but ends up slightly off track to give the position away. Schumacher still remained within the rear wing of Markelov and when the experienced driver was pressured to make a mistake, in which he did, it allowed the Ferrari Driver Academy driver to catch up and pass him through one of the high-speed corners. Mazepin manages to pass both Ghiotto and Markelov in one corner after the HWA driver also makes a mistake. Ghiotto tries to overtake Markelov as well to move up to 6th, but clips the front wing of the Russian driver, breaking it thus ending his run at the front of the grid.

Armstrong and Daruvala fight each other into the first corner for 7th, but the Kiwi ends up locking up and going wide, allowing the Indian driver to move up a position. Ilott also decides to send it on Tsunoda and gets past him for 10th.

Both the UNI-Virtuosi drivers were making their way up the grid after a quiet start to the race. Ilott manages to send it around the inside of Armstrong for 9th, whilst Zhou does the opposite around the outside on Shwartzman. Just a lap later, Guanyu Zhou decides to make another move on Sato this time and takes it from him.

Armstrong had to defend from Tsunoda, in which he did, but lost out on the position upon the exit of the corner. Shwartzman also moves up to 13th past Sato as well, now behind Zhou once again. Nissany gets past Aitken too for 16th, but was 2.4 seconds behind Piquet in 15th.

Ghiotto was gaining on Mazepin for laps until lap 15 where he tried to make a move around the outside. They end up clipping since Mazepin was unable to slow down for the corner, sending Ghiotto’s car up in the air momentarily and then into the gravel, ending the Italian’s race there. Mazepin was able to continue but had to pit for repairs on the car. The Virtual Safety car was called to retrieve his car and some drivers took a gamble on new tyres. Aitken, Alesi, Matsushita, Nissany, Samaia and Ticktum all come in for softs, but Alesi has an issue with his right rear wheel on the axel. Since the tyre was unable to go on, unfortunately he had to retire.

Drugovich reacts to the restart a lot better than Daruvala did and decided to overtake into the first corner. Zhou does the same on Armstrong for 8th, now earning at least a point from this race. Drugovich goes wide on the corner, meaning Ilott and Zhou pass through the Brazilian. Zhou has DRS to pass Ilott with ease for 6th. Behind, Shwartzman and Armstrong are fighting each other for 9th. It seemed like Robert had the position, but into the chicane, he loses the rear end and goes into the gravel, regains control, but rides into the second gravel trap to lose the position and drop to 11th.

Zhou gains another position past Daruvala. Daruvala’s teammate Tsunoda tries to pass Felipe Drugovich but ends up hitting his front wing on his rear left wheel damaging it, but still manages to gets past Drugovich for the final points. However, the black and orange flag was called for him to pit and replace the front wing, meaning he loses the position.

Vips had managed to clear the 4 second gap to Delétraz in 2nd and started pressuring him for the second place position. Behind, sato gets ahead of Shwartzman, whilst he defends from Armstrong. Drugovich was only minorly ahead of the Japanese driver and so decides to try a move into the second chicane. Through the inside line, he manages to take the position and sits in the final points position.

Delétraz is defending for his position as Vips seems to have the better pace. Meanwhile, Ilott gets up to 6th past Daruvala, whilst Shwartzman and Nissany pass Drugovich for 9th and 10th respectively. The Brazilian driver kept falling as he was now within the grasps of Piquet, Aitken and Armstrong. Unfortunately for him, he loses to all three with Armstrong being the leader in the pack.

The sprint race results are:
1. Christian Lundgaard
2. Louis Delétraz
3. Jüri Vips
4. Mick Schumacher
5. Guanyu Zhou
6. Callum Ilott
7. Jehan Daruvala
8. Marino Sato
9. Robert Shwartzman
10. Roy Nissany
11. Marcus Armstrong
12. Pedro Piquet
13. Jack Aitken
14. Nobuharu Matsushita
15. Felipe Drugovich
16. Guilherme Samaia
17. Dan Ticktum
18. Nikita Mazepin
19. Yuki Tsunoda
20. Artem Markelov
21. DNF Luca Ghiotto
22. DNF Giuliano Alesi

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