The Formula 3 2020 Finale Send Off

To round of the Formula 3 season, Jess and I decided we would sit down and discuss the season; taking a look back at what we thought would happen, how the season would end and some of our favourite moments from the year.

Our season highlights will be coming to you shortly so keep an eye on our social medias for when that is set to go live! It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss!

he’s going to go places in the future


Driver | Lirim Zendeli

I’ve always liked Zendeli as a driver but this season, I’ve developed such a love for him as a racer. He’s really shown how talented he is this year, taking his first Formula 3 win this season. He’s always been exciting to watch, putting himself in positions which others wouldn’t dare and fighting for his place. Although, sometimes, he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he always pulled through and he had a turn around. I hope we get to see more of him next year, in F3 or even F2 because he’s going to go places in the future.

Team | Trident

I went into the season with my heart set on Hitech as I loved the driver line up and the team but by the end, I wanted nothing more than to see Trident do well. Their drivers, the team itself and the energy they put in every week was immaculate. They worked so hard to keep ahead of ART and although it was almost impossible to beat Prema, they tried their best and pushed week on week.

RACE | spa feature race

Spa itself was a sad weekend and also the one I wasn’t looking forward to the most. As a track, I love Spa, and the race on the Saturday really was something else. It really reflects with my favourite driver and team as it truly was a Trident dominated day. It was the race that Zendeli took his Formula 3 win after a beautifully dominated race. Pourchaire, my favourite rookie on the grid, finished second followed by Trident’s own David Beckmann. All three drivers are some of my favourites and it was definitely my favourite podium following an incredible race. Alongside this, Smolyar took fourth after a string of bad luck which topped everything off.


Driver | Theo Pourchaire

Everyone practically knew that one of the Prema drivers would end up being the championship winner, because they’re literally unbeatable. Yet, somehow, Pourchaire set up a title fight with the front contenders, despite not even having any points for the first races of the season. Like two of the Prema drivers, he was also a rookie, coming in from German Formula 4 and has only done around 2 other formula categories before arriving here, however he manages to challenge the team known to be dominant right until the very end of the season. If he’s not the top driver, I’m not sure who’d be fitting, because that ART was not consistent enough to be at the front at every race, but he managed to pull a fight at the front 90% of the time. Even that, he took his maiden win in the sprint race to follow it up with a feature race, being the driver with the most wins and podiums. He’s mightily impressed me and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Team | Trident

They ended last season in 4th, over 300 points behind Prema in first. No one really expected them to pull a complete turn from last year. Despite them still being 200 points out from the Italian team, they definitely had better average results, with 2019 having a single win and another podium and in comparison, 2020 had 3 wins, 2 poles and another podium. They’ve managed to double their points from the previous year to beat ART Grand Prix to second in the championship. I never really looked at Trident as a team to compete for the front, but they’ve amazed me in the developments over the off-season and had very talented drivers to have a complete change in the results.

Race | Barcelona Sprint race

Prior this race, Nannini had always been hovering around the back of the grid with his average around 20th, but all of a sudden, he managed to finish 10th in the feature race after qualifying 11th. Per se, maybe not an exciting result, but for the following day, it meant he would start in the first grid slot. He may have lost out on positions at the start to Peroni and later Piastri, but regardless, as a rookie, it definitely was a refreshing result. Plus, he managed to fend off Verschoor to the line to keep his podium spot. I’m happy he managed to get this result and I hope he can get more of these in the following season.

2020 was definitely a different one


At the beginning of the season, we asked the audience what they thought the season would look like. 2020 was definitely a different one and the season was incredibly unpredictable from start to finish.

When we looked back, we saw 50% of the people said Fewtrell would win the championship with a further 31.3% saying Sargeant and 6.3% saying Pourchaire, Hughes and Verschoor. Sadly, absolutely none of these drivers went on to win the championship and it was Australian rookie, Oscar Piastri, that won. For runner up, we saw the same theme with Fewtrell, Sargeant and Lawson taking 18.8% each while Hauger took 12.5% and Defrancesco, Caldwell, Kari, Schumacher and Piastri took 6.3% each. It was French rookie Pourchaire who finished as runner up in the championship this. year.

We then look at who people wanted to see win. The majority wanted Fewtrell to win with Pourchaire closely behind. Others said Floersch, Deledda, Ahmed, Schumacher, Verschoor and Doohan. We then moved onto most surprising driver. Fewtrell, Sargeant and Pourchaire each took 18.8%, Floersh with 12.5% while Hughes, Doohan, Malvestiti and Das took 6.3%. Fewtrell was definitely a surprise for most people this season but probably not in the way they wished. Pourchaire was also a major surprise. Nobody could have predicted he would finish that high up, especially without a Prema.

For pole positions; Vesti, Piastri, Schumacher, Verschoor and Fernandez took 6.3% each; Hughes and Sargeant each took 18.8% while Fewtrell took 31.3%. It was Sargeant who took the most pole positions with three, followed by Zendeli with two while Fernandez, Vesti, Smolyar and Lawson each took one.

