Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix 2019

Macau Grand Prix is an iconic weekend for the Formula 3 category, where 30 drivers compete on a narrow and challenging track. Formula 2, Formula 3 and Formula 4 drivers come in to drive for the teams, not being limited to having to drive in Formula 3. The weekend is a chance for drivers to prove their worth and show what they’re capable of during high pressure.


Macau holds two qualifying sessions for the weekend, the first being held on the Thursday and the other on Friday. The grid is built from their best results from the two sessions.

For the first qualifying session, Armstrong sets the first result of the session with a 2:25.637, before being beaten by his teammate, Shwartzman. Schumacher beats his time, but it didn’t take long before laps started coming in. Armstrong, Shwartzman and Vesti sit 1-2-3 with 30 minutes left of the session. Lundgaard jumped to 4th whilst Verschoor sits in 5th. A red flag is called to retrieve Enaam Ahmed’s car, but he sets off again, though left a form of fluid on the track. Not long after, Max Fewtrell was unable to brake in time for Lisboa, veering into the barrier, but it wasn’t major enough to warrant a red flag then. David Beckmann pulls a good lap, but misses out to Shwartzman by 0.33 seconds. Only 5 minutes into the restarted session, another red flag was called to finally retrieve Fewtrell’s car as they struggled to take it out, plus they had to fix the barriers that he collided into. Vips and Ilott beat Shwartzman’s time to sit 1-2-3 respectively, but it only took a minute for Beckmann to beat Callum Ilott’s time for 2nd. Hughes appeared on the timing boards with a 2:06.793, impressively quicker than Armstrong’s time at the start of the session. Beckmann tries to beat the Briton’s time, but misses out by 0.051, therefore sat in 2nd. The session was red flagged once again due to Olli Caldwell’s car being stuck on the exit of Fisherman’s Bend, suffering from an engine failure. Since there was around 6 minutes left on the clock, there was enough time for it to be restarted. Yuki Tsunoda ends the session prematurely by losing it into Maternity Bend.

Callum Ilott goes quickest with the first lap time, whilst Vesti moves up to 2nd, but drops to 3rd as Vips goes quicker with a 2:09.223. Caldwell, Lorandi, Hughes, Tsunoda, Lundgaard and Fewtrell all make their way up to the top, beating Vips. Caldwell leads with a 2:08.030, but Maini beats that not long after by 0.308 seconds. Vips and Shwartzman goes up to 1st and 2nd, and within a few seconds of that, the red flag was called. This is because Pulcini ended up in the wall and Fittipaldi didn’t react in time to move out of the way and hit the rear of the Italian’s car. The session restarted after their cars were retrieved. Ilott sets a 2:06.529 to put it in first ahead of Vips, but the Estonian man was already on a quicker first sector than the Brit. Meanwhile, Shwartzman sets a 2:06.145 to go first, which was beaten by his Kiwi teammate just fractions of a second later by 0.19 seconds. Armstrong was pulling out a fast lap, but he ended up careering into the wall, losing his front left tyre. This caused a red flag with 19 minutes left on the clock. Logan Sargeant pushes his way to 2nd, whilst Shwartzman and Vips go round to compete for pole. Vesti pulled out a mega lap for 1st, but was beaten quickly by the two, where Vips goes quickest with a 2:04.997 and Shwartzman ends with a 2:05.637. Armstrong dropped to 5th because of this. Ilott moves up to 3rd with a 2:05.701, but Lundgaard achieves a lap quicker than the British driver to move up to 3rd. None of the drivers could beat the Estonian’s time as the session was ended prematurely due to Habsburg stopping on the circuit.

The grid is as follows:
1. Jüri Vips – [Q2] 2:04.997
2. Robert Shwartzman – [Q2] 2:05.376
3. Callum Ilott – [Q2] 2:05.580
4. Christian Lundgaard – [Q2] 2:05.669
5. Richard Verschoor – [Q2] 2:05.723
6. Jake Hughes – [Q2] 2:05.774
7. Frederik Vesti – [Q2] 2:05.776
8. Arjun Maini – [Q2] 2:05.814
9. Marcus Armstrong – [Q2] 2:05.955
10. Logan Sargeant – [Q2] 2:06.043
11. Ferdinand Habsburg – [Q2] 2:06.209
12. Max Fewtrell – [Q2] 2:06.368
13. Dan Ticktum – [Q2] 2:06.406
14. Alessio Lorandi – [Q2] 2:06.428
15. Liam Lawson – [Q2] 2:06.455
16. Felipe Drugovich – [Q2] 2:06.637
17. Olli Caldwell – [Q2] 2:06.641
18. Sebastián Fernández – [Q2] 2:06.717
19. David Beckmann – [Q1] 2:06.844
20. Enaam Ahmed – [Q2] 2:07.146
21. Yuki Tsunoda – [Q2] 2:07.307
22. Keyvan Andres – [Q2] 2:07.579
23. David Schumacher – [Q2] 2:07.587
24. Lukas Dunner – [Q2] 2:07.892
25. Leonardo Pulcini – [Q1] 2:08.287
26. Andreas Estner – [Q2] 2:08.651
27. Sophia Flörsch – [Q2] 2:09.259
28. Hon Chio Leong – [Q2] 2:09.568
29. Alessio Deledda – [Q2] 2:10.114
30. Enzo Fittipaldi – [Q2] 2:10.124

Qualifying Race

Vips keeps the lead from Shwartzman, whilst the Russian settles into second. Lundgaard made it up to 3rd and was challenging the Prema driver for the second podium spot. Sargeant’s front wing clipped the rear right of Maini’s Jenzer car, sending him into the barriers. The barrier caused his car to jump back onto the track, hitting Armstrong’s car. Jake Hughes ended up having to pull to the right to avoid the car, but Ticktum was there, therefore going airborne briefly. Unfortunately for the British HWA driver, his race ended there. The incident blocked up almost the entire track, so many drivers were held up behind it. Many drivers who started at the back of the grid ended up promoting themselves to near the front due to this. Jake Hughes, Arjun Maini and Enaam Ahmed were all caught up in this incident. The safety car was called to retrieve all three cars, plus clean up the track from the debris scattered on the track.

