Get to Know | British F3 | 12 Days of CTS

Like other Formula 3 series, this is another category on the ladder to Formula 1, but they only race on British tracks, hence British Formula 3. Built from British Formula 4 and backed by FIA, they became the BRDC British Formula 3, complying to the set of rules set for this category. Their most recent champion is Kaylan Frederick, driving for Carlin.

There are many setup differences, allowing advantages or disadvantages per team

Like some other Formula 3 series, they usually compete three races per weekend, but there is also the addition of a fourth depending on the track. During the weekend, there is one 20 minute qualifying session, backed up with three (or four) races. The first race’s grid is determined by the fastest lap in the qualifying session, race two is the reverse of the race one finishers and the third race is the driver’s second fastest lap during qualifying. For the fourth race if given, the average is taken from the two fastest laps set in race one, two or three and has to be done across two races.

Like the other Formula 3 series, they drive Tatuus built and designed cars, fitted with a six-gear sequential shifter, a halo and improved side pod design. With a lot of adjustable bars and dampers, there are many setup differences allowed for a race, providing the advantage and disadvantage per team.

Points System

Race Points

Race 1, 3 and 4


Race 2

Drivers are also given one point per position gained in race two, meaning they can earn points from scoring in the top 15, but also depending on how many overtakes they make.

Super License Points

40 points are required for a driver to apply for a super license to drive in a Formula 1 team, or 25 for a free practice license, allowing them to drive with a Formula 1 team during the first free practice of the weekend.


Many well-known drivers have progressed through this series

A range of drivers have competed in British Formula 3, most notably the F1 duo of Lando Norris and George Russell, current FIA Formula 3 driver Clement Novalak, Billy Monger, Jake Hughes, Pietro Fittipaldi and more. It is possible to watch British F3 online, plus a one-hour highlight shown on ITV4. For 2021, there are 8 circuits that have been planned, with one being out of the UK and at Spa-Francorchamps. The calendar is as follows:

Oulton Park3-5 April
Snetterton Circuit24-25 April
Brands Hatch22-23 May
Silverstone26-27 June
Donington Park10-11 July
Spa-Francorchamps23-25 July
Silverstone14-15 August
Donington Park11-12 September

British Formula 3 is an exciting series, designed to be Formula 3 but ran quite differently to the FIA version we’re all used to. We hope this is enough to get you interested in a series which we don’t cover!