Formula 2 Russian Grand Prix Predictions 2020

With the end of the Formula 2 season soon to be in sight, we head to Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 25th September, the Feature Race on the 26th September and the Sprint Race on the 27th September. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 10:35 am and Qualifying at 3:00 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 11:15 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 11:55 am. All times are local track times.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

sucker for a home race win


This weekend, I would love to see Robert Shwartzman and Nikita Mazepin on the podium. It’s their home race and I’m a sucker for a home race win. I can see Ilott doing well this weekend and I’d really love for him to retake the championship. With a good weekend, I can see him taking home a decent chunk of points and pushing to win the championship. Schumacher is incredibly talented and I can see him on podiums again this weekend which will make it difficult for Ilott. The other FDA boy I want to mention is Armstrong as I believe after last week, we’re going to see more from him. His teammate, Lundgaard, has also been doing wonders recently and I can see him at the front of the grid.

Like I mentioned the other week, Ticktum and Deletraz are my returning two. Every week I predict that good things will happen to both of these and although they’ve had their ups and downs this season, they’re both proving how talented they are at their craft and I can’t wait to see more of them. I also want to give a special shout out to Jake Hughes. He’s making his first career change in over five years to a different championship which is a massive step for him and something everyones been hoping for. He’ll be racing with HWA who currently don’t have the best track record for the season in Formula 2 but I have faith that Hughes will pull the best from the car he’s able to.

With regards to fastest lap, this is always a tricky one. It’s one I always get wrong but I can see Lundgaard and Shwartzman going quickest this weekend. Both are powerful drivers who can pull out some of the best drives possible. With teams, I can see Prema taking the most points but at this points, it’s very tricky to place judgement. You have a lot of teams who are going one after the other every weekend when it comes to points but I feel like Prema will be out to get a head this weekend before the two month break.


I’d by lying if I didn’t say I wanted Callum Ilott to retake the championship lead by taking some good points this weekend in Sochi. Hopefully, he can find his form again and take a win or podium. It’s the same with his teammate Zhou as both definitely deserved a better weekend than the one in Mugello. Deletraz had an amazing race last year, claiming a podium in the final laps, so instead this year, I’m hoping he can be at the front and stay there, especially after taking double podiums in Italy. Another I want to see at the front of the grid is Robert Shwartzman, who more or less didn’t have an eventful weekend, yet showed pace in the second race, similar to Zhou, so maybe in Sochi, he will have a better run to pressure both Schumacher and Ilott.

For the ones to look out for at Sochi, I’m putting bets on Ticktum and Drugovich as some top point scorers. Both haven’t been to the track prior this so it’s new for them, but even in Mugello, both had some pace, where even Drugovich took 4th, so I’m not putting it past them to showcase their talent this weekend. Aside from the point scorers, I’d like to see how well Hughes would do after getting the go ahead from HWA. He’s had one hell of a year in Formula 3 so I’m hoping he does incredibly well with them in Formula 2.

By this logic, I’m hoping Virtuosi can bag more points than Prema this weekend and reduce the gap to them (or otherwise, overtake for 1st, but I’m being on the conservative side). It would genuinely be amazing if Charouz can get past Carlin for 5th as Deletraz is absolutely carrying the team (not to shame on Piquet at all!) so if he manages to get some top points, I’d be amazed.

I’d like to see how well hughes would do


Once again, Jess and I’s similarities out weigh the differences and 99% of our predictions are the same.


We sat down and asked the audience what they believed would come of the Formula 2 Mugello Grand Prix. We found that Ilott was the most popular for pole position with 40% while Shwartzman, Tsunoda and Lundgaard each took 20%. This reflected into the race results as Ilott was still the favourite with 80% while Shwartzman took 20% once again. Lundgaard was most popular for runner up with 40% while the return of Ilott appeared with 20% followed by Tsunoda and Zhou who each took a further 20%. A new name was in the mix for third with Schumacher taking 40%. Tsunoda, Zhou and Ticktum each took 20% to finish the podium. For the fastest lap, Ticktum was on top with 40% while Shwartzman, Drugovich and Lundgaard took 20% each.

As we move into the sprint race, Tickum was on top once again with 40% for the race winner while Mazepin, Shwartzman and Deletraz made up the remaining 60% between themselves. For runner up, we had a split decision. Markelov, Vips, Zhou, Ilott and Deletraz each took 20%. To finish the podium for third, we saw another split decision between Mazepin, Ticktum, Ilott, Drugovich and Schumacher who each took 20%. As we then looked at fastest lap, we saw our third split decision between Vips, Ticktum, Zhou, Ilott and Mazepin.

With most surprising driver, Vips took 40% of the votes. After his success last week, people will either look at it as a fluke or because he is a talented driver so the results of a surprise will truly be in the eye of the beholder. Aitken, Daruvala and Lundgaard also took votes for the weekend. Aitken is very up and down, rolling on a poor streak currently, so anything positive will come as a surprise. Personally, I think Aitken is insanely talented and I know he can do better than the car is allowing him to do. Daruvala is a name you don’t hear too often while Lundgaard’s season has been highly unpredictable. To finish off with teams, Virtuosi was most popular with 60% while Prema and DAMS each took 20%.


The final few round of the Formula 2 2020 Championship are coming in quick and with three Ferrari Driver Academy drivers, a Redbull Junior and a Renault Junior fighting for the top spot, it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top as we leave Sochi this weekend for a two month break. Our last weekend before we return for the back to back Bahrain Grand Prix’s. Who will top the championship this weekend?

And that’s it for this weeks posts. We will be returning Monday with our race summariess but until then, enjoy your race weekend.