Formula E Rome ePrix Predictions 2021

With the second rounds of Formula E falling into place this week, we’re continuing to bring you an abundance of new content to set the season off with a bang. As per usual, regarding the Formula 2 and 3, we will be giving you our Formula E round predictions. Formula E will run across Saturday 10th and finish on Sunday 11th.

My hope is still set with Mercedes


With a second week in and the competition still very much up in the air, my hope is still set with Mercedes. With the return to Rome and this being the teams first year on the track, the pressures are high and exciting. With Nyck’s success last week, I can see Mercedes having a similar repeat and going on to take a second pole with de Vries or Vandoorne. On top of that, I can see either of them going on to win a race. I can also see Jaguar doing really well across the weekend with a good opportunity for a pole position and a podium. I’d like to see Rowland do well this weekend and land himself on the podium.

Regarding drivers I’d like to see do well, I’d like to see Dennis and Camara do well. Camara had a rough first day last weekend but pulled it together for the second race while Dennis found his struggles with BMW having a rough first weekend. I hope this weekend is better for both drivers and we get t o see much more of them. With teams, of course, I would love to see Mercedes do well again. They currently hold de Vries at the top of the drivers championship and sit in second at the teams championship


After last race weekend, I’d definitely say my predictions were perhaps not what I would of liked. Regardless, I have my beliefs and I will stick to them. I probably should of put more faith into Mercedes; I knew they were strong, but not this dominant. Rather than going in the ‘safe route,’ I’m going to say that de Vries will get the better of this weekend than his teammate. I wouldn’t be making predictions without any mention of Techeetah, so I’m hoping da Costa stays where he is, whilst Vergne has a better weekend than last. For pole position, let’s go for Robin Frijns. There’s no real reason behind it, just that I think he’s more than capable of doing so.

I’d love to see Oliver Rowland again up there. It’s mainly a fan instinct than a reason, because he claimed two points finishes in Diriyah, so I hope he continues this into Rome. Let’s add to this by saying Oliver Turvey, why not. His luck has finally caught up to him and is now getting the results he so deserves after being here since season one.

I have a feeling Mercedes will take 1st in the championship, but let’s make the bold claim for Envision taking 2nd and Audi for 3rd.

Let’s make the bold claim


This week, de Vries became the most popular for pole position for both days with Saturday finding him with 50% while Sunday found him with 33.3%. From there, on the Saturday, we found Sam Bird with 33.3% and Robin Frijns with 16.7% while on the Sunday we had Rene Rast, Antonio Felix da Costa, Mitch Evans and Sam Bird all with 16.7%. As we move in to the race, Saturday’s race found Nyck de Vries with 50% of the votes once again for the race win. After his success last week, people are keeping their options open for the Mercedes driver. Mitch Evans, Rene Rast and Oliver Rowland filled out the remaining half with 16.7% each. For second place, Mercedes’ Vandoorne took 50% of the votes with the audience having faith in the German team. Nyck de Vries also went on to take 33.3% while Sam Bird took 16.7%. Third place saw a split between Mitch Evans and Sam Bird both taking 33.3%. The remaining vote was then split between Vandoorne and Cassidy. Fastest lap was then predicted to be awarded to Stoffel Vandoorne with 33.3% while de Vries, Sette Camara, Bird and Sims each took 16.7%.

As we move into Sunday’s race, de Vries still remains as the driver on top with another 50% predicting he would win the second race of the weekend. Dennis, da Costa and Bird made up the remaining 50% with 16.7% each. For second place, we saw an equal split between Evans, Vergne, Cassidy, Vandoorne, de Vries and Bird. As we looked at third, we saw another equal split with Guenther, Lotterer, Cassidy, Bird, da Costa and Rowland each taking 16.7%. For the fastest lap, we saw the return of de Vries with 33.3% while Frijns, Guenther, da Costa and bird each took 16.7%.

Overall for the weekend, the most surprising driver was split between Dennis and de Vries with 33.3% each while Lynn and Sette Camara each took 16.7%. To finalise, we asked which team people believed would take the most points with Mercedes coming out on top with 50% while Jaguar, Techeetah and BMW each took 16.7%.


Mercedes seem to be the team on everyones tongue this weekend as de Vries becomes the favourite ahead of the weekend. the Jaguar drivers are looking strong while people still hold out hope for last years champions, DS Techeetah. It’ll be interesting to see how the weekend pans out with the unfamiliarity of the track after the removal last year. Do you think de Vries will hold his championship hopes? Or will the return of Vandoorne help keep the German team at the top?

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