Formula E Diriyah ePrix Predictions 2021

After finishing the season in Berlin, the days we’ve spent counting down to this day have been long and daunting but, without fail, we’re continuing to bring you an abundance of new content to say hello to the season. As per usual, regarding the Formula 2 and 3, we will be giving you our Formula E round predictions. Formula E will run across Friday 26th and Saturday 27th February.

i need to put some faith into de vries


A new year and a new season means all new predictions. I’m excited to see how this season goes ahead and with the first race being the first ever night race, the pressures are high and exciting. I’m going to go out on a whim for pole position this time. I’m a Mercedes girl and seeing as I placed Vandoorne as my season champion, I feel like I need to put some faith into de Vries. Nyck is a great driver and, with the desire in his heart, I can see him being able to fight for pole position. On top of that, I can see him going on to win the race. This would be a great start to the season for the Mercedes team. In regards to Saturdays race, I can see Porsche doing quite well. Wehrlein and Lotterer are both incredible drivers and I can see either of them fighting for pole or a race win. If neither, I can see them getting some good points and even some podiums.

Regarding drivers I’d like to see well, I’d like to see Dennis and Lynn do well. This will be Dennis’ first Formula E race weekend and it’ll be interesting to see how he does. He’s an incredible driver with a lot of passion and this weekend will be a great learning point for him. Lynn has always held a special place in my heart so I would love to see him have a great start to the season. With teams, of course, I would love to see Mercedes do well. I think they have a great shot at winning this weekend, especially with DS Techeetah’s running last years car.


Another season means a return of certain drivers, familiar faces and new alike. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this weekend, but weekends always start with a prediction. I’m not sure where to start, but I definitely see the return of DS Techeetah and their team repeating the success of 2020 once again and wouldn’t put it past them to put a good position in their books. Mercedes managed to challenge Techeetah season-long last year so I bet both will be managing to achieve the best results, though I’d love to see de Vries leading at one point. Bold claim for pole? Let’s say Rowland. After an incredible end to his season last year, I’d love to see him where he belongs.

Aside from the top people, I hope Sette Camara and Dennis to do well. I haven’t really seen much from Dennis so he’ll be a new one to watch. Last time I watched Camara race a full season was in Formula 2 2019 and back then, he displayed talents of pace and determination. I’m not expecting too much from the Dragon car, because undeniably it’s not the fastest, but I hope he makes it somewhere near the points in both races.

bold claim for pole?


When we asked the audience who they believed would finish on pole position, we weren’t surprised when 37.5% believed it would be Vandoorne. Vandoorne has been incredibly popular so far this season and we are yet to go racing. A further 25% believed it would be Antonio Felix da Costa with 12.5% going on to say it’ll be Norman Nato, Lucas di Grassi and Mitch Evans. Saturday’s qualifying saw a big change with 37.5% believing it’ll be Jean-Eric Vergne on pole while the remainder was split into 12.5% with the audience believing it could be Jake Dennis, Norman Nato, Nyck de Vries, Sam Bird and da Costa.

The pole results semi reflect into the race. 25% believed it could be Vandoorne while another 25% believe it could be de Vries. The remaining 50% was split between da Costa, Vergne, Nato and Frijns. For runner up, 25% still believed it would Vandoorne while the remaining 75% was split between Nato, Lotterer, da Costa, Rast, di Grassi and Bird. In regards to third, 25% believed it would be da Costa while a further 25% believed it would be Bird. The remaining 50% was then split between Nato, de Vries, Buemi and Vergne. For the fastest lap, 25% believed it would be de Vries with the remaining 45% being split equally between Nato, Lotterer, Buemi, Vergne, Evans and Bird.

With Saturdays race, the results changed drastically. 37.5% believe Vergne will win while 25% believe it’ll be da Costa. The remaining was split between Nato, Lotterer and di Grassi. da Costa was popular again for runner up as he went on to take 37.5% of the votes. The remaining was then split equally between Rowland, Nato, Buemi, Dennis and Lotterer. Third saw the return of Vandoorne as he took 25% of the votes while the rest of the votes were split between di Grassi, Buemi, Guenther, Lynn, Nato and Frijns. To finish off the Saturday, 25% believed that da Costa would take the fastest lap while di Grassi, Frijns, Nato, Lotterer, Dennis and Rowland each took 12.5%.

Overall for the weekend, we asked who people believed would be the most surprising driver. We saw an equal split between Dennis, Lynn, Nato, de Vries, Camara, Bird, di Grassi and Rowland. For teams, we asked who people believed would leave the weekend on the most amount of points. We saw both Mercedes EQ and DS Techeetah take 37.5% while BMW and Venturi each took 12.5%.


Overall, there’s a mixed view on the season and what’s to come. There’s a lot of names in the mix, some more common than others, and it really does leave the door open for a lot of opportunities. It’ll be interesting to see how this weekend plays out.

We will see you Monday at 5pm for your race weekend run down and Wednesday for your review on how the weekend panned out!

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