Lets Talk About The Formula 3 Mugello Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the ninth and final Formula 3 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

the season was definitely one to remember


It’s so weird to think that I’m sat down, writing my final Formula 3 Race Review of the year. The season was definitely one to remember with its highs and lows. Mugello was a great end where we saw the tightest battle for the championship we’ve seen to date. With it being my final predictions, I had to predict what I wanted to happen and not what I thought would happen with my mind telling me a Prema on pole but my heart wanting Zendeli on pole. I went with what I wanted and to see Zendeli on pole again was incredible. Sadly, he couldn’t bring that through to the race. I wanted to see him on the podium also but he just missed out with 4th place. Pourchaire was the next driver I went on to speak about as I wanted him to win the championship. His first race weekend wasn’t the best but he improved week after week, being the youngest Formula 3 driver to win a race. Sadly, he missed out by three points but we did get to see him on the podium twice in third place this weekend.

Another person I wanted to see on the podium this weekend was Lawson. He had a rough qualifying but managed to finish tenth in the feature that placed him on pole for the sprint race. He managed to hold his lead and win the race. Beckmann was another driver I wanted to see do well and on the podium where he managed to finish second in his sprint race.

For fastest laps, I said Prema or Peroni. One of the Prema’s managed to go fastest in the sprint race with Vesti taking the quickest lap while the other was taken by Zendeli. For teams, I said Prema will take the most points and the did. On top of that, I said I wanted Trident to hold down second place which they did.

it all came to an end in the second corner


It feels super weird to say that this is the final Formula 3 opinions post til the following year and what an ending it has been. I wanted Sargeant to become the champion, which he had a shot of, finishing the feature race with his points being on par with Piastri. Yet, it all came to an end in the second corner when he was hit into the gravel and ending his race. I’m truly sad for him because he definitely deserved a fighting chance for the title, but I think he’s proved enough that he’s done enough this year. It’s a similar note to Piastri, who cannot get enough praise for what he’s done. A rookie taking the championship is really a sight to see and it couldn’t of gone to a better driver. Pourchaire gave the two Prema drivers a lot of pressure after being the only one in championship contention after the first race besides from them two. He was awfully close to achieving it and definitely challenged Piastri right until the line, but just missed out by 3 points. It was incredible to watch two rookies fight for the championship and that’s why I enjoy Formula 3. On another note, I mentioned Vesti to take some points away from the championship contenders and he did rightly that, taking 1st in the feature race and challenging for positions in the latter, ending up 9th. I’m happy that he’s managed to take a win in the final weekend because he’s had a lot of unlucky weekends and definitely deserved to be up there.

Smolyar and Fernandez were my two to look out for and I’m happy to have put them both down. Maybe less eventful for the two in terms of results but both were fighting for 2nd/3rd in both races. Considering where they were at the start of the year to then, it was really nice because ART truly work their hardest to provide a car to fight at the front and also compete against one of the most dominant teams in Formula 3.

I really did try and to predict that ART will overtake Trident, but the Italian team had such a successful weekend in terms of Zendeli and Beckmann to finish 2nd ahead of the French team by 10.5 points. However, I’m happy for where ART finished because they had such a turn around from the start of the season to start winning and finishing on the podium on multiple occasions.


When we went back to look at the audiences predictions where the pole position was split between Pourchaire, Sargeant and Vesti but it was Zendeli who came out on top at the end of qualifying. As we moved into first place, Sargeant was the most popular with 66.7% but it was the 33.3% that predicted Vesti that took the point. Second place was split between Pourchaire and Sargeant but it was the unpredictable Jake Hughes who took to the podium. The final position was won by Theo Pourchaire which nobody predicted. The fastest lap was split by Lawson, Piastri and Sargeant but it was Zendeli who went quickest.

the unpredictable jake hughes

As we head into the sprint race, it was the 33.3% who predicted Lawson to win that took the merit. He drove an incredible race to take to the podium. The predictions for second were then split between Zendeli, Piastri and Beckmann but it was those who said Beckmann that predicted correctly. Third place saw dominance with Sargeant taking 66.7% of the votes but it was Theo Pourchaire who took the last place on the podium. Fastest lap was predicted to be Piastri, Beckmann or Zendeli but it was Vesti who went quickest.

