This Time Last Year | Red Bull Ring, Austria 2017

99 Nikita Mazepin, 1 Joel Eriksson , 11 Tadasuke Makino, FIA Formula 3 European Championship

The Austrian Grand Prix was the ninth instalment of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship where we saw Lando Norris leading the championship by a margin. Their time in Austria was the penultimate weekend of the championship and was a key moment for second through to fourth.


Due to a lack of footage on the internet, we were unable to find any information on the qualifying session. Due to the lack of information on the qualifying sessions, we only have minimal news on which driver started where. We saw Ilott on pole position with Guenther second for a Prema front row lockout.

The First Race Top Ten grid is as follows:
1. Callum Ilott – Prema – 1:23.301
2. Maximilian Guenther – Prema – 1:23.317
3. Joel Eriksson – Motopark – 1:23.496
4. Lando Norris – Carlin – 1:23.548
5. Tadasuke Makino – Hitech – 1:23.574
6. Nikita Mazepin – Hitech – 1:23.585
7. David Beckmann – Motopark – 1:23.588
8. Harrison Newey – Van Amersfoort – 1:23.651
9. Ralf Aron – Hitech – 1:23.717
10. Guanyu Zhou – Prema – 1:23.728

Race One
31 Lando Norris (GBR, Carlin, Dallara F317 – Volkswagen), FIA Formula 3 European Championship, round 7, race 1, Zandvoort (NED), 18. – 20. August 2017

Guenther gets a great start but as we head into turn one, Eriksson splits the Premas and puts himself into second. The battles continue, Norris still in fourth. Ilott and Eriksson go side by side into the corner but Ilott doesn’t let go of the lead, holding on as they continue to battle. A car goes off into turn 3. Ilott still stays out in first. Norris is down to fifth as Makino gets ahead. Schumacher has moved up to ninth from fourteenth.

Ilott continues to hold the lead as we head into lap three and is now 0.7 of a second clear of Eriksson in P2. With just over 28 minutes to go, Mazepin spins off track after being tapped from behind by Newey. This was done by Newey attempting to overtake on the inside by Mazepin defending himself. Most drivers are now taking it easy, keeping the racing clean with no overtakes to hold their positions.

We are now on to lap seven and it’s 0.5 seconds between P1 and P2. Ilott is holding himself, keeping his pace continuous while Eriksson is gaining slightly every lap. Erikkson is faster in his first sector compaired to Ilott who is quicker in his second sector. With just over 20 minutes to go, Ilott is still ahead with Eriksson close behind. Guenther is in third, Makino in fourth and Norris in fifth. Next in the grid, Habsburg is up to sixth with Beckmann in seventh and Schumacher close behind in eighth. Zhou is next on the grid in ninth, Piquet tenth, Hughes eleventh, Mawson twelfth, Daruvala thirteenth, Aron fourteenth, Andres fifteenth and Sato sixteenth. Mazepin and Newey have retired.

With 20 minutes to go, Guenther goes fastest to take the quickest lap of the day. Mawson heads to the pits with a problem but the race remains steady. Norris is gradually picking up the pace and closing the gap on Makino. Ilott is now ahead by 1.6 seconds, Eriksson extending his gap from Guenther. Further down the grid, Schumacher is now ahead of Beckmann and racing in seventh.

Seventeen laps in, nine minutes to go and Ilott has extended his lead to 1.8 seconds ahead of Erkisson. Norris, still competing in fifth, is beginning to pull out quicker laps than his rivals in third and fourth, setting a personal best and gaining to Makino in fourth. Twenty one laps in and Ilott is just shy of 2 seconds ahead of second. Aron, who’s in twelfth, pulls the fastest first sector of the grid. As we head into the final two laps, Ilott is officially 2.1 seconds ahead of Eriksson and has to hold his pace to win the race. Norris makes the move on Makino, heading on the outside but doesn’t manage it. Norris attempts to go wide but couldn’t make it ahead. He dives down the inside line, making minor contact before heading into the corner side by side but it’s Norris that manages to pip ahead to finish fourth. Ilott crosses the line in first, followed by Eriksson and Guenther.

The standings were as followed:
1. Callum Ilott
2. Joel Eriksson
3. Maximilian Guenther
4. Lando Norris
5. Tadasuke Makino
6. Ferdinand Habsburg
7. Mick Schumacher
8. David Beckmann
9. Guanyu Zhou
10. Pedro Piquet
11. Jake Hughes
12. Ralf Aron
13. Jehan Daruvala
14. Marino Sato
15. Keyvan Andres
16. Devlin Defrancesco
17. Petru Florescu
18. Joey Mawson
19. Harrison Newey
20. Nikita Mazepin

Race Two

The Second Race Top Ten grid is as follows:
1. Joel Eriksson
2. Lando Norris
3. Nikita Mazepin
4. Callum Ilott
5. Jehan Daruvala
6. Jake Hughes
7. Ralf Aron
8. Ferdinand Habsburg
9. Maximilian Guenther
10. Guanyu Zhou

Following yesterdays race, we saw a second qualifying where the grid for todays race is based on their fastest lap. The third race’s grid will be based on everybody’s second fastest lap, meaning we will see Joel Erikkson on pole position for race two and three.

Eriksson is able to keep a hold of his lead as the cars head into the first corner but Norris is close behind. A driver heads off track into corner one. Norris is close behind, heading down the outside line but is unable to get ahead. Defrancesco has stalled beneath the commentary box and is unable to get started. Despite all of the attempts, the top four remains the same.

