Sophia Flörsch

Name: Sophia Flörsch
Born: December 1st 2000
Nationality: German
Team: Campos Racing
Car Number: 31

Flörsch started in 2005 when she took up karting. Between 2008 and 2014, she became the first female driver and the youngest driver that competed in the three series she raced in: the 2008 SAKC Championship, 2009 ADAC German Championship and 2010 European Championship Easykart. She took first in both the 2009 Bambini B ADAC Kart Bundesendlauf and the 2010 66cc Easykart European Grand Finals.

From karting, Flörsch made the move to the 2015 Ginetta Junior Championship where she drove with HHC Motorsport. Out of ten races, she took four podiums of which two were wins to place 11th in the standings with 211 points. She was the first rookie to win two our of two races in a single weekend and was also the youngest driver to win a Ginetta Junior race. She had to cut her season short due to financial issues.

She graduated to the 2016 ADAC Formula 4 Championship with Motopark where she took a single fastest lap and 25 points to finish her rookie year in 19th. She remained in the championship for a second year alongside 9 races in the Italian F4 Championship but made the move to BWT Mücke Motorsport. During ADAC Formula 4 Championship, Flörsch took two podiums and two fastest laps to take 71 points and 13th. During the Italian F4, she accumulated 28 points but didn’t compete in enough rounds to take a championship place.

After he first stint in F3 in 2018, Flörsch competed with Van Amersfoort Racing in Formula Regional European Championship. She finished with a single fastest lap and 149 points to place 7th in the standings.

Sophia Flörsch in Macau Grand Prix 2018

FIA Formula 3
Flörsch made her debut in FIA Formula 3 when she joined Vans Amersfoot Racing in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship where she only managed one point and 22nd in the standings. That same year, she entered her first Macau Grand Prix. Unfortunately, Flörsch was unable to finish the race due to a major accident. Due to yellow lights between the Mandarin Oriental Bend turn and the Lisboa corner, Daruvala slowed while Flörsch was tucked into his slipstream, causing Flörsch to hit his right rear wheel and spin through to the crash barrier at a high speed. Her trajectory caused her to hit raised kerbs which lifted her airborne and over Tsuboi’s car and into the catch fence. She was diagnosed with a spinal fracture followed by surgery and was reported as having no fears of paralysis.

Luckily, Flörsch recovered and was able to compete the following year where she raced in the Formula Regional European Championship. She made her return to Macau with HWA Racelab however she didn’t finish due to a mechanical issue eight laps in.

For her 2020 season, Sophia will be joining Campos Racing in her rookie year of FIA Formula 3. She will be joined alongside Alex Peroni and Alessio Deledda to make up cars number 29, 30 and 31.