Mitch Evans

Mitch started karting in 2003 where he finished runner up in the Cadet class of the Kartsport NZ National Sprint Championship. From there, he went on to win his first championship in 2005 at the 100cc Junior Restricted Yamaha Class Kartsport NZ National Sprint Challenge. He also won at the 2006 JR 100cc Yamaha Class NZ Top Half Series. In his final year of karting, Evans placed runner up in both the 2007 Formula Junior Class NZ Top Half Series and the Junior 100cc Yamaha Class NZ Top Half Series. He also took his final karting win in the 2007 Junior ICA Class CIK Trophy of New Zealand.

Evans graduated in 2007 to the Formula First Manfield Winter Series for 3 races to finish 18th. Between 2007 and 2008, he competed with Sabre in the NZ Formula First Championship where he finished 9th. He went on to stay with the team into 2008 where he entered to Formula rofd Manfield Winter series, taking seven wins out of 12 races with 3 more podiums to finish first in the standings. Progressing on, between 2008 and 2009, Mitch competed in the New Zealand Formula Ford Championship where he took 13 podiums with 6 being wins to finish second in the standings. His 2009 year was much busier as he joined Team BRM for two races in the Gold Star Australian Drivers’ Championship where he placed on the podium in both races, one being a win, before racing full time with Sonic Motor Racing Services in the Australian Formula ford Championship. He took 6 wins with 9 more podiums to place him second in the standings. Mitch also went on to place second in the VSCRC Formula Ford Fiesta Series that same year.

He returned to the Australian Drivers’ Championship with Team BRM for 2010 where out of his 17 races, he claimed a podium in 16 where eight of them were wins. Evans placed second in the standings, a single point behind first place. Mitch also competed with Giles Motorsport in the Toyota Racing Series where he took 7 podiums and 3 wins, taking home the championship win. He returned to the Toyota Racing Series with the team for 2011, taking seven podiums and seven wins to win the championship for a second year running. Evans also proceeded to make his debut with MW Arden in the GP3 Series where he took a single win and a single podium to place 9th. To finish off his 2011, Evans competed with Double R Racing for 3 races of the British Formula 3 Championship, finishing 20th in the standings.

Mitch came back to both the GP3 Series with MW Arden and Toyota Racing Series with Giles Motorsport for 2012. He took 3 podiums and 3 wins to win the GP3 Championship while taking two wins to finish 19th in the TRS Standings. He stuck with Giles and the Toyota Series in 2013 for three races where he won two to place him 18th. Mitch also graduated from GP3 to GP2 with Arden International. He took 4 podiums and finished 14th. Evans went on to join RT Russian Time in GP2 in 2014 where he went on to take 6 podiums, of which 2 were wins, to place 4th in the standings. Between 2014 and 2015, Mitch joined Team 4 in the V8SuperTourers Championship where out of his three races, he took two podiums and placed 28th.

Evans continuted in the GP2 Series in 2015 and 2016 with Russian Time and Pertamina Campos Racing. In 2015, he finished 5th with 2 wins and 5 podiums while in 2016, he finished 12th with a single win. Mitch also debuted in the LMP2 24 Hours of Le Mans with Jota Sport in 2015 where he took second. He also raced in the European Le Mans Series with SMP Racing in 2016 where he finished 24th in the standings.

Evans debuted into the FIA Formula E during the 2016 to 2017 with Panasonic Jaguar Racing. In his rookie year, he finished 14th. From there, he continued with the team for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 season. In his second year, he took his first podium and finished 7th in the standings. During his third year, he took 3 podiums where one was his first Formula E win, to place him 5th in the standings.