Further down the grid, sixth through until ninth all battle for sixth position, going wheel to wheel as four cars attempt to head through the corner together. Habsburg, Hughes and Schumacher each continue to fight for the seventh position on the grid. Eriksson is still holding his position but is still less than a second ahead of Norris who is keeping up. Makino and Zhou are announced to be under investigation for jumping the start.

Hughes lunges down the inside of Habsburg with just over 25 minutes to go to move up the grid. Zhou heads to the pits to serve a drive through penalty for his jump start at the beginning of the race. Makino comes in shortly after to serve his. Ilott takes the fastest middle sector, also taking his personal best.

Newey and Beckmaan battle it out for 11th as they headed into turn 3, taking the outside line. This, in turn, opens the door for Pedro Piquet as Beckmann goes wide and lets the Brazilian through to 12th. That’s soon lost as Piquet goes off and loses his position. Seventh, Hughes, through to tenth all battle it out for the position. Habsburg and Hughes make minimal contact into turn four, giving Guenther an advantage to get ahead. Aron holds sixth with Hughes crossing the line behind him in seventh.

Mawson looks around the outside of Guenther, attempting to make a move as they go wheel to wheel. He makes a move for the inside line but Guenther covers, sending Mawson back to the outside line but he isn’t able to get ahead. LEss than ten minutes to go, Beckmann makes the move on the back of Newey but ends up losing a place to Andres, pushing Beckmann to 14th. He heads out of the slipstream and makes a move to attempt to regain his place as the three cars are wheel to wheel through the turn.

With less than five minutes to go, Ilott is now less than a second away from P3 as he fights for another podium in Austria. Norris has remained close to Eriksson the entire race but has continued to hold his position as apposed to gaining further. Eriksson goes on to cross the line in first with Norris close behind. Mazepin goes over in third, a major improvement from yesterday and was able to hold off Ilott who goes on to finish fourth.

The Race Two Results are:
1. Joel Eriksson
2. Lando Norris
3. Nikita Mazepin
4. Callum Ilott
5. Jehan Daruvala
6. Ralf Aron
7. Maximilian Guenther
8. Joey Mawson
9. Ferdinand Habsburg
10. Mick Schumahcer
11. David Beckmann
12. Harrison Newey
13. Jake Hughes
14. Keyvan Andres
15. Pedro Piquet
16. Marino Sato
17. Tadasuke Makino
18. Petru Florescu
19. Guanyu Zhou
20. Devlin Defrancesco

Race Three

The Third Race Top Ten grid is as follows:
1. Joel Eriksson
2. Lando Norris
3. Callum Ilott
4. Nikita Mazepin
5. Ralf Aron
6. Maximilian Guenther
7. Ferdinand Habsburg
8. Tadasuke Makino
9. Jehan Daruvala
10. Jake Hughes

The grid for this race was decided by drivers second fastest laps from the qualifying that morning.

Eriksson is able to hold his lead, Norris keeping on his tale. Ilott slips back to fourth as Aron pushes forward to third. Norris goes for the outside of Eriksson but is unable to overtake. Zhou is tapped from behind, sending him spinning in the middle of the track. Norris goes for the outside, going side by die with Eriksson as they fight through the corners. Eriksson stays ahead. Ilott goes off to the gravel in the back before heading to the pits. The battle for first continues as Norris and Eriksson continues to go wheel by wheel.

Andres is clipped, sending him off track to the gravel. A yellow flag is shown before a safety car is deployed. There is 26 minutes of racing left. Andres’ car is removed from the grid and the race can resume. Ilott and Andres have both retired, leaving 18 cars on the grid. Norris is 0.4 seconds behind Eriksson as he pushes for the top spot. Mawson moves up to sixth as he dives down the inside of the corner. with 22 minutes left, Zhou is under investigation for leaving the track to gain an advantage.

Hughes is given a drive through penalty for pushing another car. He heads to the pit to serve his penalty. Zhou, Mawson and Habsburg are each given five second time penalties for leaving the track and gaining an advantage. With less than 9 minutes to go, Mazepin is in a position to be promoted from 5th to 3rd due to Mawson and Habsburg’s five second penalties.

Norris continues to attempt any option he has to overtake Eriksson and with 5 minutes 30 left to go, Norris clips Eriksson and takes his front wing. Norris’ speed decreases massively as he attempts to hold on to second place. Behind Norris, Aron and Habsburg fight for the final place on the podium. With the final two laps, Norris is still holding onto second with Aron close behind.

On the final lap, Aron goes to over take Norris but takes him out from behind, spinning both the cars into the gravel; ending Norris and Aron’s race a couple of corners too soon.

The Race Three Results are:
1. Joel Eriksson
2. Nikita Mazepin
3. Tadasuke Makino
4. Ferdinand Habsburg
5. Maximilian Guenther
6. Jehan Daruvala
7. Joey Mawson
8. Mick Schumacher
9. David Beckmann
10. Marino Sato
11. Harrison Newey
12. Devlin Defrancesco
13. Petru Florescu
14. Guanyu Zhou
15. Pedro Piquet
16. Jake Hughes
17. Lando Norris
18. Ralf Aron
DNF. Keyvan Andres
DNF. Callum Ilott

Join us Wednesday to find out our FIA Formula 3 2020 Season Review, ahead of our final round in Formula 2 for two months.

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