Lets Talk About The Formula 2 Sakhir Grand Prix 2020

Post race, Jess and I sat down to look back on the key features of the twelfth and final Formula 2 Feature and Sprint of 2020. Together; we discussed the downfall of our predictions, our race highlights and summarised the race as a whole.

Race Weekend Predictions

only one of them ever seems to come out on top


Today is a sad day as I sit to write up my final FIA Formula 2 race review of 2020. The results weren’t the ones I was hoping for as I had my heart set on Ilott coming out on top. I said I could see him taking his sixth pole and a podium which neither occurred. His weekend wasn’t his best and he fought his hardest but sadly, we didn’t get to see him on the podium for the last time.

As always, I mentioned Deletraz and Ticktum. For some reason, only one of them ever seems to come out on top and this week it was Ticktum. Deletraz’ weekend wasn’t his best as he took 12th and 13th but he drove two incredible races to finish the season; the Charouz just wasn’t the car for the outer circuit. Ticktum, however, found himself starting first on the grid for the sprint race after finishing eighth in the feature race. Although he was disappointed in his race as he dropped to third, I think he did a great job and I can’t wait to see what he does next year. I also gave a special shout out to Armstrong and Drugovich. Armstrong’s race wasn’t his greatest as he finished eleventh and fourteenth but, like the Charouz, the ART wasn’t built for the circuit. Drugovich has a beautiful weekend, on the other hand, as he took third in the feature race and eighth in the sprint.

With teams, I went with my heart and said I’d love for UNI-Virtuosi to take it but essentially, I knew it would be Prema and I was right. They took the constructors championship on the Saturday, making it their first in Formula 2.

They provided a fight and did not back down


I obviously had my full support on Ilott and Zhou. For Ilott, it was an all around unfortunate weekend; he clearly tried his best to reduce Schumacher’s gap to win the title, earning 5th in the feature race, before dropping to 10th in the sprint after a charge up the grid. He definitely tried his best and it was a bit sad that he didn’t manage to win, but runner-up was definitely an achievement to be proud of. Zhou managed to accumulate a penalty but still maintained a 5 second gap to Drugovich for the feature race to take a back to back podium, followed by a 4th in the sprint race. Shwartzman had an overall decent weekend, 4th and 5th in the races, allowing him to take 4th for the championship. With another season confirmed, I’m excited to see what he is capable of. Deletraz just was stuck in the midfield all weekend, which is unfortunate, but he’s shown what he’s capable of given the right car and circumstances.

Armstrong had a lot of fights with Mazepin and Ghiotto, but in terms of results, it was far from the weekend before. However, I am proud of him and what he’s achieved this year, especially how in many weekends, he struggled to get the car anywhere near the front. Pourchaire was quite similar, but I have to give it to him as it was in fact his third and fourth race in Formula 2 without having any prior testing. To end it all, I mentioned Drugovich and with a 3rd and 8th, he did incredible in his rookie year and I’m glad he’s been mentioned to come back next year with UNI-Virtuosi.

UNI-Virtuosi provided a fight this year and did not back down at all. They may have not won the championship, but they’ve definitely are my top team this season. They’re a team focusing solely on F2, so they’ve definitely been working hard to provide a fight to Prema and other teams. Incredibly, Carlin climbed to 3rd ahead of Hitech, so sure, my prediction for ART was by far incorrect, but I’m truly stunned.


As we looked at how the audience predicted the weekend, 83.3% believed Ilott would be on pole while 16.7% believed it would be Schumacher and both were wrong as it was Yuki Tsunoda who went quickest on Friday. He held his position as he went on to win the feature race which 16.7% predicted. For the runner up, Ilott took 50% of the votes while it was his team mate, Guanyu Zhou, who ended up on the podium which nobody predicted. Drugovich went on to inherit the third position on the podium a couple hours after the original three stood as Mazepin saw a penalty. 33.3% of the audience predicted Drugovich would finish there. With fastest lap, we saw Schumacher go quickest which nobody predicted.

He drove a beautiful weekend and fought for every point

For the sprint race, we saw Daruvala take his first Formula 2 win which nobody predicted. His Carlin team mate took 33.3% of the votes. Although Tsunoda took the 33.3% for winning the race, nobody predicted he would finish in second place. To finalise the podium, we saw Ticktum stand on the third step which 33.3% of the audience predicted correctly. Tsunoda also went quickest on the Sunday which saw 16.7% guess correctly.

With regards to most surprising driver, we saw a complete divide between Ilott, Armstrong, Tsunoda, Daruvala, Boschung and Pourchaire. The only driver that felt surprising, for me personally, was Daruvala. Ilott’s weekend feel similar to past weekends as well as Arstrong’s. Tsunoda has always been a powerful driver who can take podiums so that didn’t fall as a shock. Boschung and Pourchaire both had weekends that didn’t shine but both drivers are still adapting to the car so I’m not surprised they weren’t fighting the big leagues. Daruvala, after having a great weekend yesterday after a mediocre season, wasn’t somebody I would have pictured to win the race. He drove a beautiful weekend and fought for every point.

To finalise, we looked at the teams. 66.7% believed that Prema would finish with the most points but it was actually Carlin who bagged the most this weekend.

I’m not surprised they weren’t fighting the big leagues

We went on to summarise each race in three words, my feature review being Haas’ One Seat. After watching this race, I have zero words as to how Mazepin is allowed to race in Formula One next year. Understandably, Haas need the extra money to fund their season however, I really believe this Saturday proved how much money Haas will be wasting on repairs. Mazepin’s dangerous driving was the one thing that I left this weekend thinking about the most. Not only did he make a dangerous move once but he also did it serval times including his attempt to put Drugovich into the wall. It wasn’t defensive it was dangerous and although Drugovich got his podium in the end, Mazepin should have never been allowed to step up onto that podium let alone step in to a Formula One car.

