Where Are They Now | Niko Kari

Niko Kari is a twenty-one year old Finnish Driver who debuted in single seaters in 2015 ass a Red Bull Junior Driver and was last seen in feeder series last year with Trident in the FIA Formula 3. After dabbling in both Formula 2 and Formula 3, Kari was set to return for this season in the Charouz but never made it to the grid.

Kari debuted in single seaters in 2015 where he joined Koiranen GP for the SMP F4 Championship. In his rookie year, he took seven wins and a further twelve podiums to win the championship. He then graduated to the GP3 Series with the team where he completed two races and finished 26th. In that same year, he also joined Motopark for the FIA Formula 3 European Championship and the Masters of Formula 3. Out of his 30 races in the European F3, he took one win and four podiums to finish tenth. He also went on to finish second in the Masters of Formula 3.

He stuck with GP3 Series for 2017 where he joined Arden International to finish 10th and once again in 2018 with MP Motorsport where he finished 17th. 2018 was also the year that Kari first experienced Formula 2. He joined MP Motorsport for the last four races of the season where he finished 24th after accumulating zero points. In 2019, when the series became the FIA Formula 3 Championship, we saw Kari join Trident for the season. He took two podiums and finished 12th. In that same year, he joined KIC Motorsport in the Formula Regional European Championship where he finished 15th after three races.

Kari was announced that for the 2020 Season, he would be joining Charouz in the FIA Formula 3 Championship. In the early weeks of July, it was then announced that ahead of the season, Kari’s contract was terminated and he would no longer be competing with the team. No other information was given but rumours speculated that this was due to sponsorship money. The Finnish driver went on to announce that he would then be joining Eurointernational in the European Le Mans Series – LMP3. He completed five races, taking two podiums and went on to finish 4th in the standings.

And, after a long two months, we are finally back with racing! Formula 2 head into their last four races of the season in Bahrain this weekend so keep an eye out for the return of our predictions and your weekend race summaries.

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