We went on to look at who people thought would move to Formula 2. Fewtrell was most popular with 75% whit Sargeant and Hughes each took 37.5%. Lawson, Fittipaldi and Verschoor took 31.3% while Vesti, Hauger, and Sargeant took 18.8%. To finalise, Ahmed and Caldwell took 12.5% while Schumacher, Malvestiti, Doohan, Defrancesco, Fernandez, Pourchaire and Piastri took 6.3%. We won’t have a clue who will be heading up until the end of 2020 and early 2021 but we have a good idea. This weekend, Hughes will make his Formula 2 debut with HWA which puts him in a great position for potential 2021 seats. Piastri won this years championship so is set to make a move with Formula 2 looking like the most promising bet. Alongside Piastri, Pourchaire did exceptionally well and I would be shocked to see him remain in Formula 3 so we could be seeing him move up as well as Sargeant.

Team wise, 50% said they thought Hitech would win the championship while 43.8% said Prema and the rest went to ART. Unsurprisingly, Prema won for the tenth year running. For runner up, Hitech took 18.8% of the votes as well as HWA. ART and Prema each took 31.3% but it was Trident who finished second.


When I say that my yearly predictions went down the drain after the first six races, I mean it. My first prediction, to win the championship, was Max Fewtrell. The Hitech car’s weren’t even close to what everybody believed they would be and Fewtrell ended up leaving midseason. With that being said, I still believe he is a very strong driver who is determined and will to put whatever he needs into a car to come out on top. There was nothing in the car to support his driving, sadly, but hopefully we can see more of him next year. For second, I said Sargeant who was out by a place. The American finished 3rd in the end after leading the championship for a short while.

Regarding the teams, I said Prema will take the team championship for the tenth consecutive year and it really wouldn’t have been Formula 3 without it. The team did an outstanding job this year. I said Hitech would be a close contender but they were no where to be seen.

The person I wanted to see on top was Theo Pourchaire. I had my doubts as he was a rookie but I knew he was talented and had a lot of fight in him to take some good points but I never thought we would see him finish second, three points off of winning. I’m so glad we got to see how talented he really is and I hope we get to see him in Formula 2 next year. For surprising driver, I said Sophia Floersch but we really didn’t get to see much of her. It’s sad, because I really wanted to see her do well, but hopefully next year will be better for her.

We won’t find out who’s moving up to Formula 2 next season until much later into this year or early next year but I said Sargeant, Fewtell and Verschoor. I’d be very shocked if Sargeant didn’t head up to F2 but I can see Fewtrell and Verschoor spending another year in Formula 3.


I predicted that Logan Sargeant would become the champion at the end of the year, which he definitely had a shot at right until the end, but it was not for him as he had to retire due to an incident on the first lap on the final race. He only missed out by a few points, so if this wasn’t the case, he definitely had a shot, but it was not meant to be. Max Fewtrell is another point. After pulling himself out of the championship after an uneventful year, it was not meant to be with the Hitech team, merely finishing 20th by the end of the season.

It’s not Formula 3 without Prema and rightfully so, they claimed their crown once again, finishing 209 points ahead of Trident in second. I put Hitech for runner up, but their car proved to be somewhat unreliable and inconsistent, which I think is why they struggled to provide a fight at the front of the grid.

Pourchaire definitely was my most surprising driver of the season, coming in as a rookie, having only competing in 2 other formula categories before Formula 3 and then to provide a challenge at the front towards the end of the season is mental. I became a fan of Theo when I was doing his driver profile and I definitely saw something in him, but I definitely was not expecting him to fight for 1st in the standings til the final race, which is a pleasant shock for sure. I ended up mentioning Vesti as the top rookie, but it ended up going to his teammate Piastri, who had an excellent season from start to finish. The Danish driver definitely had moments where he was unlucky, but when he had the luck, he was excelling. Hopefully, he gets a better run next year because he definitely deserves it.

In terms of people moving up to Formula 2, we won’t really know until the end of the year, but already, it’s been announced that Jake Hughes will take Alesi’s seat, who’s moving to MP Motorsport for Matsushita’s seat, for round 10, competing in Sochi. Maybe not a full time seat, but regardless, his talent has been acknowledged and I’m genuinely happy for the British driver as he’s been working hard for years and that he’s finally got the recognition to move up. I hope he can prove his worth in Formula 2 to either have a full-time seat or at least show that he’s still got the talent.

his talent has been ACKNOWLEDGED

We hope we were able to improve your Formula 3 experience this season and we’re super excited to jump back into it once more in the new year. We will be bringing you our season highlights next week so keep an eye on our social medias for that! But, until then, we will see you next year for the 2021 Formula 3 Season.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t have done this without you. We appreciate every single one of you.

Alice and Jess.