Name: Trident Racing
Founded: 2006
Based: Milan, Italy
Maurizio Salvadori
Team Principal:
Maurizio Salvadori
Car Numbers:
10, 11 and 12
Current Drivers:
Lirim Zendeli, Devlin Defrancesco and Olli Caldwell

In 2006, Trident was founded in order to compete in the GP2 championship which, at the time, was Europe’s second highest-ranking single-seater formula. They managed to secure a place and was one of three teams that lodged requests for the thirteenth entry. From then on, Trident placed teams in the GP2 Asia Series from 2008 through until its cancellation in 2011. Their final season was their best season where they finished fourth in the drivers standings.

Notable Drivers
– Antonio Fuoco
– Luca Ghiotto
– Giuliano Alesi
– Pedro Piquet
– Callum Ilott

FIA Formula 3
For 2012, they entered into the GP3 series where they replaced Barwa Addax team where they only fielded two drivers instead of the usual three. They expanded briefly to three before returning to two. Although they had a few poor years in GP3, they saw an up turn of events with Luca Ghiotto in 2015 where he took five wins, five poles and 9 fastest laps to finish second in the championship and placing the team second in the team championship with 282. Antonio Fuoco kept the teams spirit alive when he won two of his races and finished third, placing the team third in the team championship. The following year for the team was steady, Giuliano Alesi winning three races and placing fifth and Dorian Boccolacci with a single win and placing 6th in the standings. Together, the team pulled together 578 points and second in the team standings. For their final GP3 year, they stayed consistent with Beckmann winning 8 races alongside 2 poles and 2 fastest laps to place fifth, Pedro Piquet winning twice to take 6th and Guiliano Alesi winning once to take 7th, boosting the team to second in the championship with 433 points.

They were amongst one of the ten teams to compete in FIA Formula 3 with Devlin DeFrancesco, Niko Kari and Pedro Piquet representing them. Defranceso and Kari made the move from MP Motorsport after their time in GP3. Piquet placed 5th in the standings with 98 points, DeFrancesco 25th with no points and Kari in 12th with 36 points. They finished the Team’s Championship in 4th with 134 points.

Trident debuted in Macau Grand Prix in 2019 where they ran Olli Caldwell, David Beckmann and Alessio Lorandi with Lorandi finishing highest in 5th, Beckmann in 9th and Caldwell sadly retiring from the race.

2020 FIA Formula 3 Season

Pre-Season Bahrain Testing 2020

For their 2020 FIA Formula 3 season, the team is racing in cars number 10, 11 and 12 with Lirim Zendeli, Devlin DeFrancesco and Olli Caldwell.