With 7 laps left on the counter, the race was restarted. Verschoor makes his way past Ilott for 4th, whilst Lorandi passes Habsburg for 7th. Ilott doesn’t back down from retaking the position on the Dutchman to reclaim his position. Lower down the order, Drugovich and Fernández move up to 16th and 18th respectively. Meanwhile, Schumacher drops down the order from 11th to the back of the grid. Meanwhile Dunner gets his way past Leong for 12th. Drugovich is battling Fittipaldi for 14th, where the Carlin driver ends up ahead of the other. Unfortunately for Felipe, he ends his race with 2 laps to go into the second corner, deep into the barrier. Verschoor got past Ilott, whilst Sargeant was peeking a move on the British driver too. Armstrong and Vesti had made their way up to 17th and 18th after the incident in the first lap, plus a pitstop.

The qualification race is the starting grid of the main race. The results are as follows:
1. Jüri Vips
2. Robert Shwartzman
3. Christian Lundgaard
4. Richard Verschoor
5. Callum Ilott
6. Logan Sargeant
7. Alessio Lorandi
8. Ferdinand Habsburg
9. David Beckmann
10. Leonardo Pulcini
11. Keyvan Andres
12. Lukas Dunner
13. Hon Chio Leong
14. Enzo Fittipaldi
15. Sebastián Fernández
16. Yuki Tsunoda
17. Marcus Armstrong
18. Frederik Vesti
19. Andreas Estner
20. Liam Lawson
21. Sophia Flörsch
22. Max Fewtrell
23. Olli Caldwell
24. Alessio Deledda
25. David Schumacher
26. NC / NOT COMPLETED 90% Dan Ticktum
27. DNF Felipe Drugovich
28. DNF Jake Hughes
29. DNS Arjun Maini
30. DNS Enaam Ahmed

Main Race

All seemed too familiar when Vips stayed ahead of Shwartzman, whilst the Russian settles in behind the Estonian driver. The Prema driver goes side by side with Lundgaard into the second corner, whilst Verschoor sends it down the inside. He gets past the two, whilst Shwartzman endures a puncture after a small collision with Lundgaard to drop down the grid. The top sat Vips, Verschoor and Lundgaard. In terms of the standings, Ilott dropped to 8th, whilst Fittipaldi moved up to 11th, Lawson goes to 12th from 20th, plus Armstrong and Vesti in 16th and 17th respectively.

Leonardo Pulcini went off at Lisboa, bringing out the safety car. This reduced the gap that Vips made to Verschoor in the opening laps. Habsburg was later seen in the wall after he went off on a kerb, entering the wall. Caldwell also had to retire from the race with issues to his car. Verschoor manages to get ahead of Vips but the Estonian driver is keeping on his toes as he battles to get back ahead in to lap eight. Floersch is the next to retire from the race as he parks up on the side of the track. Close behind the front two, Lundgaard and Sargeant both battle it out for third place while lower down the grid, Armstrong moves up to seventh and Vesti moves up to eleventh. Sargeant finally manages to get past Lundgaard to take third. Vesti loses his position to Dunner one again.

With five laps left to go, a visual safety car is deployed and the drivers begin to slow down. This was due to a truck needing to be deployed to remove Floersch’s car from the track. Vips sticks to Verschoor’s car as the virtual safety car goes in, the Estonian trying his best to get past. Vips goes for the outside, almost missing his breaking point and nearly putting his car into the wall. He holds on to second place. For the first time this race, the DRS is enabled for Vips as he catches to Verschoor. Sargeant is next to deploy his in third, trying to edge closer to Vips. Armstrong moves up to eighth, ahead of Beckmann as he begins to close the gap on Lawson.

As we head into the final lap, Vips is still close on Verschoor’s trail, giving him no room for mistakes. DRS is enabled once again for Vips as he continues to chase him down and goes for the inside line. He’s unable to progress further. Down the grid, Vesti moves up ahead of Beckmann while Ticktum moves up ahead of Dunner. Verschoor is able to hold down his front and keep Vips behind him as he crosses the line in first place. Verschoor becomes the first rookie to win a Macau Grand Prix.

The main race results are:
1. Richard Verschoor
2. Jüri Vips
3. Logan Sargeant
4. Christian Lundgaard
5. Alessio Lorandi
6. Callum Ilott
7. Liam Lawson
8. Marcus Armstrong
9. David Beckmann
10. Frederik Vesti
11. Yuki Tsunoda
12. Keyvan Andres
13. Dan Ticktum
14. Lukas Dunner
15. Sebastián Fernández
16. Enzo Fittipaldi
17. Jake Hughes
18. Max Fewtrell
19. Hon Chio Leong
20. Andreas Estner
21. David Schumacher
22. Enaam Ahmed
23. Arjun Maini
24. Felipe Drugovich
25. Alessio Deledda
26. DNF Sophia Flörsch
27. DNF Ferdinand Habsburg
28. DNF Leonardo Pulcini
29. DNS Olli Caldwell
30. DNS Robert Shwartzman

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