When we looked at the most surprising driver this weekend, Verschoor was the first name mentioned. Verschoor really didn’t wow me this weekend. He’s been drifting between the points all season where he fell out of them during the feature race but managed to finish fifth in the sprint. Belov was also mentioned as a surprising driver and after his point last weekend, I was hoping we’d see a bit more from him but he was back to the bottom of the grid. I hope he returns next year and we’re able to see more of him. Stanek was the last driver mentioned as a surprising driver but he didn’t really wow me again this weekend. Like Belov, he had his moment in the points last weekend and fell back down the order. I hope we get to see him next season because I have a lot of faith in him.

When it came down to teams, 100% said Prema and they would all be spot on.

he didn’t really wow me

Jess and I sat down to summarise each race in three words, highlighting the key moments of each race. For the feature race, my three word race review was Poor Jake Hughes. He really did race his heart out this weekend and put the car in the right place at the right time, defended and fought but sadly, he just lost out to Vesti. It would have been great to see Hughes win his last ever Formula 3 Feature Race.

Jess’ three word summary was Who is First. This was in reference to the fact that the lead of the race kept continually changing between Zendeli, Hughes and then finally Vesti. It was definitely an interesting fight and provided a well-enticing spectacle for the penultimate race.

The audiences three words were interesting. We saw one person believe that the title finale could have been scripted as the top two at the time had the exact same points. Another asked whether Formula 1 were watching as the battle was so tight. Ultimately, I agree. We headed into the weekend with 6 people in contention of the title while in Formula 1, you could only wish for that kind of result.

fight for the title

Going into the sprint race, my three word race review was Recognise Liam Lawson. Don’t get me wrong, anybody can win a race and not everybody will win a championship but I feel as if Lawson’s race win was completely overlooked and forgotten about the minute Piastri crossed the line. Lawson’s race was immaculate and he did an insane job, one of the best drives we’ve seen, and I felt as if he wasn’t recognised for it.

For the finale race, Jess’ summary was the Fight for (the) Title. The battle for the championship continued throughout the whole race, where Jess said that she ended up doing maths for most of the race, figuring out who would win and where one had to finish in order for them to be champion. Formula 3 provided such an entertainment right until the line.

Similarly, the audiences three words were to do with the finale. One person stated that it was an Epic Championship Conclusion while another suggested that it was an Insane Championship Battle. Ultimately, the finale was one to remember from the Friday through until the Sunday and it was a great way to end the season.

This weekends highlights from the audience for the feature race were mainly to do with the fight for P3 and the many passes that came from that. There was a lot of overtaking that you didn’t really know who was where for the majority of the time. Regarding the sprint race, it was all to do with Pourchaire. Once Sargeant was out of the race, it was between Pourchaire and Piastri. Pourchaire did everything he could to take the championship but sadly, he just missed out. One moment that was highlighted the most was the pass Theo took for third place.

the rise of trident

My race weekend highlight was the rise of Trident. Trident had a success everyday this weekend with Zendeli on pole position then taking fourth in the feature race followed by Beckmann on the podium was a great success for the team. Over the weekends, I’ve grown a love for Trident and their team and I’m so glad to see them doing as well as they are.

Like Formula 2, Jess decided that her highlights had to be a full weekend one and this time, it was for the ART team. ART had always been up and down, sometimes at the front, sometimes fighting for the points, but in the final weekend, they managed to get all three drivers in the points for both races. The only times they managed this was in Hungary and Spa sprint race. She believes that they have developed the car fantastically to provide a fight not only in terms of gathering points for the championship, but also fighting at the front of the grid for wins.

Art had always been up and down

We give people the opportunity to add any further comments if they wish and for the finale of Formula 3, we received one that really speaks for itself: Feature race was probably my favorite F3 race all season, so many passes for the lead and great racing. I feel for Jake that he couldn’t get one last win, he just lost it on timing in the last laps. And poor Logan. I just wanted them to be able to fight it out on track. Oscar was a bit disappointing in the first half of the sprint race, if Logan was in it he would probably have won. But then Oscar made up for it in the end, and he has been the most consistent all year despite his DRS which was probably mounted by a Ferrari engineer.

Overall, this season really has been something else and I look forward to what the 2021 season has to bring, which drivers well will see return and where our drivers graduate to.

This marks the last of the FIA Formula 3 Season for 2020 where we witnessed one of the tightest battles we’ve seen in feeder series history. He headed into the weekend with 6 Championship contenders, headed to the final race with three and finished with a rookie 1-2. This isn’t the last of the Formula 3 2020 Season for us as next Wednesday, you’ll be able to catch our Season Review followed by our top five over on our Youtube on the following Sunday.

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