Formula 2 Sakhir Grand Prix Predictions 2020

We’re down to the last two races of the championship this weekend and it’s still a close call on who could be leaving Bahrain as the 2020 FIA F2 Champion. The weekend starts with qualifying on the 27th November, the Feature Race on the 28th November and the Sprint Race on the 29th November. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the racing this weekend, your schedule is as followed: Friday will see Practice at 9:30 am and Qualifying at 1:10 pm, Saturday will see the Feature Race at 9:00 am and Sunday will see the Sprint Race at 9:50 am. All times are Greenwich Mean Time.

Like every weekend, we sat down and discussed our predictions of the weekend ahead, whilst also discussing what you thought as well.

A mix of highs and lows


I thought that writing up my final Formula E and Formula 3 predictions were a sad moment but something about sitting here, typing up my final Formula 2 one just hits that little bit closer to home. I’m going to have to put all bets on the man I’ve wanted to see win this championship since I wrote up my pre-season predictions and that is none other than Callum Ilott. His weekend last week was a mix of highs and lows and I believe this weekend, we will see a lot of great racing coming from him. Now that he’s announced he hasn’t been given an F1 seat for the season, all he has to fight for is the championship and he has nothing to lose. I can see him taking his sixth pole position and standing on the podium this weekend.

The two drivers I always mention, Ticktum and Deletraz, are still on my watch list. Both drivers are insanely talented and will want to leave this season on a high. Deletraz had a great ending to his weekend last week, so he’ll be wanting to fight for a better beginning this week. Ticktum didn’t have the best weekend at all so he’ll be doing everything in his power to regain back some points. I also want to take a special shout out to Armstrong and Drugovich. They both had great weekends last weekend and I can see them having another great weekend to take some great points.

For the teams, I would be denying myself if I said that I wasn’t hoping for UNI-Virtuosi to overtake Prema and win the teams championship. Both Zhou and Ilott will need to take some great points while the Prema lacks in points to make it possible. I definitely believe there could be a chance but I can see Prema winning the championship.


Can you believe we’ve done a full season of Formula 2? Me neither, so let’s end it on a high! I’m putting my full support into Ilott for this weekend, even if he does not have a seat for F1 because he deserves everything, especially considering he’s been fighting since the first race. I’m also of course going to mention his teammate Zhou, who’s had a really unfortunate weekend last time out. Adding to this, I’m going to say Shwartzman and Delétraz.

I’d love to see Armstrong continue his streak into this weekend too. To no surprise, I’m going for Pourchaire too after a sad end to the weekend with an uncontrollable incident ending his race. Lastly, I want Drugovich to do well after an incredible debut season.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the get go who I’d like to take the team’s championship and that would be none other than UNI-Virtuosi. They’ve been working so hard, and especially as a smaller team compared to others, they’ve definitely been working overtime to produce some amazing cars. I’d also like ART to claim third just like I tried to predict in Formula 3 all over again.

working overtime


Once again, Jess and I’s similarities out weigh the differences and 99% of our predictions are the same.


We sat down and asked the audience what they believed would come of the Formula 2 Bahrain Outer Track. To start, we asked who everybody could see finishing on pole ahead of the race Saturday. 83.3% have said that they believe Ilott will be finishing on pole for the final race weekend. The remaining 16.7% believe that it’ll be Schumacher to finish on pole. As we then look into who people believe will win the feature race, we saw Schumacher with 50% of the votes while Ilott took 33.3% and Tsunoda with 16.7%. This is reversed for runner up as we see Ilott with 50% while Schumacher, Shwartzman and Lundgaard take 16.7% each. To finish off the feature race podium, we saw Lundgaard and Drugovich both take 33.3% of the votes while Schumacher and Armstrong both take 16.7% each. For fastest lap, 50% believed that Drugovich would go quickest with 33.3% saying Lundgaard and 16.7% saying Armstrong.

As we move into the sprint race, we see a major divide between the results for first place. With 16.7% of the results each, we see Deletraz, Drugovich, Schumacher and Ilott while Tsunoda took 33.3% of the predictions. Second showed less of a divide with Shwartzman taking 50% of the votes with Schumacher, Ilott and Lundgaard each taking 16.7% each. Third saw something similar to first with Deletraz, Shwartzman, Mazepin and Ticktum taking 33.3% each while Zhou took 33.3%. For the fastest lap, Ilott went on to take 33.3% of the audiences vote while Ticktum, Shwartzman, Schumacher and Tsunoda took 16.7% each.

With most surprising driver, we saw a completed divide. Ilott, Armstrong, Tsunoda, Daruvala, Boschung and Pourchaire each took 16.7%. It’ll be interesting to see how each of these drivers perform, especially Boschung and Pourchaire, and how each drive will effect the weekend. With teams, 66.7% believe Prema will take the most points while 33.3% believe Virtuosi will.


We give people the opportunity to make any comments ahead of the weekend, regarding predictions, with one person saying “For the championship, this would be good. I don’t think Prema has everything sorted out after this weekend, but Mick will be fast on this circuit. However, tyre issues will be a problem for him. I think Yuki will get redemption for last weekend and Callum is coming out on top of the standings on the end.”

The finale is now here and the championship is hanging by a thread. Who do you think will be walking away with the title?

And that’s it for this weeks posts. We will be returning Monday with our race summaries but until then, enjoy your race weekend.