Jess’ three words were Drugovich’s Bahrain Success. She was originally going to mention about how ignorant Mazepin was on track, but instead she went for Drugovich’s incredible racecraft to keep it variant. This was the second weekend in a row where Drugovich had a successful run in the feature race, winning the one last weekend and taking 3rd this time. Jess is definitely proud of him, especially as he’s a rookie and had a not-so-enticing campaign in Formula 3 last season. She’s happy that he’s showing what he’s capable of when given the chance and now being confirmed for the following season, he is definitely one that Jess is looking out for.

mazepin is dangerous

The audiences three words fell similar to mine as the majority were in agreement that Mazepin’s driving was the one part they took away. We saw one person comment on his mad defending and another believing that Mazepin is dangerous. This really is something that Mazepin and FIA need to look at because it can’t repeat itself. His aggression could have left a driver harmed.

Looking at the sprint race, my three words were Return of Carlin. Carlin were always crowned as one of the greatest of all time as they’d taken hundreds of drivers to championship titles and further with one of their most recent talents being Lando Norris who left the team to graduate to Formula One. This season, we saw less from the team originally with Tsunoda becoming the main point scorer for the team as he went on to take the only podiums for the team. Bahrain was a turning point for Carlin as they entered the final two rounds in fifth and finished the season in third after Daruvala took to the podium. To see Carlin stood 1-2 on the podium Sunday was a great moment, especially for the team, and I’m glad they were able to have that moment to finalise their season.

Jess’ three words were It’s Really Over. 2020 was our first season of coverage for our blog, so it’s been an incredible ride. This is our final series of the year which is crazy to think about. Jess was looking forward to her first season with the blog, so realising that it’s all over with is a little sad, but she’s glad that the season played out so excitingly from all the way from the start to the end, filled with ups and downs alike.

The audiences three words were all the same but all very, very different at the same time. As a whole, I believe everyone’s emotions were all over the place. We had one person express that they felt pain for Callum while another simply felt they had their heart in their throat. Another audience member went on to express that they felt it was a worthy Championship finale which, it most definitely was, while someone enjoyed the non stop action we had going the whole time. Some favourites of ours were Adventures, Crazy (and) exciting alongside another which really summed up the whole experience: What the –.

my two championship kings

Regarding highlights, my highlight this weekend surrounded my two championship kings. Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott have carried this battle through the stages and lead this rollercoaster of a championship to this weekend and without the pair of them, and their battle, this weekend wouldn’t have been as exciting as it was. Sunday’s sprint race held so much excitement because the championship was down to the last point. Schumacher’s mistake that gave Ilott the upper hand but the battle that lead the tyres to disappear meant that Ilott wasn’t able to push any further. It wasn’t until that moment that you knew, it was Schumacher’s title. The pair did an incredible job this weekend and although it was a rollercoaster of emotions, the whole battle between the two was my highlight.

Jess had no specific highlight, but rather the whole weekend regarding with the title fight as well. Schumacher obviously had a bit of a lead to Ilott, so to try and work out what was needed for the British driver to be crowned champion, joined by the dramatic moments was really an interesting weekend to watch. For sure she was sad that Ilott wasn’t the champion at the end of the day, but regardless, she was proud and couldn’t have been happier for Schumacher too, who clearly showed his talent once he got the ball rolling.

The audiences highlights for the feature race revolved around three drivers: Zhou, Tsunoda and Schumacher. Starting with Zhou, we had one person who felt their highlight was him finishing in second despite his penalty. He really pushed to hold that position and it really proved who he is as a driver. We had a couple of others discuss how incredibly he drove, how underrated he is and how he deserves more attention in the driving world than he receives. Moving onto Tsunoda, we had a couple of people discuss his win as an extraordinary drive that took him from a very difficult start to the race win. With that, we also had a couple of people discuss Mick’s drive that took him from 18th to 6th.

For the sprint race, we found all of the highlights were a bit all over the place with one person even going on to say that everything was their highlight. Starting with a highlight that reflected my three word race3 review; Jehan finally getting his win and having a Carlin 1-2. They went on to discuss how Jehan had an amazing battle with Ticktum and that Dan deserved to be up on that podium, especially with his defensive driving. Others discussed that the three way battle for victory was their highlight while others felt the tension and unknown was their highlight. With Mick’s lock up giving Callum a chance, it left everyone on the edge of their seat.

dan deserved to be up on that podium

Every weekend, we give people the opportunity to give any further comments on the race weekend and this weekend, some wonderful people gave us a couple of words we’d like to share with you.

We saw one person talk about how they believe ‘penalty points on your super license should carry over between FIA series, and not disappear when you change championships. It might have something to do with Mazepin’s defending there.’ Another went on to discuss the season as a whole with: What an amazing season. This has to be the first season I was able to watch practically all races and I am amazed. We need this sort of exciting championships in all series. Just being halfway through the final race and still not knowing who takes it. Amazing stuff. And you guys, keep it going with this content!! (This last comment made Jess and I cry so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your continued support and love.)

And just like that, the 2020 FIA Formula 2 Season is over with Mick Schumacher crowned as the Champion. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of the series for the year as this Friday, you’ll be able to catch our season review where we look back at how we predicted the series, our favourite moments and much, much more. Thank you, for everything this season. Whether you filled in a form, read a post, promoted the site; all of your help means the world. We will see you in 2021 for the new season but, the posting doesn’t stop here as we have lots planned to keep you going until the season starts.