2020-21 Formula E Pre-Season Predictions

Ahead of the Formula E 2020-21 season, we have decided to sit down and discuss what we believe could happen this season. Like every year, the season lays to be unpredictable and making predictions ahead of knowing anything is very risky but also adds a factor of fun. In today’s post, we talk about our personal predictions and look at how our audience goes on to predict the season.


Formula E is always held to be unpredictable and the thought of diving into the unknown is terrifying. With that being said, I’m going ahead with a bold prediction. When it comes to Formula E, my support always lies within Mercedes-Benz EQ and after an incredible first year, I don’t doubt that they’ll come back stronger and harder. With that being said, I feel like Stoffel Vandoorne has a great chance at winning the championship this year. He finished second in his first season after a season of ups and downs and with a year under his belt, I feel like he’ll be coming back stronger than ever. Looking at runner up, I can see Antonio Felix da Costa giving Vandoorne a run for his money. After an impressive year in 2019-20, da Costa will be back fighting and I can see him taking runner up.

Looking at who I’d like to win, I’d love to see Nyck de Vries up there. I’ve followed de Vries in motorsport since F2 and to see him grow as much as he did last season, I’m excited to see what he can do this year. He’s been one of my favourite drivers for a while and I’d love to see him win the championship. In regards to the most surprising driver, my eyes are set on Jake Dennis. He’s coming into the sport as a rookie this year alongside Maximilian Guenther and with this also being BMW’s last year in the sport, I feel as if all eyes and all hopes will be laid on Guenther as the returning driver. I think Dennis is really going to surprise the many and take some decent points and podiums this year and rival his team mate. Dennis is an incredible driver with a lot of ability and I hope that with BMW stepping out of the sport following the season close, that this isn’t the end for him. Another to look out for this year is Bird. Bird is an incredible driver and has been with the sport from the start. He’s changing teams for the first time since 2014 and it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the change. He’s taken a race win every year to date and I don’t doubt that he’ll make it another season of podiums.

With rookies, I feel like Dennis will be the rookie on top. As I’ve said prior, he’s an incredible driver with a lot of passion for his craft and a good team behind him who will want to finish the season with a bang. He’s got a lot of potential and I can see him finishing above the other rookies. To finalise, team wise, as much as I would love for Mercedes-Benz EQ to take the team championship, my gut is telling me that it’ll be DS Techeetah to take the moment. The Chinese team have great domination with an incredible line up that works well and will have no trouble in getting to the top and staying there.


Season predictions are no easy feat. Making claims with little to no information is bound for incorrect answers, especially in an unpredictable sport like Formula E but that’s what makes it interesting. I entered season 5 and 6 rooting for Vergne, so I’m going to make the bold prediction he’ll make his 3rd championship. That doesn’t mean I underestimate da Costa, as I’m putting him as my runner up, but both are highly competitive and are definitely pushing each other for perfection. I believe they have one of the best lineups on the grid precisely for this reason, hence I’m putting so much faith into the team. With this logic, I’m putting DS Techeetah as my team to take the 2021 championship, but I definitely can see Mercedes posing a threat to the Chinese team. They definitely have a very competitive lineup and Berlin last year showed their compatibility to work together, therefore I’m putting them as a runner up.

With such a renewed grid filled with unfamiliar to familiar faces, there’s a lot to say about them. I’d love to see Rowland near the top. If it’s not obvious, Rowland has become one of my favourite drivers. He learns well from Buemi and Nissan have definitely improved, plus the relationship between him and his team are strong. He’s definitely got the chance to prove more of his worth than just the one off, so I’m hoping he has a fantastic season this year. In terms of a surprise, I think Bird in Jaguar would provide some interest this season. Switching teams from the one you’ve been in for the last 6 years provides a riveting prospect, not only comparably against his old teammate/team but also his new one. He’ll be challenged a lot against expectations, but I believe he has the capacity to aim for the high goals. In terms of who would take the most pole positions, it’s hard to say. There is really not a definitive answer for Formula E as it’s always changing and unexpecting, but a prediction is a prediction. I’m expecting da Costa to take it, purely based on the fact Techeetah are a fast team and that he’s got the pace and talent to deliver it regularly.

There are a few rookies on this grid and I’m happy that a sport has got new talents across the teams. I know Rast did the last end of Formula E last year, but in terms of full seasons, this would be his first, hence I’m putting him as my top “rookie.” He’s shocked me to how well he coped with the difference between DTM and Formula E, but he clearly managed it well enough. I’m hoping he poses a threat to di Grassi and the front contenders on a regular basis.


Between the two of us, our opinions waver a few similarities and a lot of differences. We both have the same agreement that we feel that da Costa will finish second however, Alice believes that Vandoorne will take the championship while Jess believes it will be Vergne. With that being said, Alice would also love to see de Vries on top while Jess would like to see Rowland. We both agree that Bird will be a surprise this year with his team change while Alice also believes that Dennis will be a surprise. We both disagree on who we believe will be top rookie with Jess believing it’ll be Rast and Alice believing it’ll be Dennis.


Alongside our own predictions, we spoke to some Formula E fans to gather more information on how differently people view the grid.

For this season, the opinions wavered massively with who people placed as their championship winner. Taking the majority, we saw Vandoorne take 41.7% of the votes for who would win the championship. He was closely followed by Vergne with 25% while 8.3% said Rast, de Vries, da Costa and Nato. This saw an opposite effect for runner up with 50% believing da Costa would be the vice champion and the remaining 50% was split between Vergne, Nato, Cassidy, Vandoorne, de Vries and di Grassi.

In terms of who people would like to see on top, 50% said de Vries. The remaining 50% was then split between Nato, Bird, di Grassi, Dennis, Wehrlein and Vandoorne. Who people believed to be the most surprising driver was split fairly evenly. 16.7% believed that it would be Dennis or Wehrlein while the remainder was split between Lynn, Nato, Cassidy, de Vries, Sette Camara, Bird, Evans and di Grassi. We also asked who people believed would finish on pole most frequently during the season with 25% going for da Costa, 16.7% going for Vandoorne, Evans and Vergne and 8.3% going for di Grassi, Nato and Frijns.

For the winner of the teams championship, 50% said that they feel like Mercedes-Benz EQ will go on to take it. 33.3% went on to say DS Techeetah while a further 8.3% said Venturi and BMW. For runner up, 41.7% believe it’ll be DS Techeetah. 25% went on to say Mercedes will finish second while 8.3% said Porsche, Venturi, Jaguar and Audi.


Overall, the results across are varied between a small portion of the grid with DS Techeetah and Mercedes being the majorities strongest bet. It’ll be interesting to see which of the two teams comes out on top and if any of their rivals are able to defuse them from hitting the top spot.

This years championship is definitely going to be one of the most interesting there has been. With a new rookies who are wanting to show their talent and returning drivers who are pushing for more opportunities to place themselves, drivers at teams who will be no more beyond the season, the battle for the championship is going to be tight.

Who do you think will be finishing at the top this season?